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COVID-19 Support and Response

As COVID-19 impacts communities all over the world, Global GreenTag has introduced a COVID-19 response this year to safeguard the continuity of service for our clients and maintain this important service for the industry.

Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration Review Process Complete

The Stakeholder Review Process for the Global GreenTag International Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration (GreenTag MSD) has now been completed with Stakeholder Review and Weightings Survey Results report now available together with the resultant updated MSD Guidelines and Final Draft MSD template.  The GreenTag MSD is the first of its kind in the world, addressing a profound humanitarian problem and need to help minimise the conditions of Modern Slavery prevailing in global supply chains.

Certification of the Global GreenTag System

Global GreenTag Pty Ltd (GreenTag) is a third-party verified ISO 14024 and ISO 17065 Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) that conducts the GreenTagCertTM certification program, an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved certification (series) Mark undertaking product-focused environmental, health, ethical and social responsibility assessments of products and their manufacturers in accordance with this standard.

LCARate™ & the ‘Tags’

GreenTag’s LCARate™ is for consumers and professionals who want to simply understand the whole sustainability story of a product over its life time. For those who want deeper knowledge LCARate™ uses Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) ‘beyond LCA’ and generates ‘Net Positive’ analysis and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reporting for professional use.  It relates to all products in any sector.  It is also used by professionals looking to engage EarthCheck®, Infrastructure Sustainability, Green Mark  International and MyHIJAU programs. This section also explains how the LCARate™ ‘Tags’ work and what they mean.

The Product Scorecard Explained

GreenTag LCARate™ generates EcoPOINTS for each of its six Sustainability Assessment Criteria (SAC). The Product Scorecard is a ‘nutrition-label’ like graphic that shown progressively darker green arrows for each SAC as it gets more sustainable and presents the overall GreenTag EcoPOINT on which the LCARate ‘Tag’ is awarded.

The Certificates

This section explains how to read the GreenTag LCARate™ and GreenRate™ certificates.

Standards Development Processes

GreenTag Standards go through extensive Stakeholder Engagement Processes, this section explains how the standards were developed, how they are reviewed, who is involved and how.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program

GreenTag operates an EPD program that complies with the program requirements of rating tools like Green Star®, Green StarNZ®, LEED v4 and others. As part of this Product Category Rules (PCRs) are developed and require broad stakeholder engagement also. This section explains EPDs, the Standards, and the processes including stakeholder engagement for this program.

EPD Brochure

Download Global GreenTag Environmental Product Declarations (GreenTag EPDs)

CarbonRATETM  Brochure

Download the Global GreenTag  CarbonRATETM Brochure

Product Health Declaration™ – The PHD Tool

The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ or GreenTag PHD™ Communicating Product Health – is the first of its kind in the world.  A GreenTag PHD™ proves claims that products are safe for human health (and ecosystems) and can be used with absolute peace of mind in workplace and residential building projects – reducing risks for Building, Design and Procurement Professionals as well as Company Directors who need to discern carefully between products that support user and occupant health and well being compared with products that don’t.

PHDTM Brochure             

HealthRATETM  Brochure

Download  Global GreenTag Product Health DeclarationTM (GreenTag PHDTM) and HealthRATETM Brochures

GreenTag Summary Leaflet

Download GreenTag Summary Leaflet.

BEP PVC Brochure

Download Global GreenTag  Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP PVCTM ) Brochure

MSD Brochure

Download Global GreenTag International MSD™ Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration Brochure

McV Brochure

Global GreenTag Manufacturer Claim Verifications (McV™) is the fastest way to support manufacturers to effectively amplify a green product’s varied and individual green claims. The scheme provides a range of verification tags that manufacturers can use immediately in their marketing and risk mitigation. Download the Global GreenTag Manufacturer Claim Verifications (McVTM ) Brochure.

Brands Under Certification

This section illustrates a selection of our certified brands in a single view.

Frequently Asked Questions

This booklets answers the top 30 frequently asked questions about Global GreenTag

Complaints Handling Policy and Process

The Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd Board and Management Team are committed to the maintenance of a comprehensive Complaints Handling and Management Process. This document sets out both the Management Policy and the mechanics of the adopted Complaints Handling Process.

Sustainability Policy

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd operates the Global GreenTag Certification Program under license and recognises that some of its activities and services can cause impacts on the environment. To address these impacts and in turn reduce our ecological footprint, Management is committed to following and implementing a number of policy guidelines.

Quality Policy

To meet the needs of the green development, design, consumer and manufacturing sectors, Global GreenTag International is committed to providing the highest quality leading services.


This section lists Terms & Definitions used for Global GreenTag Standards

Terms & Conditions

This section lists Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Rules of Use of the Mark and Style Guide


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