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'Talking Green with Brett Hazlett' - Global GreenTag International launches an exciting new video series

A brand-new documentary series that visits and showcases green manufacturers has been released by Global GreenTag International.

The first episode of 'Talking Green with Brett Hazlett' a new video series rolls out from Global GreenTag International this month. The first episode visits the factory of Lanotec Australia in Brisbane to talk with General Manager, Robert Doncon.

Brett Hazlett, the host of 'Talking Green' is Global GreenTag's affable Global Certification Sales Manager. In this series, Brett knocks on factory and corporate office doors 'to have a chat' with sustainable manufacturers, going inside the stories of green products and the people behind them.

"We are thoroughly enjoying making Talking Green. It is a wonderful thing to engage with manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of sustainable products and what is possible. We have found them to be so sincere in their passion to be producing products that are truly green, and pride that they have submitted them to rigorous, independent, scientific assessments to certify and define their list of sustainability accreditations."

Talking Green aims to catch up at some point with a long list of stellar manufacturers whose products are certified, declared or verified by Global GreenTag.

Brett adds: "every episode so far has been a lot of fun to do, our interviewees are very candid and also share a wealth of perspective and experience.

"Talking Green provides us with a great opportunity to honour our manufacturers and is something I have always wanted to do. It is a tribute to them as environmentally, conscious leaders in the world of manufacturing, dedicated to ethical practices, product stewardship and green product design.

It is our hope that more people, through the series, get to know about this special category of manufacturers and become more curious about what they are doing for the benefit and health of all of us, our families, the environment and wildlife and all other living systems."

As the show's host, Brett brings his own experience to the fore. He is specialised in certification and verification strategies and has worked in the green building space for over a decade as a champion for sustainable product manufacturers.
He has helped progressive manufacturers around the world to plan and implement third party assessment pathways for their sustainable product lines.

For green building products, Brett assists manufacturers with how their products can comply with building rating tools and programs, like Green Star®, the WELL Building Standard™ and LEED®, that are focused upon reducing environmental footprints and creating safer and healthier environments for people to live and work in.

The Global GreenTag system of conducting third-party, product assessment and certification is rigorous. It cuts through marketing greenwash to inform and provide assurance to product researchers and buyers who are concerned about health, social and environmental impacts; who essentially want to know the real details about the products they are purchasing.

The GreenTag certification process independently assures that every product is assessed against a whole of system sustainability criteria, fitness tested and certified under one of GreenTag's two certification programs.

Global GreenTag's product certification standards and reputation have earned the trust of thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments around the world. The company currently has over 16,000 products certified with GreenTag programs from more than 160 manufacturers, produced in factories in over 22+ countries.

By producing more and more 'Talking Green' episodes, Global GreenTag aims to strengthen its ties with manufacturers and help educate industry, other manufacturers and the general public in the process, while promoting eco-friendly products, green certification and developing sustainability mindsets.

Check out below our first episode of 'Talking Green' featuring Robert Doncon from Lanotec Australia.

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