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“I was surprised at how many enquiries we received requesting certificates when our GreenTag Certification lapsed even for such a short amount of time … five projects in four months requiring certificates was surprising and very pleasing.  The value of Global GreenTag certification is now underlined for me even more than it was previously….”

~ Aidan Hill – Group Technical & Sustainability Manager, Autex Industries Ltd

Plan A Certification Pathway For Your Products

Becoming Global GreenTag certified is a straightforward process:

Call us on 1300 66 9997 or  Request a meeting
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Jump Start the process

  1. Fill in our Application for Quote Form (below) – provide list of ingredients and country source and send to manufacturers@globalgreentag.com
  2. We provide an obligation free Proposal & Quotation
  3. Discuss it with us and accept the Quotation.
  4. On acceptance we issue an invoice and Information Requests (you can receive these at any time earlier if you wish).
  5. On payment of the invoice and receipt of completed Information certification commences
  6. Prior to completion of Certification, where required, an on-site audit is completed.

More Information

Application for Quote Forms:

Beauty & Personal

Cleaning & Hygiene

Building Interiors and Infrastructure

Product Health Declaration

Frequently Asked Questions about Global GreenTag

Global GreenTag Top 30 Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Global GreenTag Services 


Global GreenTag Service Brochures:


Global GreenTag LCARate™  goes beyond an Environmental Product Declaration … it does things for you that no other Certification or EPD scheme can do. It is uniquely programmed for the Circular Economy.  READ MORE

Global GreenTag GreenRate™ is the most simple yet also robust and comprehensive of our two certification programs. It’s also the most cost effective.  It provides manufacturers with whole of sustainability product assessment without requiring a Life Cycle Analysis. READ MORE

Global GreenTag EPD™ (Environmental Production Declaration) & CarbonRATE™  provide the deep Life Cycle Information that benchmark sustainability projects require.  The Global GreenTag EPD™ (Environmental Production Declarations) & CarbonRATE™  provide Life Cycle Analysis summary results about a product’s environmental impacts – especially for projects using green rating tools and undertaking whole project Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) credits in those tools. READ MORE

Global GreenTag CarbonRATE™  is a complete Embodied Certification Program that scientifically identifies carbon impacts and benefits, builds brand trust and, facilitates climate positive purchases and procurement processes. READ MORE

Global GreenTag PHD™ (Product Health Declaration™) & HealthRATE™ The Global GreenTag PHD is the first of its kind in the world – a rating tool recognised and compliant Material Health transparency tool that recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose the ingredients of their products and then goes on to rate the healthiness of the product in use. READ MORE

The Global GreenTag HealthRATE™ Marks rate the healthiness of products in use for consumers and can be used independently on product packaging and in all marketing collateral.  HealthRATE is a unique peer-reviewed Certification Program that reduces your risk and builds brand trust in demanding markets.  READ MORE

The Global GreenTag International Asthma & Allergy Sensitive™ claim and HealthRATE™ Marks indicate dramatically safer asthma and allergy risk potential and rate the HEALTHINESS OF PRODUCTS IN USE for end users.  READ MORE

Global GreenTag Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP PVC™) The Global GreenTag Best Environmental Practice PVC program is primed to meet and prove claims by manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for PVC products and across a number of categories from flooring to cables, blinds, pipes and permanent formwork. READ MORE

Global GreenTag Manufacturer Claim Verifications (McV™) Global GreenTag believes the fastest way to support manufacturers to effectively amplify a green product’s varied and individual green claims is to provide a range of verification tags that they can use immediately in their marketing and risk mitigation. READ MORE

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Global GreenTag International MSD™ Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration implements a comprehensive risk assessment and verification process in association with manufacturers on individual product supply chains. READ MORE

Global GreenTag Booklets:


Beauty & Personal  …..  Cleaning & Hygiene  ….. Building, Interiors and Infrastructure 

Global GreenTag Standards:

If you would like to receive a free copy of any of the Global GreenTag Standards, please complete this Application and nominate which Standard you would like to receive:

  • GreenTag International (Building, Interiors, Infrastructure & Other) v4
  • Personal Products
  • Cleaning Products

Product Suitability

Global GreenTag is able to certify any product. Examples of product sectors we already or are able to certify are:

  • Building & Construction
  • Interior & Decor
  • Infrastructure & Landscape
  • Beauty & Personal
  • Cleaning & Hygiene
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Fashion & Uniforms
  • Automotive & Transport

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