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Product: Flickguard Termite Protection

Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd

Flickguard Termite Protection


Flickguard Termite Protection

TOP 3 Benefits:

  • Low Toxicity - No toxicity in use
  • Ethical Supply Chain
  • Certified Environmental Management System

A pesticidal and physical termite protection system designed to prevent concealed termite entry into buildings. It is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Flickguard Termite Protection consists of an inner core layer impregnated with a low level of deltamethrin, and then laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane. In this way, Flickguard Termite Protection acts as both a physical and chemical system to prevent concealed termite entry.

Flickguard Termite Protection is designed to provide termite protection for the life of the building. The product has been evaluated and registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).  The product is also CodeMark Accredited by the Australian Building Codes Board, and holds CSIRO performance testing reports

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More information:

The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A21.

Issues of Concern/Red Lights (if needed) The products have successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard's Cautionary Assessment Process and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products

Rating tools relevance:

Green Star® "Design & As Built v1.3" and "Interiors v1.3" Rating Tools Credits:

Green Star® "Performance 1.2" Rating Tools Credit:

IWBI® WELL v1.0 Features (PHD™ Available):
Recognized for Features:

Compliant Technical Document (Audited) for Feature/s:

IWBI® WELL v2.0 Features (PHD™ Available):
Recognized for Feature/s:

Compliant Technical Document (Audited) for Feature/s:

LEED® v4.0 and v4.1 Rating Tool Credit (PHD™ Available):
MR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimisation - Material Ingredients - Option 1 - Material Ingredient Reporting and Option 2 - International ACP - REACH Optimization

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