Global GreenTag International

COVID-19 Support and Response


As COVID-19 impacts communities all over the world, Global GreenTag has introduced a COVID-19 response this year to safeguard the continuity of service for our clients and maintain this important service for the industry.

Our team is committed to maintaining effective assessment and certification processes while we ensure we do our utmost to minimise any impacts or disruption on workflow while we endeavour to monitor, review and manage communications and required information provision from clients closely.

We also aim to keep our customers updated of our latest responses and measures.

We further understand that some clients’ capability to provide the necessary information updates to maintain or renew certification processes may be jeopardised or hampered during this unprecedented and difficult time, hence we have adopted some ‘COVID-19 flexibility’ arrangements as follows:

  1. For currently certified products that have no changes to declare during the re-certification or renewal cycles, the opportunity to extend your certification cycle for 12 months;
  2. For project teams that have currently certified products that have changes to declare but have difficulties in collecting the necessary information due to the pandemic and post-pandemic situation we also offer the opportunity to extend your certification cycle for 12 months without further information provision, provided you inform us of the general nature of the changes and we agree to extend your certification cycle for 12 months;
  3. This policy will be reviewed again as the situation unfurls, but no later than 12 months from March 30th.

Global GreenTag will continually review our own Human Resources and ‘work from home’ response to the COVID-19 issue, aligned with the advice of health authorities and decisions of governments across Australia and in each country that we operate to optimise the potential for all our team members to continue to be safe and stay healthy. We seek your understanding if at some time any particular staff member is not immediately available as work schedules vary.

Please contact us through email or phone if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.