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Global GreenTag International NaturePositive+ Standard™ & NaturePositive+ Declaration™

Global GreenTag International has created a new Nature Positive Standard that closes the nature gap to certify products for the Circular Economy.

A first for the product certification sector, the NaturePositive+ Declaration™ and Global GreenTag International NaturePositive+ Standard™ are a first for the product certification sector. They address and achieve the closure of a significant gap in meeting one of the top three aims of circular economy, i.e. providing metrics that engage nature restoration and regeneration in the Circular Economy. They aim to provide third party certification assurance to markets about products that are not only creating circular natural resource flows but also how their design is helping to restore biodiversity and can assist in regenerating the climate and ecosystems.

The new Technical Standard and Declaration has been released in DRAFT form for Stakeholder Consultation and Comment Stakeholder Release Draft, and is Global GreenTag's newest and probably most important product certification standard to date.

Global GreenTag International CEO and Program Director David Baggs says:

"This new Standard is set to bring everything that we have worked over the years to develop in the certification field into one overarching framework and metric that is calibrated against planetary boundaries. This is important for both advanced manufacturers and projects, especially in the built environment, that are extending the boundaries of circularity design. This NaturePositive+ Standard provides concepts that enable both natural and technical cycles' full scope and benefits to be measured as no product certification system has before."

The Global GreenTag International NaturePositive+ Standard™ and its resultant NaturePositive+ Declaration™ (NP+D) reporting and Marks will take product certifications beyond current thinking on circular economy, life cycle analysis and ingredient, hazard and ethical supply chain transparency and risk mitigation. It has been developed, said David Baggs "to deliver restorative and indeed hopefully regenerative (subject to scale) climate and biodiversity co-outcomes that also conserve and protect resource flows, whether they be within 'Natural or Technical Nutrient Cycles. No other product certification system has done this before'

Managing Director of Global GreenTag International, Mary-Lou Kelly, who has worked closely with David Baggs and other members of the Global GreenTag product research team to develop the new Standard, says

"This is where we have wanted to go with product certification for some time to really help accelerate the changes that are needed now for a healthier tomorrow. It is a Standard that directly supports the Rights of Nature head on, so that we can provide the International and Australian markets with a solution that is focused on changing real world outcomes towards Nature Positive."

David Baggs adds:

"No other product certification system has done this before. The NaturePositive Standard (NP+D) provides concepts that enable both natural and technical cycles' full scope and benefits to be measured."

The Global GreenTag International NaturePositive+ Standard™ will use already available and in-use processes, systems and metrics to provide:

1. a singular integrate NP+D product score;
2. individual metrics for each issue, resource and process;
3. detailed compiled transparency reporting on:
a. Human Health & Environmental Toxicity;
b. Life cycle impacts and benefits;
c. Ethical Supply Chains & Modern Slavery.

The Standard will incorporate and refocus many of Global GreenTag's existing services but with some important additions and concepts. These are delivered in an integrated package that simultaneously will deliver an overall rating and metric that incorporates not only a recognised circular economy metric but also other essential elements required to truly measure and achieve circularity in a people and planet healthy outcome.

All the indicators will be visible in the reporting in both summary graphic with individual indicators as well as detailed report in full transparency format and all the Global GreenTag Services mentioned within the NP+ standard will be reported in a design yet to be created.

The actual design and content of the Standard will be decided after receiving detailed comment from the self-reporting questionnaire (see below) with specific questions and general comment capability.

Stakeholders may review the Draft here: NaturePositive Draft Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder survey and self reporting questionnaire - CLICK HERE

Due Date to return the questionnaire
Monday 20th February, 2023

For further information or enquiries, please contact David Baggs,


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Voted one of the Top 100 Most Trusted Brands in Australia for 3 years running, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products in certification by over 230 manufacturers with factories in more than 20 countries. Global GreenTag™ certified products are determined as healthy for use using the best science available, with the results being peer reviewed by highly qualified, external consultant Toxicologists.

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