Bioguard Acoustic


Bioguard Acoustic

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Acoustic Properties
• Durable
• Low VOC

Bioguard Acoustic features a smooth, toughened scrim face and is coated with a factory-applied acrylic latex paint with the BIOGUARD mould, yeast and bacteria inhibitor. It contains up to 62% recycled content and offers excellent sound absorption (NRC 0.70) and attenuation (CAC 41dB), resulting in lower ambient sound, lower reverberation time and improved privacy.

Bioguard Acoustic can be cleaned with diluted disinfectants and has water-repellent properties  and tested clean room performance making it ideal for use in healthcare premises. Other applications include use in pharmaceutical and food industry and environments containing highly sensitive equipment such as data centres and laboratories.

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The scope of certification includes the mentioned products when manufactured at the plant in Munster, Germany.


GreenRate Level a

GreenTag GreenRate Level a

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

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GreenStar “Design and As Built v1.2” and “Interiors v1.2” Rating Tools Credits:
• Sustainable Products
GreenStar “Performance 1.2” Rating Tools Credit:
• Refurbishment Materials
WELL V1.0 Features- IWBI
• Feature 04 VOC Reduction