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House of Bamboo's CEO Jennifer Snyders is our next guest on Talking Green!

Growing up in a family business, House of Bamboo CEO Jennifer Snyders learned from a very young age the paramount role of sustainable products in protecting our planet. Delve into Jennifer Snyders' sustainability journey.

CEO of House of Bamboo Jennifer Snyders' sustainability journey started at home. Our latest guest on the Talking Green series (see video interview below) recounts how her father who established the business was keenly aware of the full potential of bamboo as a sustainable building material.

Later on, Jennifer became more involved with the business, bringing fresh and new ideas to educate the public on the vast possibilities of bamboo, while pushing the boundaries of what bamboo can do, and cementing House of Bamboo® as a key player in the industry.

Business Development Director Brett Hazlett said: "Bamboo is a game-changer and Jennifer is a pioneer, having a vision that the Australian construction industry needs to know more about."

As a green material, bamboo is the fastest growing material on the planet, ready to harvest in 5 to 7 years as opposed to 30 to 80 years for trees. It is self-regenerating, produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to 4 times more carbon than the same amount of trees.

We spoke with Jennifer at the Sustainability Pavilion at ArchiBuild Expo 2023 - for which House of Bamboo had designed a beautiful bamboo installation at the entrance called the Arc of Sustainability.


In search of the best sustainable practices, House of Bamboo joined forces with Global GreenTag International, aligning its values with third-party certification.

In terms of products, House of Bamboo's Engineered Laminated Bamboo & Engineered Laminated Bamboo with Wugu Bio-Glue were awarded with a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level A. In addition, Engineered Laminated Bamboo was also awarded a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ with a PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™certification.

House of Bamboo's other certified product, Rattan and Woven Bamboo Panels was awarded a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ with a PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ plus a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level C.

The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ is an assessment and reporting tool that proves to the world that a product is healthy, interpreting product toxicity data, using simple, easy to understand colour keys to explain risk and identifying risks.

Moreover, the GreenTag HealthRATE™ certification mark clearly communicates for manufacturers, industry and consumers a measurement of the varying levels of healthiness-in-use of their products as well.

Furthermore, the GreenTag GreenRate™ mark provides manufacturers with a whole of sustainability product assessment without requiring a Life Cycle Analysis, yet the reach of its assessment components for leverage of certification in the market, is substantial.

Global GreenTag's product certification standards and reputation have earned the trust of thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments around the world. The company currently has over 16,000 products certified with GreenTag programs from more than 200 manufacturers, produced in factories in over 22+ countries.

The 'Talking Green' project is a collaboration between Global GreenTag International and green manufacturers to strengthen their ties and help educate industry, other manufacturers and the general public, while promoting eco-friendly products, green certification and developing sustainability mindsets.

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