Standards Development Processes

Standards are developed using broad public, media, industry, academic and government engagement. Once developed and comments received and incorporated, the draft it brought before our volunteer advisory committee.

National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee is a body in each country of operation of approximately 12 stakeholder representatives comprised of:

  • Industry and Professional Groups & Associations
  • Consumer Groups & Environmental NGOs
  • University & Government

That provide advice and guidance on matters associated with:

  • The operation of the Program
  • Development of the Standards
  • Stakeholder Review & Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Certification Appeals Processes

The NAC operates on a 2/3 quorum for all matters.

If your organisation would like to participate in the NAC, please contact the Program Director via

Expert Committee

The Expert Committees

The Expert Committee is an International Group of Experts advising the NAC and Program Director in their field of expertise.

There is no limit to the the number of experts on the Committee and each country may have its own local Expert Committee if needed.

If you have expertise would would like to contribute, please contact the Program Director via

Standards & EPD Program

GreenTag Standards Development and EPD program reviews

GreenTag v4 International Standard

Both the GreenTag Standards Development and EPD program are operated strictly under the relevant International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards.


GreenTag Standards Stakeholder processes are in accordance with ISO 14024 and ISO 17065. These require open and transparent processes, with adequate (min 30 day) comment periods and transparent reporting of outcomes with results of reviews made readily available.


Anyone interested in GreenTag Standards or EPD review processes can request copies on any review by contacting


Stakeholder Review Process Reports

The Standard currently under review:

GreenTag Standard v4.1 Draft is available for 30 days public review until 27th October 2019. Please download the GreenTag Standard Review Public Feedback Form to enter your comments/suggestions for GreenTag Standard v4.1 and email to

Standards are available on request by contacting