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Fashion house Country Road embeds sustainability with the help of Global GreenTag certified display units.

A new podcast with the Country Road fashion house reveals its commitment to embracing third party certified sustainable products!

Global GreenTag partner - Sustainability Tracker – features a new Sustainable Transformation Podcast with Country Road's Managing Director, Elle Roseby who reveals her deep expertise in apparel and a strong sustainability vision for the Australia fashion chain, which has embraced Global GreenTag certified products by One68.

Elle Roseby shares her sustainability story as the company's Managing Director with Sustainability Tracker CEO Kiarne Treacy - -revealing a journey in the company that began five years ago, living through the transformation of sustainability in fashion, a new era in which brands are significantly more socially conscious about their policies and the consequences for stakeholders involved.

As Elle explains, the rise of sustainable fashion means a complete new approach, from supply chain to consumer, that can be summarised as 'deeper meaning, deeper partnering and a real care factor in the process.'

To adapt to the new times, Country Road, she says, has developed a robust sustainability program that synthesises their belief system and the goal of being a world-leading responsible retailer. A long-term sustainability vision and commitment to a greener planet.

A significant example of this pledge is Country Road's planet-responsible selection of fixtures made by One68 - awarded a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level C.

The GreenTag GreenRate™ mark provides Country Road with a whole of sustainability product assessment without requiring a Life Cycle Analysis, yet the reach of its assessment components for leverage of certification in the market, is substantial.

The scheme suits manufacturers, such as Country Road, who need a trusted certification mark to distinguish their products from 'greenwash' in the market and to communicate their significant differences from business-as-usual products.

Furthermore, in order to stamp out greenwashing, Elle says that Country Road emphasises the traceability aspect in its supply chain. Throughout the whole production process, the company conducts DNA testing, ensuring that its core business in garments correlate with the organic material sources.

As one of the most iconic Australian brands, Country Road's success, Elle adds, also relies on two human aspects: teamwork and like-mindedness, enabling them to guarantee and enforce quality standards.

To listen to the full interview, please follow the link below:

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