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The Global GreenTag Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration (Global GreenTag MSD) is soon to be released, following a Stakeholder Review Process.  At its core, this world’s first product level Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration addresses a profound humanitarian problem and need to help minimise the conditions of Modern Slavery prevailing in global supply chains.

Possibilities of Modern Slavery occurring in supply chains – issues of ethical labour sourcing and social impacts – have always been a requirement for assessment of products under the Global GreenTag International Product Certification Standard.  Global GreenTag International has been actively involved with a number of interest bodies in recent years to bring stronger focus to the problem of Modern Slavery and was one of a core group of companies that pledged support behind the Australian Human Rights Commission’s call for Modern Slavery legislation in late 2017.

  • The GreenTag MSD is a robust and comprehensive risk assessment process that will recognise product manufacturers who are taking significant responsibility and accountability in their procurement processes.
  • The GreenTag MSD is a product level Declaration designed to respond to Government legislations pertaining globally to Modern Slavery that are finally starting to roll out and or are imminent.

A GreenTag MSD acknowledges that the ‘modern slavery risk disclosure’ is not about reporting that a company or its procurement processes and supply chains are ‘slavery-free’, but demonstrating the risk of slavery activities that may or may not have occurred within the business and the actions of a company taken to remedy and prevent such occurrences.

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Scorecard Option: The scorecard shown is a possible solution to weighting and production of a single score for each product.



Before the Global GreenTag MSD becomes available to the industry,  GreenTag is required to open a Stakeholder Review process, which we invite you to engage with, effective from Wednesday, March 4th and ending Monday, April 6th, 2020. To participate in the Stakeholder Review,  please review the Global GreenTag International Modern Slavery Guidance Document and then proceed to a SURVEY where you can quickly register your feedback.



Next step, please provide your feedback to the Modern Slavery Guidance Document by proceeding to the Global GreenTag Stakeholder Review Weighting Survey


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Enter your comments/suggestions on the provided Global GreenTag Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration Draft: Stakeholder Comments Form and please email by the closing date, Monday April 6th to certification1@globalgreentag.com


We greatly appreciate your interest and look forwards to viewing your responses so we may continue to develop this first Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration to ensure that it benefits all. 


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