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Helping architects, designers, and specifiers understand product certification

Holding a Doctorate in Sustainable Construction Management and qualified as both a WELL and Green Star Accredited Professional, Dr Judy Luo is well suited to help building professionals as well as manufacturers understand the importance of product certification.

Recently appointed as Assessment Team Leader and Senior Product Assessor of Global GreenTag International, Judy has over 7 years of experience in product research and certification. Judy works closely with green product manufacturers to assist in the certification journey of their sustainable product lines.  She also fields regular questions from architects, designers, specifiers, ESD consultants and various other project professionals who want to understand more about the attributes of green products for buildings and interior fits outs.

“We talk to somebody in the building industry at least once a week and welcome these calls,” says Dr Luo.  “It is always interesting to hear about projects and to talk about the products that are certified with Global GreenTag, which professionals are considering specifying into their projects.” 

Over the years, conversations with building professionals has become a vibrant part of working in the product assessment team, says Judy, a service that has been encouraged by David Baggs, Program Director and co-founder of the Global GreenTag Standard and CEO of Global GreenTag International.

“David has always been committed for Global GreenTag to meet the needs of the green built environment industries in addition to being product certifiers for amazing green manufacturers,” says Judy.  

“Our Product Standard was developed from a green building and design background. David has a rich background in both green architecture and a specialisation in sustainable materials for green projects. He is also a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects and is a qualified Green Star and LEED AP.”

“On the product certification team, we all love working closely with manufacturers to take their products through robust third party assessments to certify their sustainable value. Certification is important to assure the marketplace that products are what manufacturers are claiming. 

“Our job is to look at a product from all angles to ensure that it properly certifies as ethically and sustainably produced, and that it is safe and healthy for end users,” says Judy.

If you are a building professional, please give Global GreenTag a call if you want to know more about products, which are Global GreenTag certified that you are considering for your projects, or to enquire about the different certifications and what they mean, we would like to help you get the best results for your project.

Dr Judy Luo can be contacted by email: certification2@globalgreentag.com or telephone (free call in Australia:1300 263 586) and internationally +61 7 3399 9686

If you would like to contact David Baggs, send an email to: david.baggs@globalgreentag.com or telephone (free call in Australia:1300 263 586) and internationally +61 7 3399 9686

New Rating Tool Search Function Allows Rapid Product Identification

Global GreenTag has activated a new search function on all of its websites to stimulate the building industry to look even more closely at Global GreenTag’s rating tool enabled certified products.  It is a move that will greatly assist architects, designers and product specifiers to quickly locate GreenTag certified products that contribute towards satisfying Features and Credits under the WELL Building Standard® Rating equivalencies as well as credits for Green Star® … The ‘IS’ Infrastructure Sustainability rating tool and LEED with more  product connections and other building programs to follow progressively.

Recognition of Global GreenTag Cert TM by the WELL Building Program™ which comes under the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) has also gone one step further with our ‘Equivalency’ recognition under the Alternative Compliance pathways present now on the WELL website and WELL mobile APP.

It has been a busy period for our assessment team since theWELL recognition of GreenTag certification took effect in January, reports GreenTag’s CEO and Technical Director, David Baggs.  “We are pleased to announce that the first three Global GreenTag certified products to roll out with contributions towards Features under the WELL Building Standard® included in their Certification are Storage Lockers by InterLoc Lockers,   METALWORKS® Ceilings & Walls by Armstrong World Industries Ceiling Division and Office Worktops by EM UTick.

“Alongside GreenTag’s primary job of certifying products, we are committed to creating strategic opportunities for manufacturers who want to leverage their GreenTag certification deeper and further into the sustainable building industry.””

In addition to WELL, the building rating tool browser function installed on GreenTag’s websites allows for site visitors to drill down for products that also align with:

  • Green Star® Australia – GBCA,
  • LEED v4 – USGBC,
  • IS Rating – ISCA and,
  • Green Star® Africa – GBCSA.

Aligning Products For WELL Building Projects

“With its core deliverable of health, WELL is a significant player globally for our manufacturers who have the right Global GreenTag certification to step into,” says David.

“According to figures on the International WELL Building Institute website, there’s over 600 projects registered worldwide under the WELL program and some 13 projects registered throughout Australia.”

Manufacturers with potential products ready for WELL under the Global GreenTag certification system will need to align under the following:

  • Under WELL Feature 04, products only need to be certified under Global GreenTag International Standard v.4.0;
  • Under WELL Features 09,11, 25, 26, 41 and 97 products must also qualify under Global GreenTag’s health transparency tool, the Product Health DeclarationTM (PhDTM );
  • To be awarded a Global GreenTag PhD, products first need to be certified under the Global GreenTag International Standard v.4.0 (and additional fees or charges may be required to upgrade products that are currently certified under Version 3.2 of the standard).

Manufacturers who would like to discuss their options to secure a PhD, or to upgrade their certification to Standard v.4.0, are invited to email Brett Hazlett: manufacturers@globalgreentag.com

Please Note: WELL™ and IWBITM  are trademarks used with permission from the International WELL Building InstituteTM