ClimateLine Prefinished plasterboard Ceiling Tiles & Wall Lining


ClimateLine® Prefinished Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles and Wall Lining

TOP 3 Benefits:
• VOC Free
• Made in New Zealand
• Fit For Purpose Certified

ClimateLine® is a range of powder coated plasterboard materials for use in commercial and pre-fab building applications.  ClimateLine® Eco Tile is a powder coated plasterboard ceiling tile for use in suspended grid systems, they are an economic, easy to clean and maintain, more eco-friendly alternative to vinyl ceiling tiles available in a range of finishes and colours.  ClimateLine® Wall Board is a powder coated plasterboard sheet that is installed with matching aluminium trim to provide a fast, clean and economic option to line and finish walls and ceilings.  Ideal for refurbishments to minimise disruption and reduce project lead times and to increase throughput when used in prefab building methods. Plasterboard made with 100% recycled kraft paper coated with zero a VOC free powder coating that uses no water and is a low waste coating process.

More information:

The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level B Certified under Scheme B4 (for GreenRate only). The scope of certification includes Ceiling and Plasterboard that use GIB standard Plasterboard.


GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GreenRate Level b

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

Rating tools relevance:

GreenStar “Design and As Built v1.3” and “Interiors v1.3” Rating Tools Credits:
• Sustainable Products

GreenStar “Performance 1.2” Rating Tools Credit:
• Refurbishment Materials

WELL V1.0 Features- IWBI
• Feature 04 VOC Reduction

WELL V2.0 Features- IWBI
• X06 VOC Reduction