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Product: Allura Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Forbo Flooring Systems

Allura Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Allura LVT (non-acoustic back/ compact)

TOP 3 Benefits:

  • Health & Ecotoxicity
  • SA8000 certified
  • Product Take-Back Scheme

Allura Luxury vinyl flooring are designed for general area use with easy clean and low maintenance. Suitable for a wide range of areas in commercial buildings including retail, offices, education, public buildings and residential. The product is in compliance with EN-ISO 10582: Resilient floor coverings- Heterogeneous polyvinyl chloride floor coverings.

Allura Luxury vinyl flooring achieves R10 (AS 4586:2013 oil-wet ramp test method) slip resistance and has low VOC emission.

Forbo Flooring Systems (Coevorden site) is certified with SA8000.

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More information:

The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A7.

The scope of certification includes Allura LVT - luxury vinyl tiles and planks, available in 2.5mm thick 0.7mm wear layer thickness and 2.2mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer.

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Green Star® Australia "Buildings" v1.0 Rating tool:

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Green Star® Australia "Interiors v1.3" Rating Tools Credits:

Green Star® Australia "Performance 1.2" Rating Tools Credit:

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IS® v1.2:

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EarthCheck Rating Tool:

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