Wallgard Vinyl Wall


Wallgard Vinyl Wall

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health and Eco-Toxicity
• Durability
• Product Stewardship

Tarkett’s Wallgard is designed as a heavy-duty vinyl wallcovering to provide impact resistance and abrasion resistance for areas where better hygiene and cleanliness is needed. This product is used in wet rooms, clean rooms and light industrial environments. Wallgard is protected with a PU-shield treatment, which provides resistance to stains and chemicals. Wallgard 1.3mm comes in 13 colours in soft pastels and contrast colours. Wallgard 2.0mm is only available in snowflake colour.

The product is classified in-group 1 in accordance with AS 383. This is the highest level of fire resistance thus Wallgard can be used in all building applications in accordance with the BCA Specification C10.1 Table 3.

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The products have successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard’s Cautionary Assessment Process and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products.


GreenRate Level a

GreenTag GreenRate Level a

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Global GreenTag Standard v3.2

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