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Product: Luxury Vinyl Tile (With or Without Attached Cushion) Metro Park RigidForm LVT and Mixed Formations FlexForm LVT

Milliken (Australia) Pty Ltd

Luxury Vinyl Tile (With or Without Attached Cushion) Metro Park RigidForm LVT and Mixed Formations FlexForm LVT


Luxury Vinyl Tile (With or Without Attached Cushion) - Metro Park RigidForm LVT and Mixed Formations FlexForm LVT

TOP 3 Benefits

  • Best Practice PVC Certified
  • Product take-back scheme
  • Certified Environmental Management System

Metro Park RigidForm™ LVT embraces biophilic design principles and pairs classic, natural aesthetics with modern materials and engineering. With integrated cushion backing addressing acoustical requirements and a SECURELOCK adhesive free installation allowing for quick turnaround and ease of installation, Metro Park RigidForm™ LVT provides ease of maintenance with reinforced PROGUARD for superior scratch scuff and stain resistant finish and polish free. Metro Park RigidForm LVT combines practically with inspiring features, backed with a 15-year commercial wear warranty and 1-year manufacturing defect warranty.

The Mixed Formations Collection is a combination of natural surfaces from the outside environment. There are 4 wood patterns and 5 stone textures, in a variety of dimensional tones. The 4 wood patterns consist of 3 subtle wood textures and is highlighted by the Gunnison pattern which mimics the traditional fishbone installation. The 5 stone patterns has a progression of natural stone textures. Open Fragments and Close Fragments are larger Composite Stones, while Pure Slab, Fine Grain and Dust Crystals illustrate finer grain stones.Mixed Formations is on Milliken FlexForm™ platform with a 5mm loose lay/glue down thickness for underfoot comfort and is backed with a 15-year commercial wear warranty.


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Company Name: Milliken (Australia) Pty Ltd
Telephone: +61 (02) 8838 2500
Fax: +61 (02) 9630 8531
City: Northmead
Country: Australia

Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

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GreenStar® "Design and As Built v1.3" and "Interiors v1.3" Rating Tools Credits:

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