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Global GreenTag & ASPIRE partner to supercharge sustainability and Circular Economy initiatives

As Global GreenTag International moves closer to releasing its new NaturePostive+ Standard to provide products for the Circular Economy, it has partnered with the Australian organisation ASPIRE that empowers businesses to exchange waste as a resource.

The partnership will bring our two networks together to support common objectives and unlock the potential to create more effective circular, eco-friendly practices and new business opportunities for both the ASPIRE network of members and Global GreenTag manufacturers whose products are certified, declared and verified under the Global GreenTag Product Certification Standard.

ASPIRE is an online matchmaking tool using innovative software, for material resource exchange that would otherwise be discarded into landfill, by bringing different parties together to exchange value. The Aspire Program (Advisory System for Process Innovation and Resource Exchange) tool connects resource generators with other businesses to reduce environmental impact, while building markets for unwanted resources and materials.

The tool provides information to its members in terms of total amount of waste diverted from landfills and resource availability, identifying opportunities to reduce waste disposal costs, generate new revenue streams, and reduce CO2 emissions, through connecting local businesses, improving business networking, and generating alternative supply chain pathways for resources.

Global GreenTag's cooperation with ASPIRE aims to promote sustainable design and manufacturing, and to encourage awareness of circular economy practice to help simplify the journey towards sustainability. GreenTag offers both its experience and credibility in sustainability networks and the product knowledge made available by Global GreenTag's robust product certification systems, and especially those that focus on product stewardship, resource and waste management and environmental impact.

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International who forged the new partnership says, "we greatly respect and admire the integrity, ethos and veracity of the ASPIRE organisation and platform and we look forwards to exploring how we can collaborate to the fullest for the benefit of the environment and everyone."

To date, ASPIRE has helped over 800 Australian businesses divert over 45,728 tonnes of waste from landfill, save more than $210,000 in operational costs and enabled users to source materials sustainably.

ASPIRE's digital tool will offer Global GreenTag stakeholders the following key benefits:

Transform Waste Management and Reduce Costs πŸ’ΈοΏ½™οΏ½οΈ: ASPIRE's base product tackles waste disposal costs and emissions, encouraging responsible resource management. Stakeholders can reduce waste disposal costs, generate revenue, and save on CO2 emissions.

Expand Global GreenTag's Sustainable Business Network πŸŒπŸ€—: ASPIRE's digital platform enhances collaboration among businesses, fostering a community united in achieving shared sustainability goals.

Efficiently Calculate Environmental Savings πŸ”πŸ“Š: ASPIRE+ Impact Calculator measures carbon emissions savings from circular economy activities in under 5 minutes with a basic life cycle assessment (LCA) approach, that can be enhanced with EN 15804 compliant EPDs by Global GreenTag where resultant products are headed for community, building or infrastructure construction projects.

Furthermore, the ASPIRE+ calculator also provides a real opportunity for businesses to differentiate their messaging using legitimate claims backed by actual transactions on the platform and avoid any potential "greenwashing" fines from the ACCC.

To read more about ASPIRE, visit their website:

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