Ultima+, Ultima+ OP and Ultima+ dB


Ultima+, Ultima+ OP and Ultima+ dB

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Acoustic Properties
• Durable
• Low VOC

Armstrong Ceiling’s Ultima+ range of ceiling panels and planks are light reflective, featuring a white, toughened Durable, fine textured scrim surface for easier handling, scratch resistance and longevity.

Other performance characteristics include a range of acoustical options outlined below, a Humiguard™ plus sag resistance of RH99% at 0°C – 49°C and conformance to BCA Spec C1.10 and has been tested to AS/NZS 5637.1 – Group 1.

The range includes a large selection of sizes and edge details including custom sizes, enabling application in conventional “two-way exposed” and various “semi-concealed” suspended grid systems – enhancing flexibility of product application.

Armstrong Ceiling’s Ultima + ceiling panels combine high levels of sound absorption (NRC 0.70) and attenuation (CAC41dB), perfect for flexible acoustic design in a wide range of commercial spaces. High performance Ultima+ products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including offices (both open and closed plan), conference rooms, classrooms, healthcare examination rooms and doctors’ consulting rooms.

Ultima OP provides the highest level of sound absorption (NRC 0.95), ideal for large open plan spaces where control of ambient noise and reverberation is an important consideration.

Armstrong Ultima+ dB provides good sound absorption (up to NRC 0.65) combined with excellent level of sound attenuation (up to CAC 44dB), ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, healthcare examination rooms and doctors’ consulting rooms – where privacy between spaces is an important consideration.

More information:

The scope of certification includes Ultima+ products manufactured at the plant in Münster, Germany.


GreenRate Level a

GreenTag GreenRate Level a

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

Rating tools relevance:

GreenStar “Design and As Built v1.2” and “Interiors v1.2” Rating Tools Credits:
• Sustainable Products
• Life Cycle Impacts: LCI/EPD in process
GreenStar “Performance 1.2” Rating Tools Credit:
• Refurbishment Materials
WELL V1.0 Features- IWBI
• Feature 04 VOC Reduction