Boral Resources (WA) Ltd

Boral is an international building and construction materials group with operations in Australia, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Since incorporation in 1946 in Sydney, we have grown into an ASX 100 company with more than 16,400 employees in 17 countries.

Locally, Boral Australia provides construction materials, concrete placing, roofing, and timber; Boral North America focuses on fly ash processing and distribution, and building products including stone veneer, roof tiles, windows and light building products, such as trim, siding and shutters.

Boral is here to support architects and engineers to build and develop structures that make a difference in life. We are open minded and engaged with universities and industry associations and committed to providing additional resources to research for innovative designs to develop whole of life solutions that offer a sustainable future.

Manufacturer Details

Company Name: Boral Resources (WA) Ltd
Telephone: 08 9333 3400
Fax: 08 9333 3401
City: Belmont, West Australia
Country: Australia


Triple Blend 60MPa Concrete

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