Downer Tonerseal


Downer Tonerseal

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Durability
• Reduced waste generation

Downer Tonerseal is a high performance spray seal binder which has pioneered the use of waste items that would typically be sent to landfill. It is a blend of bitumen, recycled tyre rubber and toner from recycled printer cartridges. Tonerseal is developed through collaboration between Downer EDI and Close the Loop (CtL), an Australian resource recovery and recycling company.

Downer Tonerseal performs better that the current best practice for recycled spray seals which use between 15% to 18% crumb rubber. The innovative spray seal binder exceeds 20% recycled content and also complies with Austroads S45R grade spray seal binder.

Downer is also currently trialling the construction of road using soft plastics from approximately 200000 plastic bags and packaging, and glass from approximately 63000 glass bottles equivalent diverted from landfills.

More information:

Downer Tonerseal is a spray seal binder developed with reduced bitumen content as compared with the conventional S45R. The residual bitumen content in this product is a residue of petroleum refining and used mainly in road surfacing. It is the often the exclusive ingredient in pavement binders used as roadway wear surfaces. In use, workers can be directly exposed to bitumen and its emissions when it is heated for use. Exposure involves the following potential routes- respiratory, skin and oral. This product is specifically categorised with H332, H335, H350, H336, H334, H317, H373 and H319/315. The IARC has identified exposure to oxidised bitumen and its emission as possibly carcinogenic. However, because it is often the exclusive product in road surfacing and the risks are well known and managed in the industry, this product has been certified. Also, the manufacturer of Tonerseal operates under a recognised health and safety policy which proves that workers are protected from occupational risk.


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