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Global GreenTag International video series returns with Stonewall Platinum

An exciting new 'Talking Green with Brett Hazlett' episode has just been released featuring Stonewall Platinum, leading Australian manufacturers of non-combustible, acoustic insulation panel systems.

In this second series of 'Talking Green' videos, Brett Hazlett, host and Business Development Director of Global GreenTag International meets with the core team of Stonewall Platinum at our Brisbane offices for a spontaneous conversation that explores the roots of Stonewall Platinum. It sheds light on the Victorian based company's sustainability practices, their certified products with Global GreenTag and also about a new product on the way that will further enhance their growing profile as sustainability champions in the field of non-combustible, acoustic insulation panel systems for the built environment.

Over three videos, Brett talks with Stonewall Platinum's Director of Operations - Michael Fortunato, Director of Finance - Luca Fortunato and Director of Sales & Product Development - Paul Srbinovski.

Brett comments:

"It was an amazing opportunity to sit down with this team to discuss their recently GreenTag certified product ASPECT VIVID® that features basalt rock as a core material and to understand how much Stonewall Platinum are pushing the boundaries with non-combustible, acoustic insulation panel systems. They truly are rock stars."

Stonewall Platinum work with other Australian and notable and international organisations to develop and supply building product solutions using natural volcanic stone.

The brothers Michael and Luca Fortunato have a long history in the manufacturing industry, growing up in a family whose business was running Vertilux Australia, one of the first companies to submit their products to Global GreenTag Certification.

Deciding to apply further their valuable skills, experience and knowledge, the Fortunato siblings teamed up with their childhood friend and experienced, construction professional, Paul Srbinovski. The three developed Stonewall Platinum with a focus on designing and producing pre-finished panels, which deliver insulation with acoustic, thermal and non-combustible properties and lowers harmful noise and the risk of fire.

Safety and sustainability have guided the company and Global GreenTag recently certified their product ASPECT VIVID® with a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ (GreenTag PHD™), a PlatinumHEALTH ™ HealthRATE™ outcome and a Global GreenTag, GreenRate™ Level C certification.

Brett adds: "Stonewall Platinum is strongly committed to sustainability through their product stewardship program and we are proud to showcase all those years of hard work."

The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ is a certification tool that proves to the world that a product is healthy, interpreting product toxicity data, using simple easy to understand colour keys to explain risk and identifying risks.

Moreover, the GreenTag HealthRATE™ mark clearly communicates for manufacturers, industry and consumers a measurement of the varying levels of healthiness of their products as well.

Furthermore, the GreenTag GreenRate™ mark provides manufacturers with whole of sustainability product assessment without requiring a Life Cycle Analysis, yet the reach of its assessment components for leverage of certification in the market, is substantial.

Global GreenTag's product certification standards and reputation have earned the trust of thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments around the world. The company currently has over 16,000 products certified with GreenTag programs from more than 160 manufacturers, produced in factories in over 22+ countries.

The 'Talking Green' project is a collaboration between Global GreenTag International and green manufacturers to strengthen their ties and help educate industry, other manufacturers and the general public in the process, while promoting eco-friendly products, green certification and developing sustainability mindsets.

Read more about Brett Hazlett

Watch the first interview with Michael Fortunato, Luca Fortunato and Paul Srbinovski of Stonewall Platinum, see below!

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