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FRESH NEW BRANDING LOGOS launching for Global GreenTag Certified Products

We have re-branded!

March 2024 marks the launch of fresh and functional new TAG logo packages for manufacturers and suppliers with Global GreenTag International certified, declared and verified products. Logos will be including a QR code on each TAG that will be linked to relevant Global GreenTag websites where the products are listed.

GreenTag is excited to start sharing the new logos from Monday, March 4th, when the Assessment Team will commence sending the new packages along with all newly finalised products, product renewals and re-certifications. A new Brands Style Guide will also be issued.

The new logos are scalable for all size uses, and information on each TAG has been re-designed specifically to be clearer and bolder, with rating levels on each logo popping out.

For manufacturers and suppliers who are using the current logos and TAGs issued by the Global GreenTag team in their marketing, Program Director of Global GreenTag International, Dr Nana Bortsie-Aryee assures that they are not expected to switch overnight to the new logos until they are ready to. They will have up to 12 months from their last renewal or re-certification date to make the changes.

Dr Bortsie-Aryee adds that more exciting news is to come from GreenTag as the certification systems are also being upgraded in the background on all websites and heading for automation – with some new integrations on the way with industry partners. For example:

"The system that we are building is intended to elevate GreenTag certified products and boost them into the market to ultimately benefit industry professionals, product researchers and procurement teams in validating certificates from the original publishing source and lead them to further certification details and reporting by GreenTag's assessors," says Dr Bortsie-Aryee.

Stay tuned for further bulletins. Additional new marketing logo packages for clients to utilise in their marketing are going to be introduced in coming weeks.

For any questions about the new logo packages, our terms and rules of uses of the GreenTag certification marks and communicating them in written form, please address them by email to:

Debra Robertson, Director Marketing and Communications -

Click here to see an enlarged version of new logos

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