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Conversation on Carbon with Jonas Bengtsson

Global GreenTag International will be presenting Jonas Bengtsson, CEO and Co-Founder of the science based sustainability consultancy Edge Environment on Wednesday, September 22 for its monthly Conversations Series. This month we have invited Jonas to explore with us the topic of carbon and how to more effectively manage the carbon footprints on construction projects.

Jonas who has a MSc in Physics specialising in problem solving, a Diploma in Psychology from Gothenburg University and a Master of Environmental Management from UNSW has a passion and curiosity for sustainable development and market change. He believes that there is a long way to go before we can work effectively across supply chains and organisations to establish a sustainable existence. However, Jonas also sees opportunities to engage and unleash a global resource of entrepreneurship, creativity and productivity that can transform our society to the kind of world that we really want within our lifetime – where unsustainable is unthinkable. 

For this session with Global GreenTag International, Jonas will be providing his perspective on why carbon is important and will be discussing solutions to get out of the mess that mismanagement of carbon has created for the environment through the impacts of climate change.  The event will cover:

* What is Carbon?

* How do we work with Carbon? Can we?

* The role of LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) and EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations)

* Rating Tools & Carbon

* Future trends – predictions for LCA and EPDs

* How Global GreenTag is an active participant with LCARate, CarbonRATE and EPDs


‘Conversation on Carbon with Jonas Bengtsson’

Wednesday, September 22 at 3pm AEST

Email: Manufacturers@globalgreentag.com


Edge Environment was established in 2008 as a sustainability consultancy to help companies ingrain sustainability into their cultures, both for responsible and commercial performance.

Edge consultants combine science, strategy and storytelling to facilitate and support the growth of clients in areas that include carbon and climate resistance, sustainability leadership and communications, sustainable and ethical procurement, circular economy and life cycle thinking and sustainable delivery.

The award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of Edge Environment are also passionate about what they do and the positive impact it can have. They strive consistently to unearth win/win situations for clients and their companies and the planet, by leveraging both experience and relationships to solve problems by providing tailored, holistic solutions.


Global GreenTag International provides Type 1 (third party) product certification, declaration and verification programs for manufacturers with exemplar green product lines in building materials, interiors, personal care and cleaning products.

Using Global GreenTag CertTM (one of the most scientifically advanced, product certification standards in the world) Global GreenTag simplifies the selection of environmentally sustainable, healthy and ethical products for industries like Architecture, Design and Construction. The system both assesses and ranks products through leading LCA based product ecolabelling and rating schemes that also include a CarbonRATE scheme.

Global GreenTag also provides third party, assessed product declaration programs – an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a Product Health Declaration (PHD) and a Modern Slavery Declaration (MSD), which is the first product level declaration of its kind in the world to help manufacturers and procurement teams eliminate modern slavery occurring in global supply chains.

Helping professionals to make informed decisions about preferred green and ethical products to protect both the health of environment, workers and consumers, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products under certification in over 22 countries, used in buildings and offices throughout Australia and the world.

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BPI Rating & Global GreenTag International partner to support climate change ready products

Global GreenTag International has partnered with Building Product Information (BPI) Rating to bring GreenTag’s complete library of certified product onto the BPI online platform.

Jonas Bengtsson, Founder of BPI Rating stated recently:

“Architects, designers and developers have asked for it, and we are proud to deliver the complete set of Global Green Tag certified products on BPI and welcome Global GreenTag to the growing database of building products to our platform.”

“This partnership is a significant contribution towards our mission to help building professionals save time finding and comparing compliant, resilient and sustainable products from responsible suppliers.”

BPI Rating is a searchable online database of information about building materials and products, designed to offer architects, designers and specifiers a “one-stop-shop” for the information that might be required to assess a building product or material for specification into a building project.

According to Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director, David Baggs,

“Global GreenTag is proud to be able to partner with BPI Rating to deliver Australia’s first holistic database of climate change ready products.”

“BPI Rating is a valuable resource not only for the A&D community but for manufacturers with pre-qualified products looking for professionals seeking such products. Global GreenTag’s certification and transparency declarations all address different aspects of sustainability, including resilience, which is a key aspect of sustainability and especially in the context of climate mitigation. Until the launch of the BPI Rating website, resilience has been the missing link in the designers, product specifiers and builders’ toolbox when it comes to building back sustainably.”

Developed by the Insurance Council of Australia, Edge Environment and Comply Flow, BPI Rating provides information on the Environmental, Social, Economic, Compliance, Performance and Resilience of building products and materials as well as collating reviews and ratings.

View now where Global GreenTag certified and declared products are live already on the BPI Rating website.


Jonas Bengtsson now invites those manufacturers with GreenTag certified and declared products to contact him directly for free access to their product and company profiles to add and edit information on their BPI product pages.

Email Jonas Bengtsson:   jonas@bpirating.com.au





Main image credit: Nick Vandenberg on Upsplash

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