Safetred Universal, Safetred Universal Plus, Safetred Spec

Safetred Universal Plus


Safetred Universal, Safetred Universal Plus, Safetred Spec

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Post Production Recycled Content
• Product Take Back Scheme
• No need for additional cleaning chemicals

Tarkett’s Safetred Universal  is a tough durable safety flooring for use in any heavy duty application where safety underfoot is a priority. Areas of application can include ramps and wheelchair areas. This product is available in 16 different colours and features a R11 slip resistance rating.

Safetred Universal Plus is suitable for use in more demanding areas such as busy commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and workshops which require a higher level of slip resistance. This product is available in 9 colours and has a R12 Slip resistance rating.

Safetred Spec is a heavy traffic vinyl flooring where slip resistance and ease of maintenance are key. Designed for use in areas such as bars, changing rooms and workshops. This product is available in 9 colours and has a R11 Slip Resistance Rating. Safetread Spec also features Safety Clean XP PuR reinforced surface for easy maintenance.

This product is a low VOC, heterogeneous vinyl safety flooring which contains 42% natural raw material such as salt and mineral fillers and up to 60% post-production recycled content.


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GreenTag GreenRate Level a

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