Precision Library Shelving 2


Precision Library Shelving 2

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Designed for Disassembly
• Durability

Dexion’s Precision Library Shelving 2 is a shelving solution that has virtually endless possibilities for storing and displaying reading  resources and reference materials. It is made of powder coated steel and nylon castors. It is adaptable to both stationery and mobile storage applications. A wide range of configurations and accessory options are available.

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The products have successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard’s Cautionary Assessment Process and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products.


GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GreenRate Level b

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

Rating tools relevance:

GreenStar 'Design and As Built v1' and 'Interiors v1' Rating Tools Credits:
o Sustainable Products Level B

WELL v1.0 Features - IWBI:
o Feature 04: VOC Reduction Part 5: Furniture and Furnishing
o Feature 25: Toxic Material Reduction Part 1: Perfluorinated Compound Limitation

WELL v2.0 Features - IWBI:
o x11: Long-Term Emission Control

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Precision Library 2 Shelving has been compared to an industry standard Aluminium made product which serves as the business as usual for the open shelving storage product category. The life cycle inventory data compiled for the BAU product was obtained from industry study.