Kerbeco & Promeg


Kerbeco & Promeg

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Post-Consumer Recycle Content
• Locally Made
• Fit For Purpose

Kerbeco is a specially formulated polyolefin plastic sheet containing 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic from kerbside collection. It is 100% recyclable and has characteristics equivalent to virgin polyolefin sheet. This means that the product’s performance is not negatively impacted, even though it contains a significant amount of recycled material.

The properties of Kerbeco sheet are tailored and fit-for-purpose. The material is formulated and manufactured in Australia from local components. Kerbeco offers customers the choice to be environmentally responsible & sustainable, when choosing products containing 50% PCR material.

Kerbeco is of great benefit to brand owners, government, and corporates in managing their product stewardship obligations and goals. Applications for Kerbeco are varied, and range from stationery, printing substrates for advertising, point of sale displays, signage, and packaging.

Because Kerbeco is 100% recyclable, waste and used products made from Kerbeco can be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling into new products.

More information:

The product’s claim on 50 % Post-Consumer Content for Kerbeco and Locally Made Verified for Promeg product. Product is verified by Global GreenTag. The scope of certification includes Kerbeco product that is made from material that is sourced from Kerbside Recycling.


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Global GreenTag Standard v4.0