SB Bio Tape


SB Bio Tape

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Verified Biodegradation (ASTM 5511)
• Fit for purpose
• Environmental claims verified

SB Bio Tape emphasizes affordable adhesive tapes produced with the least natural resources and leaving minimum environmental impact. A pioneering technology by Tapevolution, SB Bio Tape is an adhesive tape which is both more eco-friendly and performance-delivering. It is meant to be used like a regular packing tape and will keep the box sealed until it is disposed off into landfills, where the biodegradable plastic is degraded by anaerobic microorganisms. The whole biodegradation process is biological, so it leaves behind biomass, carbon dioxide and methane. It’s NOT an oxo-biodegradable product that fragments into micro plastic.

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The product is GreenTag Manufacturer Claim Verified.


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Global GreenTag Standard v4.0