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Global GreenTag International enters partnership with TWRA to boost innovation and sustainability in tropical water resources

A strategic partnership has been formed between Global GreenTag and the Tropical Water Research Alliance (TWRA).

Global GreenTag International and the Tropical Water Research Alliance (TWRA) have joined forces in a strategic partnership to drive sustainable water resource management, promoting innovative solutions with a focus on the tropical waters of Brazil and Australia.

With sustainable development in the spotlight and a commitment to developing joint initiatives, both TWRA and GreenTag aim to collaborate and co-create projects over the next five years that meet mutually agreed-upon interests and objectives.

The partnership represents a joint commitment to drive sustainability, share knowledge, promote environmentally conscious practices, and catalyse changes towards a more sustainable, and nature positive future. Both organisations are excited to collaborate and develop innovative solutions that will significantly impact water resource management and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

David Baggs, CEO and Technical Director of Global GreenTag International said:

"Global GreenTag is honoured to be in this venture with the Tropical Water Research Alliance. The partnership will be seeking a continuous search for innovative solutions, aiming for awareness and implementation of sustainable product development and procurement practices in sectors committed to sustainable and ethical development."

Together, we will be actively promoting each other, globally, through strategic marketing initiatives and act as mutual reference agencies to strengthen and reinforce the credibility of each other's organisations."

TWRA has committed to promote the mission and initiatives of Global GreenTag as a preferred certification body in Brazil, highlighting GreenTag's standards and certification services. Simultaneously, Global GreenTag has committed to engaging its clients and networks to showcase the mission and initiatives of TWRA in Australia.

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The Tropical Water Research Alliance (TWRA) is committed to research and sustainable management of water resources in tropical environments, concentrating its efforts in regions such as Brazil and Australia. With a vision to drive innovation in water resource management, TWRA seeks solutions that balance economic development with the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

TWRA's objectives include promoting sustainable practices, raising awareness of the importance of water preservation, and developing initiatives contributing to mitigating environmental impacts. By acting as a reference agency for Global GreenTag, TWRA reinforces its commitment to seeking solutions benefiting society and the environment, creating vital connections between research, industry, and the promotion of sustainability.


Global GreenTag™ International Pty Ltd assesses products for all aspects of impacts on human health, ethical labour supply and the environment. The company was established in 2010 as a third party verified Conformance Conformity Assessment Body that conducts the award winning Global GreenTagCert™ certification program, and a third party, multi-criteria, consensus based and externally verified Type 1 Ecolabelling Program that complies and operates under strict International Standards.

Global GreenTag websites and all marketing collateral for every product certified by Global GreenTag are verified as 'fit for purpose' and compliant with ISO 14021. What's more, Global GreenTag's governance and its own external verification and certification is set against standards such as ISO 14024 (Ecolabelling), ISO 17065 (Conformance Assessment) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) among others.

Voted one of the Top 100 Most Trusted Brands in Australia for 3 years running, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products in certification by over 230 manufacturers with factories in more than 20 countries. Global GreenTag™ certified products are determined as healthy for use using the best science available, with the results being peer reviewed by highly qualified, external consultant Toxicologists.

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