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Understanding Product Certifications

Understand product certifications for healthier home builds and renovations. Join this panel discussion at ArchiBuild Expo and Design Show Australia on June 15 with specialists from Global GreenTag, Tarkett Australia and House of Bamboo!

For home builders and renovators who want to make product choices that are healthy, ethically made and environmentally safer

This panel discussion on the last day of the ArchiBuild Expo and Design Show Australia at the ICC Sydney, starts at 12.30pm on June 15 in Theatre 2

Led by David Baggs, CEO, Technical Director and Co-founder of Global GreenTag International with Jennifer Snyders - CEO House of Bamboo and Paul Roberts - Technical and Training Manager - Tarkett Australia. The session will be moderated by Tyann Scott, GreenTag's Global Sales and Business Development Manager.

Entry to the event is free - register with: ArchiBuld Expo

Global GreenTag International have for years serviced the product certification needs of large professional firms in the Government, Commercial and Infrastructure sectors and in recent years, Global GreenTag have been receiving a steadily growing interest from the general public.

We are getting calls weekly from both the industry and the general public doing renovations and materials selections with the aim of ensuring informed material selections are being undertaken with environmental, healthiness-in-use and socially ethical practices that are certified, measurable and verified against "Greenwashing"

Jennifer Snyders

The panel discusses the value of seeking product information that has been independently assessed:

🌳 What key points to look for in product selection when researching materials for your building or interiors' project.

🌳 Explore how to apply and record certified product information from the beginning of a project.

🌳 Meet and learn from manufacturers who have dedicated their business practices to develop sustainable, healthy and ethical building materials and products.

🌳 Learn how not to be fooled by greenwashing in product marketing claims.

David Baggs
Tyann Scott



Paul Roberts has over 22 years of experience in the building and construction industry, with a specialised focus on flooring for the past 17 years.

As the Technical Manager for Tarkett Australia, a leading flooring products company, Paul is deeply committed to sustainability and material transparency. He advocates for the use of sustainable materials to foster a circular economy and strives to enhance the industry's understanding of Environmental Product Declarations in material selection.


Jennifer Snyders, a BScArch graduate, is a visionary leader in the realm of sustainable design and architecture. As the CEO of House of Bamboo® and Australian Bamboo Plantations, she is a leading expert in organic and engineered materials and stands at the helm of bamboo innovation in Australia.

Jennifer is driven by a profound belief in bamboo's world-changing potential, and has educated herself extensively on its ecology, manufacturing processes, and the environmental benefits it brings. As President of the Bamboo Society Australia, she is a respected speaker at international events to champion the untapped capabilities of bamboo, emphasizing its potential in land restoration, climate change mitigation, and as a sustainable alternative to traditional timber.

Above all, Jennifer is passionate about educating others, dispelling myths and opening minds to bamboo's multifaceted potential from its rapid growth and environmental benefits to its versatile applications in design.

For House of Bamboo, Jennifer manufactures architectural contemporary engineered bamboo products specially designed for Australia's climate and style needs and bespoke projects worldwide. From screens to structural components, her work includes curved beams, wall claddings, panels, outstanding ceiling designs, flooring, and exterior applications, all characterized by extraordinary workmanship.

Entry to the event is free -

register with ArchiBuld Expo

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