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Meet the Dedicated and Passionate Product Assessors Behind Global GreenTag Cert TM Certification

Global GreenTag International’s team of product assessors are often found absorbed deeply in product information, toxicology reports, research papers, Life Cycle Inventory datasets and delving deep into global product supply chains. 

It is all in a day’s work for this dedicated team of expert product assessors.  Each are highly driven and focused in going about their specialised assessment processes and working with manufacturers and suppliers from around the world.  All of whom like our product assessors are committed to the journey of expanding the boundaries of sustainable materials development and production in order to bring green products across the line as third party certified and rated with Global GreenTag’s certification, declaration and verification processes.

David Baggs, Program Director of Global GreenTag CertTM and co-founder with Managing Director Mary-Lou Kelly of Global GreenTag International’s three Product Certification Standards, says:

“We are enormously proud of the team. Both the highly qualified core team of assessors at Global GreenTag International, who are led by lead product assessors Dr Nana Bortsie-Ayree and Dr Judy Luo and our associated team members who work specifically in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and as custodians of extensive and comprehensive Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) supply chain databases with the Evah Institute, that is led by Delwyn Jones a renowned Sustainability Scientist.

“The brains and experience trust represented by all members combined is staggering,” says David.

“They come from a wide range of scientific knowledge backgrounds, including from the fields of engineering, the sustainable built environment, materials specialisation, lead auditing and environmental sciences and management.”

“The momentum for ISO & EN standard certified products is growing and especially for advanced product certification programs that can be trusted,” David adds.

“GreenTag has become super busy in the last year as a result of this demand. We have welcomed major new agencies to handle the demand for Global GreenTag certification, including Mainland China and the Republic of Korea as more and more manufacturers are turning the tide to upgrade their processes to be more sustainable and release more and more greener products into the global market.   

“Plus we have some major new assessment projects coming up as well that we are all very excited about and the assessment team are looking forward to the challenge. We shall be talking about this very soon. Stay tuned!”   


The Global GreenTag International Assessment Team


Lead Product Assessor,

Country Business Development Manager China

(Currently on Maternity Leave)

Judy is the Product Assessment Team Leader and manages all China related business development activities. She has a Doctoral Degree in the field of Sustainability and Construction Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. READ MORE


Acting Lead Product Assessor,

EPD Program Manager, African Business Development

Nana manages the Global GreenTag Environmental Product Declaration Program andis responsible for overseeing Business Development in Eastern, Western and Northern Africa. He is a Sustainability and life cycle assessment (LCA) Specialist who is also a Product Assessor with a Master of Engineering in International Material Flow Management and Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Administration. He is a qualified Exemplar Global Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor.   READ MORE


Product Assessor

Saphy  holds a Bsc in Energy Engineering and she has recently finished her Masters of Environmental Management majoring in Sustainable Development with three Dean’s commendations received during her studies. She is a qualified Exemplar Global Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor.  READ MORE


Product Assessor

Bambang holds a Master degree in Environmental Management and a Bachelor Degree in Biological Science. He is a qualified Exemplar Global Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor.  READ MORE


Product Assessor

Esther holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, a Masters of Environmental Engineering Management and a Masters of Water Engineering. She is a qualified Exemplar Global Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor.  READ MORE


Product Assessor

Jill holds a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Engineering and Wastewater & Waste Engineering (UNSW) and is a qualified Exemplar Global Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor and brings her experience as an environmental consultant to Global GreenTag and a passion for sustainable development and Circular Economy thinking.  READ MORE

The Evah Institute LCA/LCI Team


Founder and Director of Sustainability Assessment – Evah Institute

Delwyn works LCA with Global GreenTag on moving the boundaries of product assessment with GreenTag’s advanced certification program, LCARate™ She creates globally adopted sustainability benchmarks, databases, guidelines, specifications and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). READ MORE


Lead Education Associate – Evah Institute

Lesley is Evah’s Lead Education Associate, who consults on sustainability pedagogy and education reform in diverse cultures. READ MORE


The Evah Institute

Shadia is Evah’s newest Associate. Award-winning Dr Shadia Moazzem completed a PhD from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University in 2021. That work focused on LCA of textile supply chains and waste management.   READ MORE


The Evah Institute

Direshni has been an Evah Associate since 2019 and is the Principal Consultant of Gaia Conscious Consulting. READ MORE


The Evah Institute

Mathilde is a MSc Industrial Ecology graduate from the TU Delft and University of Leiden in the Netherlands. READ MORE


The Evah Institute

Murray manages Evah’s business and IT development and is an awardwinning business developer, with a BSc in Mathematics.  READ MORE


The Evah Institute

Shloka Ashar was instrumental in developing Evah’s founding life cycle benefit assessment methodologies and LCI databases for OpenLCA software. READ MORE

Global GreenTag PHD™ UPDATE for WELL v2, Green Star ‘Buildings’ and LEED v4.1 Credits

The Certification Program for Global GreenTag CertTM  Building, Interiors & Infrastructure Rating Tool and Schemes has been updated to correct an issue that is relevant for certified products that have also been awarded with a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration (PHD™).

An issue recently detected by GreenTag’s internal Quality Management System found a misnaming of PHDs assessed for alignment under the International WELL™ Building Institute Pilot Features program as being compliant with WELL v2 Feature credits and this is incorrect.

All records in our Rating Tool Compliance Document are now up to date to reinforce these recognitions and compliance distinctions between PHDs assessed during the WELL Pilot Program and those later for WELL v2 and up to date with credits for WELL v2, Green Star ‘Buildings’ and LEED v4.1.

Information on PHD certificates published on our websites also have been updated to correctly report their compliance and credits with WELL v2, GreenStar® ‘Buildings’ and LEED® v4.1

For further enquiries and clarification about your PHD product certificates, please contact Global GreenTag’s Product Assessment Team Leader – Dr Nana Bortsie-Ayree

Email –  Phone – 1300 263 586 | +61 7 3399 9686

The Nature Positive Roundtable – All Welcome!

Delwyn Jones, Founder and Director of Sustainability Assessment at The Evah Institute has made time and will be presiding over our first Global GreenTag International Open Roundtable this coming Wednesday, November 17.   The Roundtable follows Delwyn’s presentation recently on the subject of ‘Nature Positive’ and solutions through Life Cycle Benefits Analysis (LCBA).  We now invite people to join us to voice their ideas and dialogue with Delwyn and each other about reaching for gains beyond zero loss, as she suggests to help build cases for regenerative development and guide a stronger Nature Positive direction for their own companies.

The session will be facilitated by Brett Hazlett, Global GreenTag’s Business Development and Global Sales Strategist, who will be engaging YOU in this discussion and also be joined by other members of the Global GreenTag team, including Managing Director Mary-Lou Kelly, David Baggs CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag CertTM  and Lead Product Assessor, Business Development Africa and LCA specialist Dr Nana Bortsie-Ayree.

The Evah Institute is a close associate of Global GreenTag, working with us on moving the boundaries of product assessment with GreenTag’s advanced certification program, LCARate™.  Delwyn has presented papers with us at international forums like SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) to push beyond zero loss by introducing LCBA to see and measure gains for Nature Positive and Circular Economy processes. 

Delwyn creates globally adopted sustainability benchmarks, databases, guidelines, specifications and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). With Evah, she introduced the world’s first cradle to grave EPDs reporting damages and benefits using Evah2020 LCBA methods.

Her global firsts include quantifying whole-life net-positive-carbon building and piloting construction-sector, virtual-modelling LCA software for KPMG’s Head Office in Holland and for Stanford University in the US.

In an Australian first, Delwyn was the LCA Auditor to the Olympic Coordination Authority and NSW Supply for green procurement contracts. Other national firsts include LCA of products, public buildings, infrastructure, EPDs and the brief that achieved the first 5-star Greenhouse rated building in Australia. Delwyn was a BHP Research Scientist for 15 years and Principal Scientist for Queensland Public Works Built Environment Research for 16 years.


‘The Nature Positive Roundtable’

Wednesday, November 17 at 3pm – Brisbane  (4pm Daylight Savings Time)



The Evah Institute aims to visualise, communicate and achieve climate and wildlife secure futures by enabling hope, inspiration and capacity amongst people so they are able to quantify, model and support carbon drawdown and regenerative development.

To enable companies achieve these ends, Evah associates develop new eco-profiling methods, including novel carbon drawdown rules and methods and life cycle assessment to quantify gains beyond environmental damage.  READ MORE ABOUT THE EVAH INSTITUTE


Global GreenTag International provides Type 1 (third party) product certification, declaration and verification programs for manufacturers with exemplar green product lines in building materials, interiors, personal care and cleaning products.

Using Global GreenTag CertTM (one of the most scientifically advanced, product certification standards in the world) Global GreenTag simplifies the selection of environmentally sustainable, healthy and ethical products for industries like Architecture, Design and Construction. The system both assesses and ranks products through leading LCA and LCBA based product ecolabelling and rating schemes that also include a CarbonRATE™ scheme.

Global GreenTag also provides third party, assessed product declaration programs – an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a Product Health Declaration (PHD) and a Modern Slavery Declaration (MSD), which is the first product level declaration of its kind in the world to help manufacturers and procurement teams eliminate modern slavery occurring in global supply chains.

Helping professionals to make informed decisions about preferred green and ethical products to protect both the health of environment, workers and consumers, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products under certification in over 22 countries, used in buildings and offices throughout Australia and the world.

Exclusive agreement signed with IGSC and Global GreenTag International to certifiy eco-friendly products from South Korea

The Institute of Global Sustainability Certificate (IGSC) has signed an Exclusive Agency Agreement with Global Green Tag International to service domestic export companies with Global GreenTag’s advanced  eco-friendly, healthy and ethical product certifications and declarations, which are assessed under the Global GreenTag CertTM certification system and Global GreenTag International Certification Standards.

Dr Noh-hyn Lim, IGSC’s Certification Business Director said under the new Agreement with GreenTag:

“IGSC aims to service domestic export companies with recognised sustainable green certifications and cooperate in the development of new certification schemes and global dissemination.”

David Baggs, CEO of Global and Program Director of Global GreenTag International said:

“We look forward greatly to working with the Institute of Global Sustainability Certificate (IGSC) and discovering more of Korean manufacturing at its best. We are pleased to enhance access to our certifications and declarations for Korean companies by working with IGSC to further help sustainable products from the region to enter or have more success in accessing green building markets globally.

IGSC provides a variety of global certification services for smooth overseas exports of domestic Korean manufacturers. 

“The Exclusive Agency Agreement with GreenTag will help IGSC expand our certification area to environmentally friendly buildings, building materials, interiors, cleaning and personal products and particularly for certifications such as vegan, kosher and ISO management certifications,” Dr Lim continued.

Through GreenTag, ISGC will now also be able to offer International EPDs, various footprint certifications and certification services for sustainable, healthy and ethical products, including:

David Baggs added:  

“Our emphasis on assessing products especially for healthiness in use with the GreenTag PHD, has been widely embraced and sought by industry practitioners because of increased global health concerns. An ‘Asthma and Allergen Sensitive™’ qualification has also been added to the service in 2021, which is of great interest in the region as well.”

Global GreenTag’s PHD service provides deeper levels of product health information with content inventory and hazard analysis to the 100 parts per million (ppm) level. The PHD program firstly bans a comprehensive list of the worst ingredients and then offers externally peer reviewed toxicology information about the constituent materials in product.

Uniquely, it then also informs, through its BronzeHEALTH, SilverHEALTH, GoldHEALTH or PlatinumHEALTH tiered HealthRATE™ system, the potential level of healthiness that a product has on humans when correctly installed in clients’ offices or homes – essentially a ‘Healthiness in Use’ Tag so that consumers can also clearly understand the health performance and rating of a product and its actual impact in their home or work environments.

“The GreenTag PHD is a big plus for professional firms working on projects who want to avoid health risks for end users and will now benefit Korean manufacturers who want increased access and success in sales to such health centric projects,” said Mr Baggs.

Importantly for Korean manufacturers, the GreenTag PHD is widely recognised in the global green building industries, and particularly by the leading green building standards of LEED® (which operates in over 170 countries) and by the health and wellness focused WELL™ rating tools of the International WELL™ Building Institute.


For manufacturers in South Korea who are ready to certify their products under the Global GreenTag Certification Standard, please contact at IGSC:

Hanbi Kim – Research Engineer
Phone Direct: +82 (0)2 858 4321
Fax : +82 (0)504 225 6437
Address: 403-5, 4F, 36, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08381, Republic of Korea

Join conference to learn about building a resilient future fit supply chain!

Akolade’s 5th Annual Supply Chain Innovation Conference, on 26 – 28 May at The Langham Sydney is a must-attend event for supply chain leaders.

Join over 100 of supply chain leaders who are navigating disruption and building an agile and resilient future fit supply chain. Global GreenTag is partnering with the event, so register your place now before it’s too late and SAVE with VIP code GGT50

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear 30+ practical case studies, participate in interactive workshops, see the latest technology solutions and enjoy peer networking – all under one roof!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Global GreenTag Awards Exclusive Mainland China Sales Agency to CBME to Provide Green Building Product Certifications to Chinese Manufacturers Exporting to the World

Media Release – March 24, 2021

The National Building Materials Exhibition and Trade Centre (CBME) the largest agency representing more than 30,000 building materials manufacturers in Mainland China has signed an exclusive Agency Agreement with Global GreenTag International, the Australian based global product certification label to certify and declare healthy, sustainable and ethical building products produced in Mainland China for export to the world.

Last week, a team from Global GreenTag International in Brisbane Australia came together online with delegates from CBME and other stakeholders in Beijing for a signing ceremony to unveil the new agreement that will be of significant benefit to building projects worldwide in the rapidly expanding green building industries and their search for trusted and certified green products.

CBME recently became authorized by the Government led National Development and Reform Commission of China to assist Chinese manufacturers to export abroad, making CBME the executive body of the China Building Materials Alliance for Global Production Capacity Cooperation.

The new agreement means that Global GreenTag’s Product Certification, Declaration and Verification programs will become integral to the new role for CBME who for 64 years have created solutions to help lead, support, and empower Mainland China’s thriving building materials industry. Under their new role, CBME will lead China’s most capable manufactures to properly prepare and certify their sustainable products for export to the world.

Highlighting also the imperative of Mainland China to prevent and control pollution in the region and achieve goals to become carbon neutral, Qu Jiaosheng, Director of CMBE stated that CBME now shoulders the important mission of leading Chinese building materials companies to “go global” and to help break green barriers in Mainland China. Mr Jiaosheng said:

“This cooperation with Global GreenTag International comes at the right time. The carbon neutral target is written into Mainland China’s five-year economic and social development plan. Actively responding to national policies, vigorously promoting green standards to Chinese building materials companies – this will be one of the most important tasks of CBME in the future.”

Mr Jiaosheng added:

“Cooperation with Global GreenTag will not only assist domestic enterprises to obtain international green label certification, we also hope that more foreign companies will obtain China’s GreenTag certifications to enter the Chinese market.”

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International said that Global GreenTag looks forward to its new role with CBME.

“The world is currently facing an important moment, the world is undergoing tremendous changes, and a new generation of products is needed. This cooperation with CBME is also a very important decision for Global GreenTag to explore and work dynamically with the Chinese market,” said Mr Baggs.

Present at the signing ceremony were Ma Qianling, General Manager of the International Capacity Cooperation Department and Mary-Lou Kelly, Managing Director of Global GreenTag International.

Ms Kelly said:

“We are very excited that CBME has brought Global GreenTag International into their family. Mainland China represents a huge percentage of manufacturers on the Earth today and it gives us heart that sustainability is embraced as a leadership imperative in the region and the most important guide stone for the future health and preservation of the environment, wildlife, humanity and the air that we all breathe.”

Dr Judy Luo, Team Leader of Global GreenTag’s Product Assessment Team who has been leading business development for Global GreenTag in Mainland China since 2015 was also present at the signing. Commenting on the landmark agency agreement with CBME, Dr Luo said:

“The Global GreenTag Product Certification Standard is one of the most robust and advanced product certification systems in the world. We are truly ready for the job ahead to help CBME guide the progress of green materials production in Mainland China and serve the rapidly expanding global green building industries. It is also a wonderful opportunity to help educate many more people about the value and importance of accurate and third party certified product information, to legitimise Mainland Chinese manufacturers who are really green and not ‘greenwashing’ and protect the interests of consumers, globally.”

For more information and comment from Global GreenTag International, please contact either David Baggs or Mary-Lou Kelly

David Baggs (CEO & Program Director)


Phone: 1300 669 997  (Australia free call) or   +61 7 3399 9686

Mary-Lou Kelly (Managing Director)


Phone: 1300 669 997  (Australia free call) or   +61 7 3399 9686

For more information and comment from CBME:

Phone: 010-88082316; 010-88082322


Address: 4th Floor, Block C, China Building Materials Building, No. 11 A, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing


Global GreenTag Raises the Bar on Modern Slavery at New York Build – Launching World’s First Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration

Mary-Lou Kelly, Global GreenTag’s Managing Director announced the start of a world first Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration – the Global GreenTag MSD – in New York today at the New York Build Expo where delegates  were invited to become part of a global stakeholder consultation process to ready the Declaration for industry by the end of April 2020.

“The time has come for Modern Slavery to be removed from history,” announced Ms Kelly.

“The Global GreenTag MSD addresses a profound humanitarian problem. It is a thorough scorecard that makes it a prolific risk assessment process that will formally recognize manufacturers who are taking responsibility and accountability for their choices in procurement to help minimize the conditions of Modern Slavery prevailing in global supply chains.”

The Global GreenTag product assessment team led by David Baggs, Global GreenTag International’s  co-founder, Program Director and CEO have made a significant step forwards in developing this first Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration, said Ms Kelly.

As a Product Certification Standard, GreenTag says Ms Kelly has always addressed issues of ethical labour sourcing and social impacts, but, we all got very excited when Government Legislations pertaining to incidences of Modern Slavery first began to roll out in California, then the UK and more recently Australia. We say thank you to Governments who are making this an issue to stamp out. Mandation and legislation are crucial to bring about the depth of changes that we need to see happen.  Hopefully these moves by Governments  will eventually trickle out to give more attention to and increase legislation for protection of  the environment and minimize impacts on our eco systems as well,” says Ms Kelly.

Mary-Lou Kelly Global GreenTag International Managing Director

Speaking at the New York Build Expo at the Javits Center, Ms Kelly delivered an hour long presentation, titled: MODERN SLAVERY 2020 Issue Exploration and Option Generation and was joined by Daniel Huard, the Chief Executive Officer of Global GreenTag Americas. Together, they explained the directions of the GreenTag MSD and the next stages that the Declaration would be undergoing.  Mr Huard who Chaired the day-long Sustainability Summit for New York Build Expo yesterday, said:

“The GreenTag MSD Stakeholder Consultation is now underway and we invite interested parties to become involved. Our timeline is to complete the Stakeholder Consultation phase by April 6th, so that the Declaration is ready for the Construction Industry and all product related industries in the US and globally by the end of April 2020.”

In her presentation, Ms Kelly applied holistic 3S thinking – through Science, Sustainability and Spirituality to engage the New York building industry to consider for themselves the importance of the issue of Modern Slavery and solutions to ensure ethical reporting in global supply chains is more widely embraced. She says:

“Mother Earth is one large ecosystem and people are part of that ecosystem. A first call to action in cleaning up most ecosystems is to eradicate the weeds so that the system can grow and thrive naturally. Modern Slavery is one of these ‘feral elements’, whose presence is eroding and eats at the very core of a fully functioning and ethical society. At its core are various forms of greed, power and corruption. The time has come to expose and take those appropriate actions required to eradicate it.”

Discussing existing solutions to Modern Slavery in Supply Chains through Global Modern Slavery Acts, Governance, Human Rights and Sustainability Standards (mandatory and voluntary) Ms Kelly’s presentation also posed what our next steps as a Global Building Industry could be.

Daniel Huard. Global GreenTag Americas, CEO

Action on Modern Slavery in Construction – are we ready to Act?

Later at New York Build Expo, Ms Kelly and Mr Huard also engaged with other industry leaders in a panel discussion event, facilitated by Mr Huard, titled: Action on Modern Slavery in Construction – are we ready to Act?

Together with representatives from the International WELL Building Institute, Skanska Construction America, the US Green Building Council and others where Mr Huard asked speakers to discuss how companies can become positive change agents to minimise the continuing existence of modern day slavery occurring in supply chains, providing answers to questions like:

  • What measures are companies and industry practitioners currently taking to address inhumane practices in supply chains that we think only occur in third world countries?
  • How can you be more aware and be preventing incidences of Modern Slavery creeping into the closets of your business?
  • Where is your business positioned – in relation to being responsible through proper reporting to thwart Modern Slavery occurring – up and down supply chains that you engage with?
  • Who are the vigilant bodies that are ready for Modern Slavery reporting and who can empower your business to be more accountable and responsible?

Possibilities of Modern Slavery occurring in supply chains have always been a requirement for assessment of products under the Global GreenTag International Product Certification Standard.

The certification label has been actively involved with a number of interest bodies in recent years to bring stronger focus to the problem of Modern Slavery and was one of the core group of companies that pledged support behind the Australian Human Rights Commission’s call for Modern Slavery legislation in late 2017.

Have your say …

GreenTag MSD Stakeholder Review

For more information about the Global GreenTag MSD and your invitation to participate in the MSD Stakeholder Review Process, please CLICK HERE

Read more about:

BIO: Mary-Lou Kelly

BIO: Daniel A. Huard

BIO: David Baggs

Women in Construction Ambassadors Called to Unite for a Game-Changing Sydney Build Expo 2020

Sydney, 20th January 2020 – Australia’s leading construction, design and infrastructure expo, Sydney Build, is set to host its largest Women in Construction Summit ever, with an impressive line-up of female ambassadors and industry professionals poised to gather at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s Darling Harbour this March.

Over 1,000 women are expected at the free-to-attend summit on March 20, with presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities taking place on the Sydney Build 2020 main stage.

Now in its fourth year, the annual Women in Construction Summit is designed to connect and inspire a traditionally under-represented demographic in the built environment industry, by presenting opportunities for female professionals and students interested in construction, architecture, engineering and design, to progress in their chosen field.

Notable panellists, including Jo Withford, (Project/Contract Manager for Transport NSW), Debora Silva (Assistant Project Manager at Currie & Brown, Australia) and Emrana Sikder (Architect and Associate at Architectus) will address pertinent subjects such as ‘Empowering Women in Construction’, ‘Building WOMEN, not just HOUSES’, and ‘Breaking through the glass ceiling’, as well as the topical issue of the gender pay gap.

Afterwards, the Women in Construction networking event will give professionals and students across all industry sectors, including architecture and urban design, project management, property development, marketing, engineering and construction, the opportunity to connect and grow their industry networks in a supportive environment.

Dominique Gill, Managing Director at Urban Fitouts, mother of three and Sydney Build 2020 speaker, is excited to be involved in the WIC Summit this year.

“In 2016, I took the leap from my role as Project Manager at a major construction firm to make it on my own with Urban Fitouts – challenging the notion that the construction industry is a man’s-world – and I’m proud to say that we now boast a team of 12 full-time staff,” said Ms Gill.

“What I love about the Women in Construction Summit at Sydney Build is the sense of camaraderie and motivation you get from being surrounded by extremely successful, professional women who wear many hats.

“We’re in this together, challenging each other to take our careers to the next level – it’s definitely a support network I could’ve used when first starting out – so I’d encourage any woman in the industry to get involved.”

Becoming a Women in Construction Ambassador is free, and applications can be completed via the Sydney Build 2020 website.

Women in Construction Ambassadors will be given an online platform with their listing and statement on the Sydney Build website, receive a WIC Ambassadors’ badge, first-hand introductions during the networking event and an active role in curating the important questions and topics to be discussed during the summit.

To register for free tickets and to find out more, visit

– ENDS –

For media enquiries, please contact Emily Walsh at Polymer Studios on +61 451 522 772 or

About Sydney Build Expo

Showcasing all the latest infrastructure and construction opportunities in New South Wales, Sydney Build features a large-scale exhibition of 350+ exhibitors across three halls, with over 300 top-level speakers, eight stages with free-to-attend summits and more than 10,000 attendees.

For further information visit the Sydney Build website.

Global GreenTag Leaders Converge at Greenbuild China

Pictured (from left to right) Cricket Liu (Licensee partner of Global GreenTag in Mainland China) Daniel Huard (CEO GlobalGreenTag Americas), Samantha K Allen, (Director International Well Building Institute, Asia) and James Connelly (Vice President, International Living Future Institute)

Greenbuild China this year became the site of Global GreenTag International nurturing new initiatives for its operations in Mainland China and the Americas.  Cricket Liu,  GreenTag’s licensee partner for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan joined forces in Shanghai with Daniel Huard, GreenTag’s CEO of the Americas and together they had talks with teams from a number of the world’s leading green building rating schemes as GreenTag works towards some exciting development to benefit manufacturers throughout Mainland China, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Speaking from his offices in Xiamen, Mr Liu who is also Technical Director of Ecosafene/CASfire, a leading product testing company in Mainland China, says “it was fantastic to join Daniel Huard at Greenbuild.  I have heard a lot about Daniel who introduced me to some very positive and dedicated people from the USGBC who hosted Greenbuild China as well as,  the International Living Future Institute and the International WELL Building Institute.

“The manufacturing market in Mainland China is one of the biggest in the world and I am confident that the Global GreenTag Certification programs have a lot to offer it.  We are very eager to help support the growth of Materials Transparency, green product manufacturing and green building projects in Mainland China and beyond,” said Mr Liu.

Pictured (from left to right) Cricket Liu (GreenTag in Mainland China), Nicole Granath (Novatis Flooring), Daniel Huard (GreenTag Americas) and James Connelly (Vice President, International Living Future Institute)

Daniel Huard, who is also a LEED® Fellow, and an International WELL Building Institute™ WELL Faculty member said:

“The energy and content at Greenbuild China  “was amazing. I was impressed with a whole list of inspiring green initiatives which are happening in this part of the world and it was wonderful to be joined by Cricket Liu.  His background in product and safety testing is highly valuable to GreenTag and it was great to introduce him and our GreenTag offerings to colleagues in Asia. Together we met with some fantastic industry operatives both from Mainland China and others on the global scene concerned with accelerating sustainability globally. It was great to represent GreenTag together and to lay more foundations to establish our Certification Standard as one of the most scientifically advanced product certification systems in the world.”

Pictured (from left to right) Cricket Liu (GreenTag Mainland China), James Connelly (Vice President, International Living Future Institute) and Daniel Huard (GreenTag Americas).

For more information about Global GreenTag Americas, contact Daniel Huard:

Cell: +1 702.604.3359


For more information about the Global GreenTag in Mainland China, contact Cricket Liu:

Mobile: +8613850 006 035


Reduce Repair Reuse Recover Recycle – definitely not a waste of time

Our in-house LCA specialist Nana Bortsie-Aryee, originally from Ghana, weighed in on recycled content in building materials for an industry seminar in Brisbane Australia recently.  The event followed a call for public projects to spend a portion of procurement budgets on recycled materials. The event was staged by Global GreenTag International’s new Industry Partner, the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS).

In association with Lend Lease, the SCSS invited an industry audience of property, construction and infrastructure professionals and suppliers to explore circular economy opportunities with specialists who spoke to the topic: Reduce Repair Reuse Recover Recycle – definitely not a waste of time – a focus that follows a recent announcement by Trevor Evans who is the Member for Brisbane and Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management and seeking agreement from state and territory environment ministers for new targets that will require all states and territories to spend a portion of their procurement budgets on recycled materials for public projects.

Nana, who is part of the Global GreenTag International Product Assessment team, explained how actions to Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recover and Recycle are indeed very much in process by manufacturers whose green product lines have achieved Global GreenTag certifications.  Nana said:

‘In some cases, we have assessed products that are truly innovative in their design and honour the full lifecycle impacts of product production through to end of life and reuse.  Nonetheless,  within GreenTag’s stringent certification processes, we also need to tick boxes to ensure that products meet fit-for-purpose requirements of the industry as well.  Consequently,  there are many products, which have undergone our certification processes and are readily available for the Australian building industry and building industries worldwide to use in place of business as usual products.”

The specialist panel also included Robert Ball, Senior Development Manager –Communities at Lendlease who presented the Yarrabillba sustainable case study and Hayley Jarick, CEO of SCSS who delivered on the questions of why recycling is in the spotlight and the capacity of industries to respond.  All speakers responded variously to a set of questions that included:

  • Why has this become a ‘burning platform’ that desperately requires action?
  • What resource treasurers are hiding in Australia’s trash?
  • Will this be the boost the domestic commercial market for Australian waste needs to scale up and maximise efficiency?
  • Who in the supply chain is set up to enable hitting these targets and who could be ready soon?

The Supply Chain Sustainability School of Australia provides an online learning forum designed to help Australia’s property, construction and infrastructure sectors to improve their knowledge of broad sustainability issues.

The School represents a collaborative approach to developing environmental, social and economic sustainability competencies through the supply chain. It is a free resource, available to any team, client or supplier working in the construction industry, and is part of a continued commitment to lead the industry into a brighter, more sustainable future.  It is a national, not-for-profit initiative, based on the Supply Chain Sustainability School that operates successfully across the UK.

Kingfield Galvanizing makes the 2019 AFR Most Innovative Companies List

Global GreenTag International congratulates Kingfield Galvanizing this month.  The progressive manufacturer whose product Kingfield Galvanizing Hot Dip Galvanized Steel is certified GreenTag LCARate SILVER was honoured to be recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s 2019 Most Innovative Companies by The Australian Financial Review and BOSS magazine.

Pictured above General Manager of Kingfield Galvanizing Stephen Clarke (left) & Chair, Steve Lelli (right) proudly accept the award for achieving the prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and BOSS Magazine

The prestigious annual list is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, in conjunction with a panel of industry expert judges. For the first time in 2019, organisations were ranked directly against their peers across ten industry lists. All lists can be viewed here Most Innovative Companies.

Kingfield Galvanizing ranked 7th on the Property, Construction & Transport list, from over 800 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The judges look at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution, and the level of impact that the innovation has had. Inventium assesses internal elements such as innovation culture, strategy, resources and process, which demonstrate a sustainable and repeatable approach to innovation.

Kingfield Galvanizing is thrilled to be recognised “for our innovation as the first plant in Australia to implement an Environmental Management System and achieve and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Hot Dip Galvanizing. We also made the list thanks to exceptional innovation practices as our EPD enables our customers to contribute to points on Infrastructure Sustainability Rated Projects and Green Star rated commercial construction projects. We are excited about our contribution to the future of sustainable construction and infrastructure development in Australia. Our General Manager, Stephen Clarke captures it best:

“This is the second year that our innovation program has been recognised by the AFR. This year, it’s testament to
our teamwork in developing an Environmental Management System across our business and achieving Australia’s
first Environmental Product Declaration for hot dip galvanizing. Our team is committed to sustainability through
continuous plant and process innovation. This accolade recognises the value Kingfield’s innovation delivers to our
customers in contributing points to Sustainability Rating Tools for leading commercial and infrastructure projects.”

AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List

The Australian Financial Review Most Innovative Companies list (previously the BRW Most Innovative Companies list) is now in its eighth year. The list ranks the most innovative organisations in Australia and New Zealand, and is the only national list of its kind. The list is judged and compiled by Inventium –Australia’s leading innovation consultancy. Inventium uses a unique, scientifically proven approach to help organisations grow through innovation. In 2019, the list comprised of ten industry lists of ten organisations, compiled from over 800 nominations.

“We are thrilled to announce the first ever industry specific Most Innovative Companies list. What
separated the most innovative organisations was the involvement of the customer, the entire way through
the innovation process. Leading innovators also had strong mechanisms in place to recognise the
innovation efforts of their staff.”
Dr Amantha Imber, CEO Inventium

LEED® and USGBC Recognize Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ (the GreenTag PhD™)!

The presence of Global GreenTag LLC, Americas in the US market is set to be enhanced further. The certifier’s Global GreenTag PhD, Materials Transparency Certification Program (reviewed and assessed by the LEED Committee and MR Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been formally recognized within the LEED framework of Rating Systems.  GreenTag’s program is among the most stringent product disclosures in the world, and now noted by LEED and USGBC (US Green Building Council) as a Program that is formally recognized for not only LEED v4.1 but also v4.0, appearing in the next digital updates of the LEED Technical Manuals.

Global GreenTag Americas was launched in the USA last November at the GreenBUILD expo and conference hosted annually by USGBC, the creator of the LEED building certification program.

Thrilled by the USGBC decision, Daniel A. Huard, CEO of Global GreenTag Americas says “USGBC Technical Staff and the TAG did a thorough review and have approved the GreenTag Product Health Declaration for inclusion in the ‘REACH Optimization’ pathway for LEED v4 and LEED v4.1 rating systems’ compliance internationally for The MR Building Product Optimization: Material Ingredients credit Option 2. Bringing the GreenTag PhD to LEED is one of the outcomes that we have been working towards. We were very pleased to read in the USGBC report that our PhD program:

“… builds upon SDS/GHS regulatory reporting and goes further than required by LEED to include the evaluation of process chemistry (in some instances), end use product ingredients, and exposure/risk in the in-use phase. For these reasons, the program exceeds what is required in scope for the LEED Option 1 credit in some ways…”

Joining with Global GreenTag last November to help accelerate sustainability at a product level in the US, Huard warmly acknowledges the work of founders of Global GreenTag International, David Baggs (CEO and International Program Director of Global GreenTagCertTM) and Mary Lou Kelly  (Managing Director) “for their support, ongoing determination and work in leading GreenTag’s Australia based staff to evolve GreenTag’s  product certification protocols, such that they continue to be the best in the world. It is a well-earned validation of the GreenTag Certification Team’s tireless work, who are all very appreciative of USGBC’s decision.”

Following its increased rigor update of late 2018, the 2019 GreenTag PhD now provides content inventory to the 100ppm level, “which equals the most stringent Product Disclosures in the world, says Huard, and for building professionals this means that any question of stringency of content inventory evaluation is more than satisfied for all of GreenTag’s PhD certifications from January 1, 2019 forward.  In addition, all PhDs issued previously will be updated as well to the new protocol by June 30 2019 to ensure that all LEED practitioners can have confidence that where a LEED credit is mentioned on a GreenTag PhD there is formal recognition within LEED of that product’s LEED credit relevance.”

Global GreenTag also is developing a training program and narrative translator documents on the PhD for LEED Project reviewer(s) to insure that the ingredient, amount, role, and hazard for all ingredients present in the final product is made available in one or other of the compliant formats and to efficiently articulate the easiest way to find that data assisting in reviewer determination.

GreenTag Program Director, David Baggs says “we are new to the US but greatly look forward to helping the market better understand our certification protocols, which are based on factual data, detailed science and ISO standards compliance (among others). Understandably for some, while definitely LEED recognized and relevant they are not so familiar. That said,” Baggs adds:

“Our PhDs are unique for other good reasons, in that we take the ingredient hazard flags and through a thorough risk assessment, we eliminate the hard work for green professionals wanting to not only use LEED but also go beyond LEED and understand the actual health impact of the product in use via the ‘GreenTag HealthRATE’ rating. These Health ratings are included on our PhDs, so from the multiple perspectives of LEED compliance, time saving and healthy building creation they are a win-win-win outcome for manufacturers and green professionals, alike.”

Huard says that he is “so proud of Global GreenTag’s collective commitment to materials transparency certifications and particularly its dedication to collaborating with USGBC, WELL™, Green Star® and other global sustainability Ratings Systems to bring about reporting methodologies, which make it easier for our client’s products to be validated compliant and consequentially helping in the review process for LEED Building Certifications.”

Additionally, says Huard, Global GreenTag has begun collaborating with HPDC and others in the product ingredient transparency space to help harmonize the way hazard information is presented following the release of LEED v4.1 “such that LEED MR Building Product Optimization: Material Ingredients credit Option 1 documentation is more consistent for reviewers to find and also ensuring that our PhD certifications along with the collaborators will be accepted without need for a translation document.”

Watch out for GreenTag PhDs as they are updated on,,, and

For more information, contact David Baggs:

Phone: +61 7 3399 9686


CV: David Baggs

CV: Daniel A. Huard


Three Defining Moments in the birth of the Global GreenTag Certification Program

Global GreenTag International CEO and Program Director David Baggs was recently interviewed by the green building directory, network and information sharing platform – Rate It Green.  The story about the genesis and evolution of the Global GreenTag Product Certification Standard and Certification Mark starts here:


If the backstory of the Global GreenTag Certification Program were to be articulated by three defining moments, what would they be?


Actually, there are three easily recalled ‘moments’ each in different time periods that do explain how the Global GreenTag Certification Program came about and evolved.

Firstly, and somewhat broadly from a time period point of view, the genesis of the Standard at a deep level was already emerging during my early career path, which involved nearly 20 years as a passive solar and healthy buildings architect. I had designed over 300-earth wall, green roof and straw bale buildings and more than 35 earth covered buildings in the years before 1995. I guess the first turning point into the domain came when my company and I was appointed, through 1995 and 1996, as Sustainability, Energy, Materials and variously Government and Media Liaison for 10 of the Sydney 2000 Green Olympic Games Venues.

With those project teams, we went on to use Integrative Design Processes to develop and win bids, strategize policy, facilitate sustainability outcomes, audit the projects against their original commitments and report to Government and oversight NGOs. Along the way, I undertook hundreds of mini-Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) and created a number of ‘Designer’s Guides to the Eco-rating of Materials’ documents to assist the architects and engineers for those projects choose the most appropriate sustainable materials for each project.

However, the second and single most defining individual ‘moment’ towards what eventually became Global GreenTag was when my co-founder Mary-Lou Kelly (whose core value is a love of this planet) approached me in 2002 shortly after our businesses joined forces and pointedly asked: “What are you doing with all that LCA product information that you developed for the Olympic Projects?” My response? ”Using it on our projects”… and her reply was “that information is too important to be sitting on our shelves. It needs to be got out, so the broader industry can use it”.


NEW FRONTIERS for Global GreenTag International (GGTI) 2019

By Mary-Lou Kelly – Managing Director
What Global Leadership Direction does GGTI want to take as a business in 2019?

This was a key question we asked ourselves after participating in the 4th Assembly of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya during March 2019, where 100 Environment Ministers,  Advisors and Business Leaders convened to discuss solutions to the current state of the planet, under the framework of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)*.

Global GreenTag International (GGTI) offers key solutions to these current planetary problems we are facing within Sustainable Production and Manufacturing. The assessment of a product’s Life Cycle Impacts (and benefits) provides the data in which we can assess the standard or level of product manufacturing.  It is also through this process of understanding Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), i.e., both Life Cycle Impact Analysis (LCIA) and Life Cycle Benefit Analysis (LCBA), that a manufacturer’s next generation product could be developed or recognised to have less impact, indeed potentially provide cyclic resource, climate, health and/or ecologic benefits . With GGTI having robust, scientific standards, we offer a high level transition platform by which manufacturers can play an even more vital role to begin the journey back to transforming the health of our natural ecosystems that need nurturing and restoration.

What can we now do in parallel with Product Certification?

The deeper question is, how can we together go beyond our own business limitations of ‘casting our marketing nets’ wider into a global market and reaching an expanded audience, which remains fundamental to Business Growth and Opportunities?  What might truly stretch us as a Global Business, and what are we truly willing to take responsibility for in our pursuit of excellence? To be truly Great Leaders who are continually learning we must ‘dig deeper’ and change and restore the very foundations that provide us with the resources that supported our creativity for products in the first instance. Beyond Global Marketing and expansion, GGTI (and its partners) choose to participate in and action the following initiatives:

  • Come together with our science & share our findings and data in an equitable way where we all benefit;
  • Develop new ‘cyclic economy’ and ‘net positive’ product metrics like LCARate™ and LCBA;
  • Develop world first certification types and unique transparency reporting for products;
  • Influence national policy and legislation with these findings to support decision making at its highest governance level. This would best be done as a collective; and, in addition to this
  • Action a NEW GLOBAL PROJECT that Global GreenTag International (GGTI) is launching around a concept called Earth Jurisprudence – defined as ‘law and human governance that is based on the fact that humans are only one part of a wider community of beings and that the welfare of each member of that community is dependent on the welfare of the Earth as a whole’.  The GGTI project involves specifically; Restoration of the Natural Ecosystems and the Legacy of the Protection of the Rights of Nature with the aim of having this written into Constitutional and International Law.

GGTI’s very original intent has always been  the protection and preservation of the planet’s natural ecosystems and now GGTI will endeavour to fulfil that mission with this New Global Project.

What goes beyond our own global marketing?

Going forward, our intention is to share and work as a collective to enact change and to restore the very life force that sustains us all. A life force that has provided us all with the energy to be as creative as we are today in what we can and do manufacture.

As the United Nations slogan rightly says… We are all in this together, we truly are, and if we can partner and work together I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS.  From Business as Usual Products, LCA/LCBA, Circular Economy, and Net Positive Ecosystems/Biodiversity to Earth Jurisprudence, these are the five rings of the Ecological Olympics, and we here at GGTI are embracing the full life cycle of the manufacturing and production of products. We are deepening and expanding our Global Service and Legacy and we want to inspire you to do the same and invite you to work with us for the Love of this Beautiful Planet and its Future.

Enjoy your amazing day gifted to you by the Natural Systems.

~ Mary-Lou

* The UN 17 SDG’s outlines a comprehensive Planetary Strategic Plan till 2030


MARY-LOU KELLY Managing Director Mary-Lou Kelly co-founded Global GreenTag International with CEO and Program Director David Baggs and the Global GreenTagCertTM green product rating and ecolabel program, which was Australia’s first ACCC approved Certification Mark in the green building sector.

Mary-Lou is also CEO and Co-founder of Ecospecifier Global, a service that she conceptualized in 2002 and remained pivotal in the conception and strategic development of the company, since its launch in 2003 and its subsequent expansion throughout Australasia, Middle East, SE Asia, Sth Africa and China to become one of the world’s most recognised and respected sources for the building industry of eco-product information and sustainability knowledge and the recipient of numerous major awards.  Mary-Lou was the driving organizational and management force behind the creation, formation, financial and other non-technical aspects of Ecospecifier that turned the company into a million-dollar plus turnover business inside six years. The Ecospecifier resource websites went free-to-air in 2011 after eight years to help accelerate the uptake of green materials in the built environment sector.

GLOBAL GREEENTAG Global GreenTag Certifications, Declarations and Verifications take deep scientific health and sustainability assessments and turn them into intuitive product ratings and reports to simplify the A&D and Construction sectors’ green product decisions. Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Americas (Canada, USA and Latin America). Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).

Brett Hazlett Appointed CEO, Global GreenTag Australia & New Zealand

Global GreenTag International proudly announces the appointment of Brett Hazlett to the new position of CEO – Global GreenTag Australia & New Zealand.

Well known to many of our certified product manufacturers in Australia and the world for his specialisation in certification strategies, Brett has worked closely with hundreds of manufacturers to bring their sustainable product lines into the Global GreenTag certification process.

Mary-Lou Kelly, Managing Director of Global GreenTag International says: “The company is expanding fast into new countries and we are very pleased to promote Brett into this new position – he is perfect for the role.”

“Brett understands the landscape well in terms of the needs of manufacturers whose products are ready to undergo the certification pathway, and he has some great ideas on where to help lead and grow the company in Australia and New Zealand in the next few years.”

“Myself and David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International are thrilled that Brett has taken up this position. We both have absolute trust in his experience and abilities.”


Specialised in certification and verification strategies, Brett Hazlett has worked in the green building space for over a decade as a champion for sustainable product manufacturers.  He has helped progressive manufacturers around the world to plan and implement third party assessment pathways for their sustainable product lines.  Particularly for green building products that comply with building rating tools and programs, focused upon reducing environmental footprint and creating safer and healthier environments for people to live and work in,

Brett has always had a passion for the natural world. He was with Global GreenTag when the Global GreenTag Product Certification Standard was launched in 2011, and since 2008, he has also managed Verified Product assessment accounts for Ecospecifier Global, working with manufacturers throughout Australasia, Asia and UAE.


Global GreenTag Certifications, Declarations and Verifications take deep scientific health and sustainability assessments and turn them into intuitive product ratings and reports to simplify the A&D and Construction sectors’ green product decisions.

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Americas (Canada, USA and Latin America). Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).

NSW Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner Hears Global GreenTag’s Plans To Help with Ethical Supply Chain Reporting

At his presentation for the Modern Day Slavery sessions at the National Sustainability Conference in Brisbane today, David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International added to the conversation with a solution for ethical supply chain reporting. In attendance was Professor Jennifer Burn, Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner – NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and Director of Anti-Slavery Australia.

In the photo David is pictured (from left to right) with fellow presenter Alan Dayeh, Managing Principal of Point Advisory, Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner Jennifer Burn and Melanie Yap, Director Social Impact, Ellis Jones.

David opened the session at the Conference, presenting on the topic: Modern Slavery & Ethical Supply Chains: Cost Effective Company Compliance. Alan Dayeh’s topic was Modern Slavery, the ‘Trojan Horse’ for Business and Human Rights and Melanie Yap presented on the topic: Modern Slavery Act – An Opportunity for Innovation and Growth.

Global GreenTag has been in a collaboration with BRE Global from the UK to bring their Ethical Labour Sourcing (ELS) platform ELS-ONLINE to Australia to make cost effective year of year reporting a possibility. David’s paper compared the Modern Slavery Act (NSW) and the National Act in Australia to the UK Act. He shared with the conference how the ELS-ONLINE Portal works and explained how Companies and Professionals will be able engage with the portal.


Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in  the Americas (Canada, North and Latin America), South Africa for Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.  Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International,  EarthCheck®,  Green Star®,  LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and are compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).

Global GreenTag International Addressing Modern Slavery & Ethical Supply Chain Compliance at National Sustainability Conference

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International is presenting solutions for cost effective compliance around Modern Slavery and Ethical Supply Chains to companies next week in Brisbane at the National Sustainability Conference.

Following NSW and the Federal Governments having enacted Modern Slavery Legislation, Modern Slavery reporting is now or will shortly be, required for companies with turnover in excess of $50 million and $100 million respectively. Both pieces of legislation draw heavily from the UK Legislation introduced 5 years ago.

Global GreenTag has been in a collaboration with BRE Global from the UK to bring their Ethical Labour Sourcing (ELS) platform ELS-ONLINE to Australia to make cost effective year of year reporting a possibility.  Just returned from the UK and Europe, David comments:

“We are strongly pushing ahead to ensure that we can provide a trusted and proven service in Modern Slavery reporting for the Australian market.”

David’s paper for the National Sustainability Conference on April 2 will be comparing the Modern Slavery Act (NSW) and the National Act in Australia to the UK Act.  He will demonstrate how the ELS-ONLINE Portal works and discuss how Companies and Professionals can engage with the portal.

More information about the National Sustainability Conference, visit their website:



Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in  the Americas (Canada, North and Latin America), South Africa for Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.  Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International,  EarthCheck®,  Green Star®,  LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and are compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).


Another WELL™ Feature for Global GreenTag PhD™

Under the WELL v2 program, Global GreenTag certification appears to be the first and only,  Non-USA certification that is currently recognised for the WELL Building Standard™ ‘Equivalencies’ under the program’s recently added FEATURE X13: Enhanced Material Precaution.

WELL™ Feature X13 is another detailed human and environmental protection item for projects registered to pursue and achieve WELL Certification.  WELL is designating a maximum value of 2 points to buildings that fulfill the new Feature,  introduced to:  ‘Minimize the impact of hazardous building material ingredients on indoor air quality,  protect the environment and health of workers and help support the demand for safer chemical alternatives.’

The additional FEATURE will be a great plus for Global GreenTag products that are formally recognised already by WELL™ FEATURES 4, 11, 26 and 97 under the Global GreenTag PhD or *Product health Declaration certification tool, which recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100% transparency the toxicity information of their products.

Commenting,  David Baggs,  Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director says  ‘we welcome this new Feature from WELL.  It aligns firmly with our own certification system that is grounded in transparency and equally focuses upon cautionary concerns.”

“We strongly agree with WELL that ‘the vast quantity and variety of chemicals flowing through the global economy makes the task of tracing possible environmental and human health extremely difficult ’

“With FEATURE X13 we hope that more pressure in this area will be applied because it draws timely attention to a critical need to restrict the use of hazardous ingredients in building materials.  It also helps for tougher product certification measures to be more widely supported and for projects to pay attention to certification schemes like Global GreenTag that are effectively helping to differentiate for safer product alternatives.”

As WELL™ states in positioning the new Feature X13,  screening and certification schemes that: “restrict the use of hazardous ingredients in building materials—those that are environmental contaminants and/or pose human health hazards—can help improve indoor air quality and mitigate the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances.”

And, conversely,  those “that promote safe environmental and health attributes through the restriction of ingredients known to be environmental or health hazards help to increase the demand for safer alternatives, protect public health and enable market transformation.”

Global GreenTag agrees on both these points.

The GreenTag PhD™ is a first of its kind in the world product health certification tool that among other things, recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100% transparency the toxicity information of their products.


* Of added interest for manufacturers thinking about a GreenTag PhD: GreenTag is now also offering a sequence of HealthRATE™ TAGS that make visible a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum ‘Healthiness in Use’ rating under a unique new HealthRATE™ system – designed to enable consumers and all end users make quick, safe, reliable and healthy product choices. 

Read more about Global GreenTag HealthRATE™

Global GreenTag International Launches Collaborative Partnership with Eurofins Scientific in Mainland China

Global GreenTag International has joined forces with the state-of-the art product testing facility of Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of testing giant Eurofins Scientific, to build a number of joint initiatives to help drive Mainland China’s march towards greater sustainability  

 “The GreenTag team, represented by Ecosafene in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is very excited to be now working with Eurofins Testing Technology,” says David Baggs, Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director.

“As Industry Partners with Eurofins, we shall be building a greater presence in the region by way of both marketing and educational initiatives to help drive a higher level of product testing and certification to meet the region’s rapidly growing demands for more stringent quality, safety and health standards.”

Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) has one of the most sophisticated testing facilities in the world as a subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific, which has more than 400 laboratories in 44 countries. Globally, the testing giant offers a portfolio of over 150,000 analytical method services for evaluating the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin and purity of biological substances and products, including for advanced material sciences and for supporting speciality clinical diagnostic testing.

The Eurofins facility in Shenzhen is capable of conducting heavy metal residue testing, substance testing, textile fit for purpose testing and small chamber VOC testing in accordance with Global GreenTag’s Standard requirements. The Shenzhen facility soon will also have on stream a cutting edge facility for large chamber VOC testing as well.

Cici XU, Senior Sales Supervisor for Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) says:

“Eurofins is grateful for this industry co-operation with Global GreenTag International. It means Global GreenTag’s recognition of Eurofins’ testing ability. We also believe that the Eurofin’s testing capability will help manufacturers to apply for Global GreenTag certification.”

Mary-Lou Kelly, Managing Director of Global GreenTag International adds that the partnership with Eurofins is a significant step for Global GreenTag.

“We are making strides in our mission to help support progressive, green focused manufacturers to achieve greater recognition for their products and it is exciting to be on the ground in Mainland China where some fantastic sustainability initiatives are being explored and implemented.”

Eurofins Testing Technology will be promoting Global GreenTag certification services at various expos, events and seminars throughout Mainland China, as well as arranging for manufacturers with GreenTag certified products, either based or producing in Mainland China or exporting into the region to be provided with Eurofin’s specialised services to ensure the testing requirements of their products are fully covered.

For more information about certifying products with Global GreenTag in Mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, please contact Cricket Liu

For more information about Eurofins in Mainland China, please contact Cici XU, Senior Sales Supervisor, Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen).

To enquire further about accessing green building projects globally with GreenTag certification, please contact Dr Judy Luo

Daniel Huard Appointed CEO of Global GreenTag Americas

Pictured, left to right, David Baggs - CEO & Program Director, Global GreenTag International (GGTI), Daniel Huard (CEO, Global GreenTag Americas), Mary-Lou Kelly - Managing Director, GGTI and Brett Hazlett - Global Certification Strategist, GGTI

Global GreenTag International is proud to announce the appointment of Daniel Huard as CEO of Global GreenTag Americas.  Daniel is one of the most accomplished sustainability practitioners, experts and advocates in the US green building industry today – a significant player who is not only a global LEED Fellow, Daniel was also elevated in November to the International WELL™ Building Institute’s WELL Faculty.

David Baggs, Global GreenTag International’s CEO and Program Director says: “We are delighted to have Daniel on board to lead the way for us in the Americas. His body of work is extraordinary, he is a true disruptor and doer in the sustainability space. His accomplishments have earned him a prestigious position as one of 283 LEED Fellows on the planet in addition to a dozen other professional designations, which now also includes his exciting new appointment to the WELL Faculty, a great honour to Daniel’s work and also for Global GreenTag International whose certification standard is formally recognised by WELL globally.”

Daniel’s appointment as CEO of Global GreenTag Americas was first announced when Global GreenTag International launched its services into the Americas (Canada, North and Latin America) at the 2018 USGBC GREENBUILD Expo in Chicago. He is affectionately known in US green building industry circles as the ‘Godfather of Sustainability.’ Backed with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, a Bachelors in Architecture, a Masters of Architecture and Masters of Urban Planning, Daniel has contributed to numerous US domestic and international High‐Performance Building, Sustainable and Restorative Development projects.

Of his new appointment as CEO of Global GreenTag Americas, Daniel says:

“I am proud, honoured and humbled to be overseeing the rollout of Global GreenTag Americas. It is the Impact Opportunity I have been looking for – a long time.  I am now able to directly support organisations who are designing and manufacturing the best sustainable products in the world today concurrently with those designing, constructing and certifying the greenest buildings on the Planet. I am also honoured to be now a member of the IWBI WELL Faculty, providing additional education, support and advocacy beyond what I was able to do as a WELL AP.

“My interests with WELL and healthier places for people align perfectly with the work that Global GreenTag International has invested in to enhance the role of health in its certification systems. In essence and practice, the Global GreenTag Standard is beautifully aligned to the vision and mission of WELL.  It is going to be an exciting journey to see how much further we can go to champion and help accelerate and mainstream the uptake of certified, healthier products in the market – that’s certainly one of our goals!”

Where he would like to help take Global GreenTag, Daniel says:

“Assuming this leadership role for Global GreenTag Americas builds further on my work to improve the built environment. This role allows me to help to contribute further to the healthy materials dialog and the necessary improvement to product transparency that benefits everyone”

Daniel currently is a member of the USGBC’s LEED Technical Committee, having contributing to the development of LEED v4, more recently the beta version of LEED v4.1 and planned future LEED V5 Standards. He is also Chairperson of the LEED Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group.

Mary-Lou Kelly, Managing Director of Global GreenTag International who also welcomed Daniel to the business in Chicago last month says “Daniel is a force to be reckoned with. His hands-on expertise and accumulative knowledge in the field of sustainable development is going to serve Global GreenTag International for many years to come. Most importantly, Daniel has a sustainability heart as big as a whale and our corporate team is very much looking forward to working with Daniel to open up Global GreenTag International certification services to some very big markets in the Americas.”


Daniel’s body of work and advocacy in green building goes back over 20 years – and beyond.  He started as an Engineer with General Motors Environmental Compliance Reporting in 1989 and has continued this dedication and focus with every organization desirous of demonstrating environmental leadership since.

In 1998, Daniel drilled down his passion for green development, becoming a Founding Principal of Humann Building Solutions, a registered Professional Engineering firm in which he has led restorative development work on diverse specialty purpose facility projects to design and construct buildings and infrastructure for improved sustainability, efficiency and operability. His global project expertise includes offices, resort and hospitality buildings, government facilities, museums, cultural, education facilities and sustainable improvements to historical restorations and landmarks.

Beyond providing Executive and Operational Level Program Management, Facilitation, Planning, Project Management and Administration, since 2001 Daniel has also served as a Corporate and Organizational Governance Expert, incorporating Organizational Best Practices into Leadership, Organizational, Operational Structure and Strategic Planning. He has provided his professional expertise in sustainability to numerous international events as well, including Greenbuild, WaterBuild, Living Future unConference, WaterSmart Innovations, Advanced Energy Conference, Energy Management Congress, CAPAC and Global Gaming Expo to name a few.

Daniel also has an ongoing commitment to mentoring, service and leadership within the green building industry, contributing in an ongoing basis to the National Fenestration Council, International WELL Building Institute, Association of Energy Engineers, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air‐Conditioning Engineers, USGBC Nevada, USGBC Western Regional Council and USGBC National and as well founded the Las Vegas Valley Living Building Challenge Collaborative serving as Nevada’s inaugural ILFI Ambassador.

In addition, Daniel has also served as a former League of Indian Nations of North America Ambassador to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, where he focused on international sustainability programs, social and educational programs and native rights recognition and advocacy.

Beyond his professional degrees in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering and urban planning, Daniel holds multiple other professional accreditations including: LEED AP O+M as well as LEED AP BD+C from Green Business Certification Inc. and was elevated to LEED Fellow in 2017, PMP from Project Management Institute, Living Future Accredited from International Living Future Institute, GGA, GGP and GPCP from Green Building Initiative, WELL AP and WELL Faculty from the International WELL Building Institute in addition to ASHRAE Commissioning Process Management Professional.


Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and will be soon launching in the USA.  Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).

DesignBUILD Report flags supply chain sustainability and tightening regulations around product compliance as core issues for buyers and specifiers in Australian construction

Global GreenTag International features in the analysis and evaluation of a new report by DesignBUILD and Diversified Communications Australia, which has released a 2018 study titled ‘An Insight Into The Ever-Changing Specifier Buying Cycle … Current Market Trends and Future Challenges. The hot issues uncovered in the survey represent a serious call for product regulations and compliance, sustainability across the entire supply chain and an increase in focus on technology to drive project efficiency and collaboration. The needs of customers also was highlighted as having ‘the greatest influence’ on product specification and buying and so was ‘trust’. .

According to the main conclusions of the 2018 report, the first core issue affecting the industry is a call to tighten regulations around product compliance,  “This is an important finding, which indeed highlights the need to protect the industry from using unknown, potentially unsafe, uncertified or unverified products in building projects,” says David Baggs, Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director, who is cited in the Report’s commentary sections.

All data for the report was gathered by DesignBUILD through its survey of architecture, design and construction professionals who attend the DesignBUILD exhibition, which is held biennally in Sydney and Melbourne. The respondent sample provides clear insight into the thinking behind industry professionals, particularly in the buying process, and where they are paying attention: The most significant responses from the survey reveal:

  • 94% identify as being involved in the product specification process.
  • 71% source their product information from trade shows.
  • 63% believe imported products have a negative impact in the market.
  • 45% expect there to be a change in the way products are specified over the next 3-5 years.

However, a strong finding in the Report, was the call by industry for sustainability across the entire supply chain, indicating an important need to access products and materials that they can trust.  The term sustainability,  in fact, is mentioned a total of 43 times in the 22 page report and certainly highlights that sustainability and by implication a cleaner supply chain is important.  However, what this will take also resides with the Australian industry,  David Baggs comments within the Report:

“Sustainability is often considered an extra cost. But in our experience comparable quality, highly rated and sustainably certified ‘fit for purpose’ products are often competing in the marketplace head to head on cost, with little cost difference. Generally only if quality is sacrificed are cost savings possible, and the flammable cladding debacle is an example of where that path leads.”

In the Report Summary, Jamie Butler-Underwood, DesignBUILD Event Manager also refers also to the responsibility of the industry to uphold standards, stating: :

“There is an evident need for defining regulations over what constitutes product conformance and compliance and where the ultimate responsibility lies across the design and build process to meet standards.  It is evident from the comments in the report that there is concern around products being re-specified during the build process and how this can compromise the design, performance and therefore compliance of a product or project.”  

“Trusting product from both domestic and overseas suppliers or manufacturers is in line with Australian standards and seems to be an ongoing issue for those involved in the specification process and will be a significant challenge to address in building regulation reform”

Ultimately,  what is driving the market the most in product specification and selection, the Report finds are customers.  They have the greatest influence on decision making, while product source and quality and customer preference and product availability also rate highly.

Access to product information was another featured finding of the Report and it was interesting to note that 59% of survey respondents “see product reviews as an important source of information …  however, only 41% said they trust product reviews ‘fairly well’ and that “product reviews from established publications and websites are seen to be more reputable than other sources such as social media.”

The DESIGNBUILD 2018 REPORT  findings came from a diverse cross section of professionals directly involved in the Australian building industry. The survey representation comprised:.

  • 30% Architecture
  • 22% Residential Construction
  • 16% Design
  • 13% Commercial Construction

Sectors in which respondents operated:

  • 63% residential
  • 28% retail
  • 22% corporate
  • 21% education.


Modern Slavery Act – What Are You Doing About It?

Following the anticipated enactment of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act and in light of the enactment of the New South Wales Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2018, legislation is already a reality for companies operating in NSW.  Global GreenTag International CEO and Program Director David Baggs says: “the torch light has already been turned on – and it’s really time to do something about understanding the Act and its expectations, fully.”

David is to take a platform later this month in Sydney by invitation from leaders of the Design Futures Council  (DFC) and DesignIntelligence Australia to help bring the realities of the Act forward at a public function.  The event on August 21st  – Sustainable Supply Chains – Fighting Modern Slavery will deal directly with what Modern Slavery legislation means for the business community and especially the built environment sector that is the dominant dealer in the global supply chain.

David will join lead speaker Scott Alden, Partner and procurement expert with law firm Holding Redlich, Sally Irwin, Managing Director of The Freedom Hub and Alexia Lidas, Managing Director of the Design Futures Council and a board member of the Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA) to examine the modernisation of the supply chain, covering:

  • What modern slavery is
  • Modern Slavery in Australia – it exists
  • An overview of the legislation
  • Predictions on the implications for future contracting
  • What material and products have had modern slavery traced in the supply chain?
  • How to get verified?

As an early responder to the Modern Slavery Act – Global GreenTag was one of the core group of companies that pledged support behind the Australian Human Rights Commission’s call for Modern Slavery legislation in late 2017.  The company moved quickly to bring the successful Ethical Labour Sourcing tool designed by BRE in the UK to develop a new company assessment tool for Australia that will serve all kinds of businesses to help eliminate possibilities of trafficking or slavery in product supply chains and aid tracking and reporting.

“It is already something Global GreenTag has done at a product level – but now we can support companies, verifiers and the industry in general to engage with the new legislation in as cost efficient a manner possible,” says David.

Alexia Lidas from DFC says “an out of sight, out of mind mentality to the legislation is no longer an option … we have a moral obligation to ensure we are not unconsciously supporting modern slavery.” Plus, she adds, companies need to do a closer reading of the legislation because it won’t only be targeting companies making $50 million plus revenue to provide Modern Slavery Statements, this is a misconception.

“The legislation has been designed so that the mandated formal reporting is undertaken by entities that can carry the burden of additional admin, and are assumedly procuring larger amounts, making them the best focus area. However, they can be penalised for the activity of firms within their supply chain- meaning that although their immediate practices could be squeaky clean, if they have purchased from a firm which has modern slavery in their supply chain- they can be penalised. This domino effect means that each firm has a part to play in ensuring that the supply chain is free of modern slavery – irrespective of their turn-over.”

Procurement expert, Scott Alden, Partner at Holding Redlich also predicts how this might play out in future contracts, adding:

“This will become an increasingly common feature of commercial contracts requiring parties to monitor and address risks of modern slavery in their supply chains.  With penalties of over $1 million dollars for non-compliance with these new laws, we can expect to see specific indemnities where one party causes another to suffer a fine in relation to its Modern Slavery Statement”.

Global GreenTag’s development of the BRE Ethical Labour Sourcing (ELS) Standard will enable Australian companies to engage more confidently with the Modern Slavery legislation, using the Standard to self-assess or to submit to a more robust level using a third party verification process, which GreenTag will assess to provide assurance of their responsible and ethical business practices and provide a maturity pathway for continuous improvement.

The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard specifies the requirements for organisational management to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of ethical labour sourcing as part of a holistic framework. The framework comprises criteria for evaluating the maturity of the performance of the organisation under twelve issues. The overall verification is not based on an aggregation of the levels of maturity in these issues, but is based on a commitment to improve through an agreed set of objectives.

If you would like to attend this event and find out more, please register HERE


Sustainable Supply Chains -Fighting Modern Slavery


Tue. 21 August 2018


6:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEST


Holding Redlich, 65/19 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000


The Design Futures Council (DFC) is a DesignIntelligence gathering of development, architecture, design, engineering, construction, product, and technology leaders who explore global trends, challenges, and opportunities to advance innovation and shape the future of architecture, engineering, construction (A/E/C) and design. Each year the DFC convenes summits on issues of strategic importance to leaders: technology and applied innovation, collaboration, education and talent, sustainability, and the business of design.

The DFC is committed to supporting the A/E/C community by providing information and understanding of trends and future issues. The Council creates context in which leaders from member firms can work with one another—as well as leading thinkers from outside industries—to tackle complex challenges and opportunities in A/E/C.



Managing Director of Global GreenTag Returns Inspired From The UN HLPF

Global GreenTag International Managing Director Mary-Lou Kelly has returned from a two week visit to the United Nations.  Mary-Lou says that she is inspired and ready to hit the ground running to help plan out certification strategies to help support the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

Passionate about SDG # 12 – Sustainable Consumption and Production – Mary-Lou says that she is now looking forward to pushing this agenda with Global Manufacturing.

At the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on UN Sustainable Development in New York City,  Mary-Lou attended a packed series of important presentations and assemblies, focusing where Global GreenTag can put its strengths as a world leading product certifier to service the goals of the 193 countries that have pledged to meet the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030.

This year’s HLPF theme was Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.

Mary-Lou reports that the total of 17 Sustainaable Development Goals that were presented before the assembly will be a major driver to effect the changes that are needed and Global GreenTag,  she adds, is in a prime position to being part of the solution for the 193 countries who are committed to pursue SDGs in their countries by 2030. 

At some level, the product certification work of Global GreenTag has impact on all 17 SDGs and more direct influence on goals SDG12, SDG11, SDG9 and SDG8.

Mary-Lou also took special time out to participate with other informal UN meetings that she is involved with outside of Global GreenTag.  These included a meeting with the Secretary General of the World Federation of United Nations Association – Bonian Golmohammadi and delegates from other United Nations Association countries to share what has been happening in local territories.

Mary-Lou is pictured here with (from left to right) Pablo Angulo (WFUNA Sustainable Development Officer), Torleif Jonasson (Danish UNA), Peter Wollaert (UNA Belgium), Mary-Lou Kelly (UNA Australia), Jenni Kauppila (UNA Finland), Emil Chireno (UNA Dominican Republic) and Bonian Golmohammadi (WFUNA Secretary-General).

Global GreenTag International Partners with BRE to roll out Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard for Australia

Global GreenTag International is moving quickly to help activate Australia’s first ever Modern Slavery Act with the development of a new company assessment tool for Australia that will help to eliminate possibilities of trafficking or slavery in product supply chains and aid tracking and reporting.

In partnership with BRE, the UK based, international, multi-disciplinary building science centre, Global GreenTag International is developing a localised version of BRE’s pioneering Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard (ELS) and associated product assessment process – ahead of the anticipated enactment of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act and in light of the enactment of the New South Wales Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2018.

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director for Global GreenTag said, “Global GreenTag is partnering with BRE to bring a mature ELS tool to Australia at a time when Modern Slavery legislation has been enacted in NSW and is likely to be introduced federally later this year or next year. We have been engaging with BRE from the time that we formally supported the Australian Human Rights Commission’s call for Modern Slavery legislation in late 2017. It is already something Global GreenTag does at a product level and we want to be able to support companies, verifiers and the industry in general to engage with the new legislation in as cost efficient a manner possible. This collaboration will certainly do that.”

Nigel Jones, Team Leader – Sustainable Products at BRE said “The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard for Australia will enable any organisation to demonstrate to customers, partners and other stakeholders, their commitment to eliminating any possibility of trafficking or slavery in their supply chain. It will enable companies to go beyond compliance with the outlined reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 which was introduced to the Australian Parliament at the end of June”.

The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard has been created to recognise those who wish to seek third party assurance of their responsible and ethical business practices and provide a maturity pathway for continuous improvement.

The Standard specifies the requirements for organisational management to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of ethical labour sourcing as part of a holistic framework. The framework comprises criteria for evaluating the maturity of the performance of the organisation under twelve issues. The overall verification is not based on an aggregation of the levels of maturity in these issues, but is based on a commitment to improve through an agreed set of objectives.

Participation in the standard can be achieved through self-assessment or to a more robust level using third party verification through the easy-to-use online ELS platform.

David Baggs (left) signs agreements with Shamir Ghumra, Director of BREEAM and Sustainable Products at BRE in the UK last month – to develop the Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard (ELS) for Australia and for the Licence to enable BRE to deliver the Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ or GreenTag PhD™ program for construction products in the UK and Western Europe.


Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Malaysia. Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).

For further information, about Global GreenTag, or to organise an interview with David Baggs, please contact Debra Robertson by email: or by phone: 1300 263 586 or mobile: 0412 589 588

BRE Building a better world together is an international, multi-disciplinary, building science centre with a mission to improve buildings through research and knowledge generation. We are owned by a charity called the BRE Trust, which is the largest single funder of education and research for the built environment. We use our cutting edge collaborative research to develop a range of digital products, services, standards and qualifications that are adopted around the world to bring about positive change in the built environment.

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