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Talking Green Meets Paige Stainless CEO Kevin Finn

Talking Green interviews Paige Stainless' Founder & CEO Kevin Finn on the company's remarkable contribution to a sustainable drainage industry at their factory located in Caboolture, Queensland.

Global GreenTag visits Paige Stainless' Founder & CEO Kevin Finn, highlighting the company's goal to develop an aesthetically pleasing product that is functional, purposeful and sustainable. Meet Kevin in this first of a two-part video series.

Paige Stainless' has built a thriving business, which has led to a market-leading product, certified by Global GreenTag that stops rubbish from reaching waterways and prevents particles, such as dust, from being released in the atmosphere.

Pointing out an additional benefit of Paige Stainless' products, Kevin who is interviewed by GreenTag's Brett Hazlett says : "Stainless steel lasts for a lifetime."

The company's focus on developing quality product and sustainable manufacturing practices, says Kevin, has turned into recognition for the company. Paige Stainless has been part of some important projects, including the 'Penguin Parade Visitor Centre' on Phillip Island with a whole floor entry made with the company's Global GreenTag certified products.

In regard to certification, Paige Stainless' HEELGUARD® Grate and Frame Plus Grate and Tray Systems has been awarded a Global GreenTag - LCARate™ STREAMLINED GreenRate™ Level A.

Global GreenTag's LCARate certification is based on full disclosure of ingredients, looking in detail at every impact of the product and its ingredients at every life stage, from raw material extraction, processing and transport to product manufacture, packaging, in use cleaning and maintenance, replacements and end of life disposal and recycling.

While the Global GreenTag's GreenRate™ mark and assessment scheme ensures that products meet stringent health and sustainability criteria. GreenRate was first developed to align with the green building features of the Green Star® rating tools, created by the Green Building Council of Australia. It has since evolved with implementation into other countries under the Green Building Councils of New Zealand and South Africa. The long and lasting bond between Global GreenTag International and Paige Stainless has created a positive impact on the drainage industry – an inspiration for other manufacturers to follow.

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