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Steve Morriss Joins Part #2 of the Circular Conversation

A Circular Economy Business - Learn from Steve Morriss, Founder of Close the Loop.

The past Conversations' segment on Friday, April 29th, part of Global GreenTag's Ethical Manufacturers' initiative, featured Steve Morriss, Founder of Close the Loop - a perfect guest that joined our conversation on Circular Economy and provided an insight into a real case study.

Steve established Close the Loop in 2000 and is a pioneer in Circular Economy thinking and practices. He says that:

"While the Circular Economy is not new, it is now urgent."

With Close the Loop, Steve has created a product stewardship / circular economy company that specialises in closing the loop on consumer products, including toner cartridges, cosmetics and electronics and his own product invention - Tonerplas, which is a high performance asphalt additive made from waste plastics.

Close the Loop was a finalist in 'The Circulars' awards by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2019. The company recently merged with OF Packaging in a 'Circular Integration' and successfully listed the new entity called Close the Loop Group (CLG) on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Steve has returned for this second part of our Circular Economy conversation and was joined by Meryl Sukumar, a Sustainability Consultant and Mentor and also Global GreenTag's Brett Hazlett who was facilitating.

Webinar participants have taken away from this session:

- A practical insight into a Circular Economy business
- A deeper understanding of what Circular Economy means and where it is going.

Friday, April 29th, 2022

@11.00am (Sydney) @10.30am (Adelaide) @11.00am (Brisbane)
@10.00am (Darwin) @9.00am (Perth)


Email: Brett Hazlett:


Meryl Sukumar has refined expertise in process and system optimisation to reduce energy, resources, and carbon emissions to lower impact and costs. Her quick strategic thinking, management, and integration of sustainable frameworks build resilience and lower operational risk in the long term.

As a successful technical and strategic entrepreneur with experience in climate change services, she effectively communicates complex problems across and up the spectrum, with assertive negotiation skills to bring clients and leaders along the journey. Eager to learn, grow and expand, she is always seeking to tackle today's social and environmental problems for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Meryl's full scope of services:

Sustainability Consulting Services - Subcinctus Consulting
Sustainability Mentor - Meryl Sukumar

Brett Hazlett specialises in product certification and verification strategies. He has worked in the green building space for over a decade as a champion for sustainable products. He has helped progressive manufacturers around the world to plan and implement third party assessment pathways for their sustainable product lines. Particularly for green building products that comply with building rating tools and programs, focused upon reducing environmental footprint and creating safer and healthier environments for people to live and work in, like Green Star®, the WELL Building Standard™ and LEED® READ FULL BIO

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