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STOP PRESS: House of Bamboo Wins MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge!

On August 17, 2023, House of Bamboo, was recognised by the Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders' Alliance (MECLA) for their innovative building material, Engineered Laminated Bamboo, a Global GreenTag certified product.

House of Bamboo has proudly received an innovation award from MECLA the Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders' Alliance. MECLA, who drive the reduction of embodied carbon in the building and construction industry, spotlighted House of Bamboo's groundbreaking building material, the Global GreenTag certified Engineered Laminated Bamboo product.

Commenting on the award, David Baggs, CEO of Global GreenTag International who suggested that House of Bamboo submit for the award, said: "as a passionate advocate of both bamboo and hemp as having the potential to be two of the key solutions in the building sector to sustainable, bio-based structures, we couldn't be prouder of this win for House of Bamboo.

"Given the significant limitations to the global supply of plantation timbers, we cannot support the massive increase in bio-based carbon negative structures needed to turn climate change around, without such materials as structural bamboo," he said, adding:

"House of Bamboo are trailblazing, globally, in their mission to bring more bamboo products and designs into the built environment. Jennifer Snyders, House of Bamboo's CEO, is also an architect and brings a deep understanding, not only of the bamboo plant as a versatile building material; she also brings great intelligence about what can be done with bamboo, and always considers aspects of sourcing and production to ensure that the product is sustainably manufactured."


Proud of their MECLA innovation award, House of Bamboo reported:

"This achievement is crucial to our ongoing journey to redefine sustainable construction. Selected from a competitive pool of 21 pioneering construction materials and being one of the 7 finalists to present our engineered bamboo - a Global GreenTag certified, carbon negative product - captivated the jury and underscored the transformative potential of sustainable building materials."

The MECLA event held on August 17 was presented by Hudson Worsley, chair of MECLA. Focusing primarily on small to medium-sized enterprises, the event was a nexus for architects, contractors, investors, and builders to explore the next frontier in construction materials. Attendees included esteemed professionals from Australia and influential, international delegates, eager to export and integrate these innovations into their carbon reduction strategies.

House of Bamboo's Engineered Laminated Bamboo installed in a project in Oyster Bay.

House of Bamboo added:

"The joy of our win was further heightened as we proudly shared this commendation with Klara Marosszeky of Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd, Australia. This joint success is a testament to the limitless potential and transformative capacity of sustainable and innovative building materials.

"In these exciting times, our win is not just a reflection of House of Bamboo's dedication but is indicative of the industry's shift towards sustainability and the value placed on innovations that drive environmental stewardship."

David Baggs added:

"House of Bamboo's product offerings that GreenTag have helped to validate and show as having all ethical, environmental and health product claims in order, is a win for all. For the green building movement and other manufacturers who are producing groundbreaking, green building materials and dedicating them to independent testing and assessment processes to help transform the built environment."

With more than 400 new projects alone registered with the Green Building Council of Australia, David points out that it will be products like these that will be needed from manufacturers like House of Bamboo by the construction industry. From manufacturers who are consciously working towards improving their processes to be more restorative, regenerative and to protect the planet for a healthier future.

House of Bamboo's CEO Jennifer Snyders in white poncho, centre, after receiving the innovation award from MECLA.

See House of Bamboo's winning presentation

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