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Biophilic Cities! A vision for the future or just around the corner?

Interested in Biophilia? Come to our next Conversations' webinar with Biophilic Designer Dr Jana Soderlund- Chair of Biophilic Cities Australia!
JUNE 8th at 3.00 PM AEST - on zoom.

What is a Biophilic City?

The next Conversations' segment on Wednesday, June 8th, part of Global GreenTag's Ethical Manufacturers' initiative, features Dr Jana Soderlund, who has a Ph.D. in Biophilic Urban Design and recently published a book The Emergence of Biophilic Design that details the history of biophilic design along with stories of the pioneers and their biophilic initiatives and insights.

Jana will join Conversations' facilitator, Brett Hazlett who is the Global Certifications Sales Strategist for Global GreenTag International, to explore some questions and help us see how we can contribute to support a robust, biophilic future where the built environment can become more at one with nature.

Jana's trajectory through life has naturally led her to where she is today. She reveals that a childhood spent exploring the beauty of nature fostered in her a deep passion for nature. She has also had an adventurous and diverse life, from science to the arts and spent some years backpacking the world, including time living with the Mbuti people in Zaire, Africa and climbing mountains.

Jana was a pioneer, environmental educator and her early career in environmental science, population and world resources, evolved to further studies in sustainability and climate change; transformative and resilient thinking and then urban design. She says, a strong passion for nature continues to inspire and motivate her to increase and encourage access for all to the intrinsic benefits of nature in all its patterns, forms, shapes and materials.

Since acquiring her doctorate, Jana has become active as a biophilic designer, a presenter, educator and academic author. She is a member of the global Biophilic Cities steering committee, Chair of Biophilic Cities Australia, Director of Biophilic Solutions, Director of Green Roofs Australasia and a Curtin University associate.

To learn more about Dr. Jana Soderlund's work, please visit her website:

Webinar participants will take away from this session insight and some answers to:

- What is Biophilia?
- How is the 'Circular Economy' connected?
- Why are sustainable materials going to be needed more than ever before?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 at 3.00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

@3.00pm (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra & Hobart)
@2.30pm (Darwin & Adelaide)
@1.00pm (Perth)

Email: Brett Hazlett:

Brett Hazlett specialises in product certification and verification strategies. He has worked in the green building space for over a decade as a champion for sustainable products. He has helped progressive manufacturers around the world to plan and implement third party assessment pathways for their sustainable product lines. Particularly for green building products that comply with building rating tools and programs, focused upon reducing environmental footprint and creating safer and healthier environments for people to live and work in, like Green Star®, the WELL Building Standard™ and LEED® READ FULL BIO

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