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Water Removal Efficiency – the Dedication Behind Stormtech’s LCARate GOLD Certified Grates and Drains.  

We speak to Rochelle Ramage, Account Manager from Stormtech for this latest episode of the Global GreenTag Green Heroes video interview series. Stormtech’s 7 products certified under the Global GreenTag Standard have achieved exemplary outcomes, all with GreenTag EPDs and PHDs and ranked highly with LCARate GOLD, and GreenRate Level A ratings … for features that include no toxic impacts, a design for disassembly and a take-back-scheme at end of life for recycling and re-use.

Stormtech is an Australian family business originally started by John Creighton in 1989. John was asked by an architect to help design a hobless shower for a wheelchair bound client wanting to shower without a carer. A shower without a hob required a very special drainage grate, which John Creighton invented.

With it’s elegant finish, and surface water removal efficiency, this drainage design was adopted as standard, patented, and is now the Stormtech 65ARG Slimline linear drain.standard, patented, and is now the Stormtech 65ARG Slimline linear drain.

SEE Stormtech’s Global GreenTag Certified Products HERE

GREENBUILD 2018 Community in the US is calling Global GreenTag International ‘POSITIVELY DISRUPTIVE’

The stars aligned for Global GreenTag International as our team descended into the USA last month for the 2018 USGBC GREENBUILD expo and conference in Chicago. New strategic industry partnerships were forged and celebrated and are now taking off and we finally launched Global GreenTag in the Americas. All in all, every one of the 5 days spent in Chicago and at GREENBUILD 2018 was a great success.

The Global GreenTag International (GGTI) team had many meetings with potential partners and a range of ongoing discussions and key moments, including:

  • The appointment of a CEO for Global GreenTag Americas, the highly experienced sustainability and green building expert, LEED Fellow and WELL Academy Member- Daniel Huard.
  • Meeting the US Green Building Council CEO Mahesh Ramanujam, receiving a warm welcome on our launch in the USA and assurances that our application for formal LEED recognition of Global GreenTag’s PhDs (Product Health Declarations) is being handled expeditiously;
  • The successful roll-out of GGTI’s new API accessible digital database that is now synchronised daily with, Mindful Materials and Sourced® by Delos, with GGTI transparency content now also available through Sustainable and more general content on
  • Hundreds of conversations with the A & D community … the buzz around Global GreenTag International and people talking about the “Positively Disruptive’ benefits of the various GGTI certified product programs.
  • And, an amazing GREENBUILD closing celebration event at the Field Museum, Chicago will never be forgotten, not forgetting to mention of course, the amazing Chicago deep dish pizza.

At the International WELL Building Institute™ Function, Global GreenTag International founding directors, David Baggs (CEO & Program Director) and Mary-Lou Kelly (Managing Director) also joined forces with Raefer Wallis and Rebecca Best from GIGA, the founders of the Origin Products Portal that supports Mindful Materials®, Sourced by Delos®, Reset and other integrated product databases where products are pre-qualified for LEED, WELL, Mindful Materials and Delos Program Requirements.

GGTI also caught up with key players in the WELL group.  In the photo above, from left to right, are WELL’s Jack Noonan, Senior Director, Australia & New Zealand, Market Solutions, Rachel Gutter, President of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), GGTI’s David Baggs and Mary-Lou Kelly,  Liz Miles, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations at IWBI and Adam Garnys, Principal Consultant at CETEC Pty Ltd. David Baggs says:

 “It was great to meet many of the people behind the global phenomenon that is the WELL™ Building program and put faces to names. The professional way that WELL is run and the global success it is achieving is great a testament to their efforts.”

The team also spent time with Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, U.S. Green Building Council and President and CEO, Green Business Certification Inc., seen above with GGTI’s Directors, Mary-Lou and David.

Overall, says David Baggs: “Our visit and campaign into the USA has been one of the most successful on record, since we launched in 2011. The support that we have received for the the USA launch has been extraordinary and we want to extend a huge thanks to Rebecca Best and Raefer Wallis of the GIGA team for inviting us to participate in the Mindful Materials Pavilion and the ‘MATERIALIZE’ Panel Discussion on ‘Materials Crosswalk: Certification Program Synergies.’

By the end of our visit, we had truly felt that Global GreenTag International had landed successfully in the USA and made a noticeable splash. A big thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome!”


Global GreenTag Certifications, Declarations and Verifications take deep scientific health and sustainability assessments and turn them into intuitive product ratings and reports to simplify the A&D and Construction sectors’ green product decisions.

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Americas (Canada, North and Latin America). Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).


Rainforest Trust Attracts Support From Green Product Certifier – Global GreenTag International

Global GreenTag International has stepped up its commitment to help protect the world’s endangered rainforests, wildlife habitats and natural resources. It has become an official sponsor of the U.S. based conservation, non-profit organisation, Rainforest Trust, as part of the Trust’s Conservation Program.

Global GreenTag is one of the most advanced certification companies in the world with a strong focus on providing transparent and scientifically backed information about green building products that professionals globally can trust to help alleviate serious environmental impacts and create healthier and greener built environments.

Founding directors of Global GreenTag, Mary-Lou Kelly and David Baggs, this week said that they are honoured to position Global GreenTag as a proud sponsor and supporter of Rainforest Trust activities, which in Australia recently included the purchase of a further nine properties to protect endangered wildlife in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest. The biodiversity of rainforests is critical for the future of the whole planet to protect and preserve, they said, so we are taking this new role very seriously as product manufacturing can have big impacts on the environment, if it is not done responsibly.

The initiatives of the Rainforest Trust are closely aligned with that of Global GreenTag, says David Baggs, who is also Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director.  “It is a dire situation. We need to help protect the earth’s rainforests and wildlife habitats where nearly 70,000 acres of rainforests are being destroyed every day, and sadly pushing more animals to the brink of extinction.”

“As a certifier of green products, we put eco-systems high on the agenda, especially the world’s rainforests.  Manufacturers must be accountable for what they take from it and what they do to it.  Rainforests are the lungs of the planet, they help to regulate the earth’s temperature and weather patterns; they offer such rich resources from food to medicine and are home to increasingly threatened wildlife species as well as indigenous communities.”

“We want to assure consumers and professional product buyers that certified green and more environmentally sensitive product options are available, compared with non-certified products that we don’t know anything about – from where they are sourced to how they are made and how they are disposed of.”

Since 1988, the Rainforest Trust has helped safeguard over 18 million acres of wildlife habitat around the world. By working with in-country partners and communities to identify ecosystems that are home to the planet’s most threatened species, the Trust has helped create over 100 protected areas across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Global GreenTag International, which has offices in Australia, Mainland China/Taiwan and Hong Kong, South Africa and Malaysia, is dedicated to helping to raise awareness of progressive manufacturers who are helping to lessen impacts on the environment. The Global GreenTag Cert TM certification standard places emphasis on the need to disclose information about the whole life cycle of a product from beginning to end use.

For more information about Global GreenTag, or to organise an interview with David Baggs or Mary-Lou Kelly, please contact Debra Robertson, or by phone:  1300 263 586

WHAT DOES THE RAINFOREST MEAN TO YOU? Global GreenTag International is now a proud sponsor of the Rainforest Trust Conservation Program and we are part of a campaign to save more acres of rainforest leading up to Earth Day. GreenTag's Product Certification team (left-right) Mathilde Vlieg, Dr Judy Luo, Nana Bortsie-Aryee, Shloka Ashar and Program Director David Baggs have a lot to say about what they #SeeTheRainforestFor ...

Australian Modern Slavery Act – Global GreenTag Pledges Support


A coalition of organisations, including Global GreenTag, has released a Statement of Support for the development of legislation to combat Modern Slavery.

According to the Global Slavery Index, modern slavery is a significant global human rights issue with an estimated 40 million people living in some form of modern slavery around the world, including human trafficking, servitude, child labour, sex trafficking, forced labour and debt bondage.

Australia is not immune with an estimated 4,300 people living under modern slavery conditions.

The Australian Government, through a joint-standing committee is investigating legislation to combat Modern Slavery with the intention of introducing legislation that will make it a requirement for large companies to investigate and report on modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

It is an important initiative that every company should get behind, says David Baggs, CEO of Global GreenTag.

“We have vested ethical interest as a highly transparent, product certification label. Just as we are driven to protect and preserve the environment and earth’s natural systems and resources, Global GreenTag is also committed as part of its certification standard to assess protection policies and measures for the protection of people who both work with or who are affected by manufacturing processes and all along the product supply chain. We are very pleased to support for the establishment of a Modern Slavery Act in Australia.”

Edward Santow, the Human Rights Commissioner says the Statement of Support is intended to assist the reform processes and provide guiding principles; including transparency, accountability, victim support and leadership. He says:

“This Statement is significant because it brings together a diverse group of leaders from the Australian business community, civil society, the religious community and academia.

“As leaders, we support a unified approach in addressing modern slavery. This is the only way that real change can take place.”

The Statement of Support was released at the end of October and says a Modern Slavery Act should be aligned with and reinforce the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

It says clear guidance and support should be provided for organisations that find modern slavery in their operations or supply chains. It says there should be access to appropriate information, remedies and support for victims.

The Signatories of the Statement of Support for an Australian Modern Slavery Act are:

Anti-Slavery Australia UTS
Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans
Australian Human Rights Commission
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
Global Green Tag
Green Building Council Australia
Supply Chain Sustainability School
Uniting Church in Australia – Synod of Victoria & Tasmania
The Freedom Partnership
UNSW Law & Australian Human Rights Institute

For More information, Download

2017 Statement of Support for Australian Modern Slavery Act

2017 Statement of Support for an Australian Modern Slavery Act


Global GreenTag Websites are NOW MORE USER FRIENDLY and have just been enhanced to make product searching so much more fluid and to show all Certification features right up front in the product search results pages.

The upgrade is particularly going to make it a lot easier for built environment professionals to search quickly and make product buying decisions.

Industry professionals like architects, designers and specifiers are now able to VIEW AND COMPARE in the search directory which products – AT A GLANCE – have a GreenRate, an LCARate, an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration and/or a Global GreenTag PHD (Product Health Declaration). All certification rankings and achievements are in green and sit below each product image and name.

The new system will make it easier and more obvious to manufacturers what their competition has!

The search function on the site also enables visitors to quickly search for other, relevant information and articles that are pertinent to their enquiry.

Take a test drive NOW

Global GreenTag Invites You To Comment

Global GreenTag currently has 5 Building PCRs (Product Category Rules) in two stakeholder consultations open for public view and comment.  As stakeholders, we invite you to participate in these public consultations to help us finalise our next set of Building PCRs in collaboration with the Evah Institute.

PCRs are important as they underpin our ISO 14025 and EN 15804 compliant Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) program that runs in accordance with GreenTag’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reporting processes.

PCRs determine what product information should be gathered, how that information should be evaluated, and how it should be presented in a form of environmental declaration.

Of course, this process of defining PCRs to building products, eventually supports the task of industry professionals globally who are working on projects under building schemes, including Green Star,  LEEDv4 compliant (currently used in 140+ countries) and BREEAM compliant (used in 40+ countries).

To participate in the consultation, please register here:

Please submit comments and questions, including request for the GreenTag  EPD Program Operation Rules, to

The PCRs for Public Consultation:

The public consultation period for the following PCR commenced on May 23, 2017 and will close on June 23, 2017.  The draft PCR is accessible through the links below. Please submit comments and questions, including requests for the GreenTag EPD Program Operation Rules, to

The public consultation period for the following PCRs commenced on May 17 will close on June 19, 2017. The draft PCR is accessible through the links below. Please submit comments and questions, including requests for the GreenTag EPD Program Operation Rules, to

Meet the NAC: Sophi MacMillan –Sustainable Industry Advocate and Chief Executive of the Vinyl Council of Australia

Global GreenTag is proud to have sustainable industry champion Sophi MacMillan serving on its National Advisory Committee (NAC) for the development of the GreenTag building products standard. She has been in Europe this month presenting at a global technical vinyl conference ‘PVC 2017’, and the European VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017 on some of the innovative work the Australian vinyl industry has been achieving.

Sophi is an Environmental Scientist (with more than 20 years experience) who has worked for the PVC sector’s industry association, the Vinyl Council of Australia, since its establishment in June 1998; serving as the body’s Chief Executive since 2002.

With the Vinyl Council, Sophi works with companies and stakeholders across the supply chain for vinyl products in Australia to reduce social, environmental and health impacts associated with the life cycle of PVC products, addressing these with pragmatic and innovative solutions.  She has been instrumental in the establishment and management of the Australian PVC Stewardship Program, which has around 40 company signatories, and in development of the Best Practice PVC accreditation scheme recognised in Green Star. She is an advocate for fostering green building practices and the use of sustainably managed building materials.

With experience in strategic planning, stakeholder relations and communications across a range of organisations, sectors and government bodies in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia, Sophi is also a director and former Chair (2014-16) of the Asia Pacific Vinyl Network which encourages improved health, safety and environmental performance of the vinyl industry in the region, and is a member of the Management Committee of the Global Vinyl Council. Previously, she was a Director and Deputy Chair of the Building Products Industry Council in Australia and Chair of the Strategic Issues Advisory Group for the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association in Australia.
Other members of Global GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee on Building Products  are:

Professional Associations

Mark Thomson –  Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF)

Stephen Claridge – Building Designers Association QLD

Industry Associations

Meriel Chamberlin – Apparel & Textiles Industries Group

Narelle Chenerry – Australian Certified Organic


Dr Dominique Hes – University of Melbourne

Community/Env NGO

Jo Immig – Australian Toxics Network

Product Category Rules – GreenTag Wants Your Say

Global GreenTag currently has 7 Building PCRs (Product Category Rules) ready to release for public review.

As stakeholders, we invite you to participate in this public consultation to help us finalise our next set of Building PCRs in collaboration with the Evah Institute.

PCRs are important as they underpin our ISO 14025 and EN 15804 compliant Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) program that runs in accordance with GreenTag’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reporting processes.

PCRs determine what product information should be gathered, how that information should be evaluated, and how it should be presented in a form of environmental declaration.

Of course, this process of defining PCRs to building products, eventually supports the task of industry professionals globally who are working on projects under building schemes, including Green Star,  LEEDv4 compliant (currently used in 140+ countries) and BREEAM compliant (used in 40+ countries).

The Global GreenTag PCR public consultation will take place over a 30 day period, commencing March 20, 2017 and closing April 20, 2017.  It will address the following 7 PCR building product areas:

  • Furniture
  • Wet Area Wall Cladding
  • Wet Area Floor Covering
  • Flood Coverings
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Boiled, Chilled and Filtered Potable Water Systems

To participate in the consultation, please register here:

Please submit comments and questions, including request for the GreenTag  EPD Program Operation Rules, to

LCA Specialist Comes to GreenTag

Global GreenTag’s full-time  Product Certification Team are now all multi-degree graduates and we are happy to welcome a brilliant new  member to the team  – Nana Bortsie-Aryee

Nana has a considerable  track record in sustainability and environmental management on the global stage in both developed and developing countries.  He has applied his skills as an LCA, industrial ecology  researcher and solutions provider in projects from Africa to the United States to Germany, Eastern Europe, Asia and more recently, in New Zealand.

Nana has authored and co-authored  a number of publications concerned with the integration of Life Cycle Analysis thinking and practices. He holds a number of degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the Unviersity of Ghana,  two Masters degrees from Germany and Japan,  and he is soon to receive his Doctorate  degree  from the University of Otago, New Zealand on a thesis titled: Water Footprinting: Theory to Reality – Building competitive advantage around water management in New Zealand Livestock Agriculture

Experienced in planning and implementation of transdisciplinary sustainable projects, sustainability assessments and strategy development, including material flow analysis and comprehensive data management, Nana’s interests encompass the growth of renewable energy systems, clean technologies, sustainable waste management, sustainable water management, industrial material flow management and regional material flow management.

We asked Nana some questions:


What and or who inspired you to follow the sustainability path?

It was the fact that natural resources in my home country were being used without consideration of the environment and the negative impact on the health and livelihoods of the locals.

How important is LCA in product certification?

LCA causes companies to show proof of their processes from an environmental perspective and also improves transparency for product certification.

What is the significance of the tools that GreenTag has developed as part of it’s certification standard?

Companies need to show proof of answers in their Sustainability Declarations and the GreenTag certification approach provides a range of tools which use key sustainability indicators to investigate the progress made on these declarations.

And, why did you choose GreenTag to join?

GreenTag is a major reputable sustainability auditing brand that has its processes and procedures based on recognised international standards. Based on my training, this is a perfect organisation to continue to grow as a sustainability practitioner. The organisation also allows for growth and is perfect for me in terms of their long term growth strategy and my career direction.

What is your message to manufacturers?

Sustainability is not just talk, it can be done and we can help you achieve that through our processes.

GreenTag Brands Most Trusted


170130 Thank you for Trusting GreenTag Products

Global GreenTag and brands under certification blitzed the Top 100 most trusted companies and products in Australia in 2016, taking  23% of the winner’s pie, including  first place for GreenTag manufacturer  Weathertex.  GreenTag  is proud to have also won a coveted place  by being the only eco-label to make the Top 100 brands  in the reader’s poll held annually  by Architecture & Design.

A fantastic vote all round for certified,  healthier, environmentally friendly and safer building products.

Weathertex who boasts two exemplar GreenTag certified Platinum and Gold products streaked ahead to take the overall Number 1 position as Australia’s most trusted brand, ahead of  some industry giants.  Weathertex, also topped  the Exterior Wall Materials category in the A&D survey.

Commenting on Weathertex’s win, Managing Director, Jason O’Hagan, emphasises that “Weathertex has made it easier for the environmentally conscious designers, architects and builders that are still wanting a durable, high quality and easy to install product.”

He also adds: “It most certainly pays to be with such an advanced Certification Mark as GreenTag”.

Impressively, GreenTag was also thrilled to see The Laminex Group join Weathertex in the Top 10 as the Number 7 most trusted brand in the poll.

GreenTag certified & under-certification winners who took out most trusted brands in other categories were:

The Laminex Group with 19 products certified by Global GreenTag were voted the most trusted company from which to buy in the category of Laminates, Solid Surfaces & Veneers.  

Armstrong Flooring with 9 GreenTag certified products were voted tops to be trusted in the Floors & Flooring category.

Kingspan Insulation with 5 GreenTag certified products won the top most trusted Insulation company as well as coming in at Number 13 out of the top 100 trusted brands overall.

Vertilux with 7 Gold rated GreenTag certified products pulled off the number 1 trusted position for purchasing  Window Furnishings.

Assa Abloy  with products currently under certification with GreenTag  topped the Security category.

With 341 nominated brands and a total of 13,456 votes counted, Architecture & Design said the 2016 Trusted Brands survey, produced their biggest result yet.

OVERALL in  2016  …  GreenTag  had 22 companies and brands, plus it’s own brand, win positions in  A&D’s Top 100.

FIND OUT MORE about these amazing, progressive manufacturers who are leading examples of sustainable product design:


The Laminex Group

Kingspan Insulation

CSR Bradford


USG Boral

Carter Holt Harvey

Altro Safety Flooring

Kingspan Insulated Panels

Armstrong Ceilings



Polyflor Australia


Schiavello Group

Knauf Insulation

Knauf Plasterboard



Assa Abloy

Innowood  Australia Pty Ltd

Gunnersen Pty Ltd


What Readers Said Who Voted For Global GreenTag ?

GreenTag thanks everyone who voted for our brand in the Architecture & Design poll.  We are thrilled with our result and appreciate those below who took the time to add their reasons why they voted us as a Trusted brand and Certification Mark.

“This company works with integrity, with a deep sense of truthful responsibility and commitment. Conscious, consistent contribution to increasing a safe and healthy planetary environment is the reason this company is my Top Trusted brand. This label gives assurance of top quality research and workmanship. – Lynne P



“Their sole reason for being is to be a reliable, trusted source of insight into locally and internationally sourced eco products. Their integrity is the brand. – Marnie O


“Because they are independent, have a scientifically based approach and have a demonstrated track record of excellence to make our living environments safe and more sustainable. – Glen C

Meet the NAC: Bill Statham Author of The Chemical Maze

170126 BS NAC banner

Researcher and Author Bill Statham has contributed considerably to making a positive difference to the lives of people through education about the alarming presence of additives and ingredients in foods and cosmetics that have the potential to cause discomfort and ill health.

If people recognise this problem, says Bill, then they have freedom of choice and for many, being informed about their product choices can bring a new lease of life.

Author of The Chemical Maze, The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion and the online App: The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion,  Bill is a valued member of GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee for the ongoing development  of our certification standard for Cleaning and Personal Products.

Bill studied and practised homeopathy both in Australia and the UK for over ten years.  During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat and cosmetic products we use every day.

Indeed, adds Bill, several of the synthetic additives lawfully allowed in processed food products have been shown over the last 40 or so years to cause or exacerbate symptoms and conditions like hyperactivity, asthma, learning difficulties, headache and migraine, behavioural problems, sleep disorders and organ damage.

“What is more disturbing, is that studies have been shown some additives to be unsafe for human consumption. Scientific studies are bearing witness to what parents have known for many years‚ that certain food additives can adversely affect children’s behaviour and learning ability,” says Bill.

“The first seven or so years of a child’s life are critical to establishing a foundation on which they build their future health, relationship and career paths. If these precious moments are distorted and ultimately lost by the unnecessary addition to their diets of synthetic chemical additives, they can never be regained. Today’s informed consumers are no longer content to accept that all the additives and ingredients in foods and personal care and cosmetic products are benign and therefore can do no harm.”

Bill continues to campaign to increase awareness.  The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion App, he says, was produced to make it simpler and easier for consumers to recognise safe foods, cosmetics and personal care products.

Read more about Bill’s Chemical Maze initiative HERE

Other members of GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee on Personal Products are:

Professional Associations

Huia Iti – New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Industry Associations

Meriel Chamberlin – Apparel & Textiles Industries Group

Narelle Chenery – Australian Certified Organic


Greg Miller  – Griffith University

Community/Env NGO

Jo Immig   – Australian Toxics Network

Irene Falcone –


Other members of GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee on Cleaning Products are:

Professional Associations:

Huia Iti – New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Barbara Connelly  – Building Service Contractors Association

Industry Associations:

Matt King – National Cleaning Suppliers Association

Meriel Chamberlin  – Apparel & Textiles Industries Group

Bridget Gardener – Green Sash


Greg Miller – Griffith University

Communities / Environmental NGOs:

Jo Immig – Australian Toxics Network

Irene Falcone –

Meet the NAC: Scott Bagnell of Design Institute of Australia

Designer Scott Bagnell,  Queensland Branch Councillor  for the Design Institute of Australia, is a valued member of GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee for the ongoing development  of our certification standard for building and interiors products.

A creative and transdisciplinary designer, Scott also serves as a Senior Designer and Design Manager for One Alliance Project Consulting, which works across all areas of the hospitality industry.

Several projects that Scott has worked on have won design awards. His interest is both to help transform the way we live, work and play in the 21st century and to combine his passion for sustainability in all projects – applying best practice environmentally sustainable design principles to produce unique solutions through the use of innovative materials, adaptive reuse, effective resource management, waste minimisation and lifecycle planning.

Scott joined the Queensland Branch Council of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) in 2000 and was instrumental in the establishment of the Queensland Design Awards program in 2002.  He served as  Creative Director for the Awards Program from 2004 – 2009 and served as President and National Director of the DIA from 2009 – 2013, leading a team of nearly 20 volunteer professionals dedicated to the advocacy of design.

Scott is also passionate about contributing to and improving Design Education in Queensland, and has lectured and tutored students of design disciplines at Queensland University of Technology and at Southbank Institute of Technology.

GreenTag shall continue to introduce you to members of our National Advisory Committee. Other representatives on the committee for Building Products are:

Professional Associations

Mark Thomson –  Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF)

Stephen Claridge – Building Designers Association QLD

Industry Associations

Sophi MacMillan – Vinyl Institute

Meriel Chamberlin – Apparel & Textiles Industries Group

Narelle Chenerry – Australian Certified Organic


Dr Dominique Hes – University of Melbourne

Community/Env NGO

Jo Immig – Australian Toxics Network

David Baggs Joins Judging Panel at 4th International Green Interiors Awards

The 4th International Green Interiors Awards for 2017 is being launched in Sydney this week and David Baggs, GreenTag’s CEO has been invited for the first time by Australian Living to be a judge.

Entries for the international awards event, which has grown considerably since its inception, opens at the end of November. The shortlist for the awards will be announced on May 25th and winners will be announced on June 8th.

“The Awards are becoming a great institution,” says David Baggs. “Last year there were some fantastic entries and I look forwards to being part of the judging process to decide the winners in 2017. “

“Holding up to the world and the market place exemplary certified sustainable products for interiors projects is a huge part of GreenTag’s business. Helping to drive people and markets to fully embrace green interiors is our key agenda too because we want more people to understand both what their choices maybe doing to our planet and their health and facilitate designers to proactively choose products that help secure a safe future.”

The 2015 winners of the Green Interior Awards included designs from South Africa, Australia, USA and Austria. In 2017, the event is going further afield with support from prestigious organisations around the planet, including the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Israel Green Building Council and other leading eco-labels around the world who, like GreenTag, support the growth of healthier interior design and materials in which to live and work.

To play a more vital role in the event, partnering opportunities with the International Green Interior Awards are still available. If you have a green brand, it’s a great way to put yourself before a high quality audience and key industry decision makers. Plus, connect with a unique Awards program that is 100% about rewarding the use of green interior products used in projects locally and across the globe.

MEET THE EXPERT PANEL: Nathan Aust of Toxicology and Environmental Health Consultants

Nathan Aust is GreenTag’s External Consultant Toxicologist and Peer Review member of our Expert Advisory Panel.  His responsibility is to ensure every new exemplary sustainable product we certify and each ingredient risk analysis meets world’s best practice

“We are thrilled to have Nathan involved in every new GreenTag certification and re-certification,” says GreenTag CEO David Baggs, “his experience and knowledge to help us ensure our assessment and analysis is robust and in line with world’s best knowledge and practices.”

With over 18 years experience as an Environmental Health and Occupational Hygiene professional, in both the private and public sectors, Nathan has acquired an in-depth working knowledge of the identification, assessment and management of chemical, infectious and physical hazards within our environments and their impact on human populations.

Nathan’s toxicological background has seen him undertaking numerous human health risk assessments, classifying hazardous materials and assessing applications for environmental accreditation of cleaning products.

Nathan is a registered professional in Toxicology and Risk Assessment with the Australasian College of Toxicology and Risk Assessment.

Migrate your Global GreenTag Certification to South Africa

Global GreenTag is pleased to announce that interior fitout products already certified in Australia can easily be converted to meet the Green Star SA Interiors Tool requirements set out by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Global GreenTag GreenRate and LCARate certification has been recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as a product certification standard for the Materials Fit out Calculator in Green Star SA Interiors Rating Tool. It does however require an interpretive evaluation against the GBCSA recognition criteria and issuing of a separate GBCSA Rating certificate.

The GreenTag GBCSA Rating certificates are recognised for certifying interiors fitout, consisting of four categories: Furniture, Assemblies, Flooring and Wall Coverings.

For more information, please contact Global GreenTag South Africa

Lizette Swanevelder

+27 21 790 0286

GreenTag awarded as ‘ecoBiz Champion’

GreenTag Office Achieves top 3 Star Reductions in Energy, Water and Waste

Every business can save money by reducing its water, waste and power costs. We are proud to say we have received peak recognition for walking the talk. Global GreenTag  International  is now officially a CCiQ ecoBiz Champion – we achieved a the top 3 Star result.

EcoBiz is a free program funded by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to help Queensland business owners improve  their bottom line.  With the help of the CCIQ ecoBiz program the GreenTag office was able to achieve:

  • 47% reduction in energy
  • 13% reduction in water
  • 15.6% reduction in waste”

GreenTag took up the challenge a year ago to begin data collection using tools and resources provided by CCiQ ecoBiz.  We optioned to measure the business against CCiQ’s Champion level three-star business partnership program to test our costs across all three metrics of water, waste and power usage.  To achieve a Champion rating, the scheme requires a business to achieve 10% savings on one metric while not increasing the other two by more than 5% over a 12 month period. Management’s decision to approve installation of a 6kW Photovoltaic system was a big part of the great outcome.


The GreenTag data was methodically collected and entered by our Accounts Manager Gourav Ahuja – who received notice this week that we are now officially ecoBiz Champions!

Thank you Gourav for putting in the time.

Whether your business wants to measure one, two or all three metrics of energy, water and waste CCiQ provides action plans, tools, resources and even coaching to help.

For more information to help you get your business started, visit the CCiQ ecoBiz website:

You can also view the video below:

Meet the NAC: Narelle Chenery Co-Founder and Creative Director of Miessence

Narelle Chenery developed the world’s first range of organic skincare products under the Miessence brand a decade ago and now exports to 65 countries. Also a mother of three, Narelle  is internationally renowned and respected for devising skincare products with absolutely no synthetic chemicals — not even chemical emulsifiers.

GreenTag  is proud to have Narelle as a member on our National Advisory Committee, representing her  Industry Association with Australian Certified Organic and to advise on GreenTag’s certification standard in relation to the Personal Care Products category.

Miessence has successfully created a grass roots education movement about organic, green and healthy alternatives.  Narelle has said that she moved into the organic space as a result of “cosmetic shelves being flooded with products that claim to be organic or natural,” seeing too many instances of eco-marketing and ‘green’ labelling that disguise the reality of potentially toxic chemical ingredients in products. This is an unfortunate aspect of the industry that continues, which does not help consumers who don’t know how to tell the difference between ‘greenwash’ products and those that are truly natural.

The name Miessence was chosen to reflect Narelle’s love and intent that goes into each product. The website was set up to allow the products to be bought on line and as a resource to help educate consumers on what they are buying.  The business and brand continues with an unwavering commitment to the health and vitality of its customers and to the sustainability of our earth’s natural resources.

Some interesting facts to consider:

  • Miessence sales in the company’s first 18 months of operation grew by 2500%
  • The Miessence brand sources ingredients from Australia and overseas and continues to be manufactured from the company’s base on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
  • Miessence products areindependently certified to the highest international food grade standards by some of the world’s most respected and stringent organic certifying organizations, namely, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia).


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GreenTag shall continue to introduce you to members of our National Advisory Committee. Other representatives on the committee for Personal Products are:

Professional Associations

Huia Iti – New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Industry Associations

Huia Iti – New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Meriel Chamberlin – Apparel & Textiles Industries Group


Greg Miller  – Griffith University

Community/Env NGO

Jo Immig   – Australian Toxics Network

Bill Stratham – The Chemical Maze

Irene Falcon –

GreenTag Sponsors Seminar on Certification at Sustainable Brands Sydney 2016

Global GreenTag is proudly sponsoring and leading a seminar and panel discussion on Certification at Sustainable Brands Sydney on June 28.

Certification: Transparency Is Crucial For Building Trust And Credibility is the title of the segment and GreenTag’s Chief Executive Officer and Program Director David Baggs will be leading off a round of talks to explore the current issues of applications and perceptions of certifications within organisations.

The session will focus on why sustainability certifications should have clearly defined goals and should continually work towards achieving them with demonstrable, measurable outcomes.

Improving standards and scheme design should be an ongoing process, where standards are regularly reviewed and audited, where necessary, in order to incorporate new research and experience, claim MCI the Sustainable Brands Sydney event organisers.

These two measures ensure that everyone – whether it’s the buying public, the sustainable product manufacturer, or the certification itself – is on the same page, knowing exactly what the ecolabel represents and best practice is being upheld.

The big questions to be asked during the overall session will be: HOW valid are certifications for organisations and products? Are we over-certifying, and HOW does industry cope with the sheer number of them?

In the session, delegates will discover HOW brands can align themselves with a certification most valid for their business and their consumer and HOW to use them to access existing and new markets.

Global GreenTag and David Baggs will be joined in this session by:

  • Terence Jeyaretnam (moderating the session) of Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Kate Harris – Chief Executive Officer of Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)
  • Trudy-Ann King – Executive Director, Market Engagement and Communications of GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia)
  • Adam Beaumont – Chief Executive Officer of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
To register and join Sustainable Brands Sydney (June 27-29) click here:

Breaking Through Green Product Market Barriers –Workshop with Sustainable Brands Sydney 2016

Global GreenTag is presenting a workshop in Sydney next week to unpack the barriers standing in the way of green products having a greater traction in the marketplace – and exploring with participants solutions to overcome the conundrum.

“Enhanced ecolabelling can make all the difference,” says David Baggs, presenting the interactive session at the Sustainable Brands 2016 workshop on Wednesday June 29.

Participants who join the workshop will be encouraged to share their current experiences and barriers in accessing key green markets and ways to overcome them.

According to Baggs “Successful organisations, use both ecolabelling and robust metrics to inform and communicate performance to their stakeholders, but conventional ecolabelling is no longer enough”.

“Companies and stakeholders need both labelling and data on the sustainability impacts of products to access key markets that are demanding both easy consumer recognition as well as real metrics to integrate into management and corporate reporting but also address green procurement processes.

The evolution of integrated ecolabelling and enhanced Life Cycle Assessment methods now make that accessible to all companies,” says David.

Where once pass/fail ecolabels were sufficient, consumers and other stakeholders now seek performance ratings and real data at levels of detail that suit their needs.

Sometimes the same organisation can need simple forward facing sustainability consumer communication and then more detailed information to communicate product life cycle benefits to forward thinking companies.

David adds that: ‘Product Labels and Scorecards fulfill some of these needs but LCA reporting via Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are now required in specific sectors, where reporting now also needs different thinking to conventional Life cycle impact Analysis because circular economy characteristics necessitate Life Cycle Benefit Analysis (LCBA).

Such ‘Beyond LCA’ strategies are needed by sustainability managers to address LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) markets and link product sustainability data to professional users’ procurement, corporate performance and company contributions to circular economy reporting.’

Sustainable Brands Sydney 2017 runs from June 27-29.


David Baggs Keynotes At International Event For Sustainability Week In South Africa


David Baggs,  GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director  is delivering a keynote address this week in South Africa for the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum,  hosted by the City of Tshwane for Sustainability Week.  David’s keynote is titled ‘Visualising the Circular Economy Using Life Cycle Analysis’ for the technical program Vision Zero Waste Seminar on June 2.

With focus on design for waste minimisation and recycling,  David has been invited to deliver the keynote in the context of a vision for zero waste in South Africa. The seminar comes at a critical time, organisers say, when waste streams are at an all-time high, where some communities are without waste services and landfills are reaching capacity.

David brings hoped for solutions.  He will be focusing on the circular nature of the mindset required to reduce the impact of waste – and how this is possible through LCA centric design.

“Conventional thinking is stuck on damage and loss,” says David.

“From a Global GreenTag perspective, I shall be offering clarity about the terminology used in the area of Life Cycle Analysis thinking and how it naturally applies to a circular economy mindset and sustainable solutions for ecological regeneration.”

David is also presenting two other seminars at Sustainability Week.

In the series for Sustainable Manufacturing, he will be delivering a seminar titled: ‘Sustainability Metrics and LCA: The Business Benefits’

For the Green Business series of Sustainability Week, David is presenting: “The Role of Ecolabels in Greening the Supply Chain.”

For more information about Sustainability Week, please visit

GreenTag Partners With 1st Australian Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance Congress

The Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance are proud to announce Global GreenTag as a Green Partner for the inaugural Australian iteration of the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance Congress.

GreenTag looks forward to partnering and building with the Congress sustainability approaches for the Australian event in September in Adelaide.

The Congress will provide delegates with the opportunity to network with their contemporaries in the region, provide a forum for alliance members and congress attendees to be able to showcase their work, and a unique learning environment focussed on all design disciplines featuring in the region.

The Congress aims to explore the theme of ‘Home’, stating:

“Extrapolating on this theme we recognise that everyone has some kind of a relationship to home and what it means in terms of belonging, family, comfort, nurture, tradition, familiarity and gathering. Memories of home are also deeply ingrained in our memory. “Home” brings together the real and the ordinary from which, through design, the imaginative and the extraordinary transpires and resonates.

“Within the congress theme of “Home” we acknowledge that sustainable design is a fundamental element of professional design practice and integral to this relationship of human/home interaction.

Given that the application and employment of sustainable principles in design projects are a pillar of ethical design practice, we are glad to welcome Global Green Tag as a Green Partner; providers of independent indicators of sustainable metrics and quality.”

“We look forward to Global Green Tag’s support and involvement in this important focal area within our design community as we convene the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance Congress in Adelaide this 24-26 September this year.”

For more information, visit the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance website HERE

New GreenTag Website Receives Great Reviews

I think the site LOOKS GREAT – fresh and easy to use.

                                                                – Libby Staggs – Sustainable Business Matters

We are receiving some great reviews about our new website.

Visitors are clicking through the new product pages and learning more about the value of a type 1 eco-label.  More than 25% are also staying around to explore more.

Important news to viewers from the website has been GreenTag’s partnership with E-Tool followed with strong interest in ‘how to get certified.’

Australian visitors were highest users at 78% followed by some keen interest from USA, France, Germany and China.

In Australian capital cities, Sydney visitors have been rating the highest, followed by Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Thank you to everyone who sent us your encouraging comments and warm wishes.

Well done, guys – it looks amazing – a clean and clear ‘look and feel’ and great resources  (I particularly like the stories from Graham, Carolyn and Bongo!).  Congratulations.

         –  Robin Mellon,  Chief Executive Officer – Supply Chain School

Your new website looks fantastic, congratulations!

                                       –  Anthony Leiberman –  SEE Sustainable Experience Exhibition

Congrats on the new GGT website, it looks great and the “searchability” for certified products is very useful.

                                                        –  Peter Grainger, CEO – MyCaboodle

Reasons for Certification 101. Part 1: Chemicals

“We need stricter surveillance rules”

This was stated by the European Commission following a study that found that chemical related risks were the most frequently reported in relation to dangerous products.

The 2015 study reviewed data collected by Europe’s central rapid alert system. The most frequently notified risk was chemical, accounting for 25% of cases, followed by risk of injury, which topped the list in 2014.

The most alarming fact that emerged from the study was that toxic children’s toys were reported as the biggest culprit (37%) followed by fashion jewellery (25%) and then clothing, textiles (13%). Chemicals present included chromium VI in leather products and different kinds of phthalates in toys.

Commenting on the report, GreenTag’s CEO and Program Directors says: “Chemical risks should not be an issue in any product.  Clearly tighter controls need to be put in place to track dangerous products but if product certification was mandated, this would not happen in the first place. Accountability is built into certification and fully into the higher standards of Type 1 eco-labels like Global GreenTag.

“Safety should always be a priority for end users, obviously.  It is commonsense. The question we need to ask is why this is continuing?  It’s not good enough.”

Of interest, two thirds of the products notified as dangerous came from China – a proportion reflecting the country’s share of EU imports. For 10% of notifications, the country of origin could not be established.

The EU Commission claims that collaboration with Chinese authorities remains “a priority” for the EU,  but tracing the source of products within China “remains difficult”. The country has followed up on 11,540 notifications since the system was introduced but has been unable to take action on two thirds of them.

GreenTag now certifies over 100 excellent products from China, with only a few needing reformulation prior to certification.



Welcome to the new Global GreenTag website!

Welcome to the new Global GreenTag website!

We hope you find the new GreenTag Global website more user friendly and useful. Choose your country and check out the all new Product Finder with fully searchable product profiles, each with consumer descriptions and all the Certificates, Product Scorecards and other documents professionals need for your project.
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