Engineered Laminated Bamboo


Engineered Laminated Bamboo

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health and Eco-Toxicity
• Rapidly Renewable Material
• Net Positive Carbon Contributor

House of Bamboo’s Engineered Laminated bamboo products are made with rapidly renewable materials. The products are tested against AS/NZ 3837 and assessed Fire Rating Class 3 under National Construction Code. House of Bamboo’s Engineered Laminated bamboo products are resistant to termites and require low maintenance. Product range and uses include ceiling linings, shading and screening sections, fencing, wall cladding, joinery, privacy screening, flooring, and decking.


GreenRate Level a

GreenTag GreenRate Level a

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

Rating tools relevance:

GreenStar 'Design and As Built v1.3' and 'Interiors v1.3' Rating Tools Credits:
o Sustainable Products

GreenStar “Performance 1.2” Rating Tools Credit:
o Refurbishment Materials

WELL V1.0 Features- IWBI
o Feature 11 Fundamental Material Safety Part 1c and 5b
o Feature 25 Toxic Material Reduction Part 1 Perfluorinated Compound Limitation
o Feature 26 Enhanced Material Safety Part 1 Precautionary Material Selection
o Feature 97 Material Transparency Part 1 Material Information

WELL V2.0 Features- IWBI
o X1 Fundamental Material Precautions
o X8 Limit Hazardous Materials
o X10 VOC Reduction
o X13 Enhanced Material Precaution
o X14 Material Transparency

LEED® v4.0 and V4.1 Rating Tool Credit:
o MR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimisation -
Material Ingredients - Option 1 - Material Ingredient Reporting and Option 2 - International ACP - REACH Optimizatio