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Multiple Public Consultations! Bring your input to us!

Global GreenTag is inviting all industry stakeholders (especially manufacturers) for public consultations on our Product Category Rules (PCR) which are: Furniture Products, Benchtops, Fitted Cabinetry, Structural Base Cabinetry & Shelving and Wall & Ceiling Lining. The deadlines are on 05 June 2023!

The Global GreenTag Environmental Product Declaration™ (EPD) program is looking for your input into development of multiple Sub Product Category Rules (PCR) based: Furniture Products FUP:2023 V1, Benchtops (Structural) BEC:2023 V1, Fitted Cabinetry 2023 FIC V1, Structural Base Cabinetry & Shelving 2023 SBC V1 and the Wall & Ceiling Lining WCL:2023 V1, developed in collaboration with the Evah Institute, and inviting you to comment.

Consumers and business customers alike seek reliable, quantitative data about the environmental burden of products, to help them make purchasing decisions that account for such burdens. Their decision-making is further supported by initiatives, including EPDs, such as those that are prepared and provided by Global GreenTag International.

The Global GreenTag EPD™ is a user-friendly representation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results. Therefore, to ensure that each GreenTag EPD provides reliable and comparable information, each one is underpinned by relevant Product Category Rules (PCR). The sub-PCR Furniture Products FUP:2023 V1 the sub-PCR Benchtops (Structural) BEC:2023 V1, the sub-PCR Fitted Cabinetry 2023 FIC V1, the sub-PCR Structural Base Cabinetry & Shelving 2023 SBC V1 and the sub-PCR Wall & Ceiling Lining WCL:2023 V1 were developed for Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), according to ISO 14025, EN 15804+A2, and ISO 21930.

Input by manufacturers into the development of PCRs is very important, as it enables Global GreenTag assessors to tailor PCRs for the conforming LCAs to reflect typical material sourcing, adopted manufacturing processes and common use phase issues. Ultimately, for EPDs to represent all important information about products in an accessible way.

The Global GreenTag public consultations periods closes on 05/06/2023. The PCR drafts can be downloaded below:

Furniture Products


Fitted Cabinetry

Structural Base Cabinetry & Shelving

Wall & Ceiling Lining

Please submit comments and questions to

Thank You.

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