Rainforest Trust Attracts Support From Green Product Certifier – Global GreenTag International

Global GreenTag International has stepped up its commitment to help protect the world’s endangered rainforests, wildlife habitats and natural resources. It has become an official sponsor of the U.S. based conservation, non-profit organisation, Rainforest Trust, as part of the Trust’s Conservation Program.

Global GreenTag is one of the most advanced certification companies in the world with a strong focus on providing transparent and scientifically backed information about green building products that professionals globally can trust to help alleviate serious environmental impacts and create healthier and greener built environments.

Founding directors of Global GreenTag, Mary-Lou Kelly and David Baggs, this week said that they are honoured to position Global GreenTag as a proud sponsor and supporter of Rainforest Trust activities, which in Australia recently included the purchase of a further nine properties to protect endangered wildlife in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest. The biodiversity of rainforests is critical for the future of the whole planet to protect and preserve, they said, so we are taking this new role very seriously as product manufacturing can have big impacts on the environment, if it is not done responsibly.

The initiatives of the Rainforest Trust are closely aligned with that of Global GreenTag, says David Baggs, who is also Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director.  “It is a dire situation. We need to help protect the earth’s rainforests and wildlife habitats where nearly 70,000 acres of rainforests are being destroyed every day, and sadly pushing more animals to the brink of extinction.”

“As a certifier of green products, we put eco-systems high on the agenda, especially the world’s rainforests.  Manufacturers must be accountable for what they take from it and what they do to it.  Rainforests are the lungs of the planet, they help to regulate the earth’s temperature and weather patterns; they offer such rich resources from food to medicine and are home to increasingly threatened wildlife species as well as indigenous communities.”

“We want to assure consumers and professional product buyers that certified green and more environmentally sensitive product options are available, compared with non-certified products that we don’t know anything about – from where they are sourced to how they are made and how they are disposed of.”

Since 1988, the Rainforest Trust has helped safeguard over 18 million acres of wildlife habitat around the world. By working with in-country partners and communities to identify ecosystems that are home to the planet’s most threatened species, the Trust has helped create over 100 protected areas across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Global GreenTag International, which has offices in Australia, Mainland China/Taiwan and Hong Kong, South Africa and Malaysia, is dedicated to helping to raise awareness of progressive manufacturers who are helping to lessen impacts on the environment. The Global GreenTag Cert TM certification standard places emphasis on the need to disclose information about the whole life cycle of a product from beginning to end use.

For more information about Global GreenTag, or to organise an interview with David Baggs or Mary-Lou Kelly, please contact Debra Robertson, marketing@globalgreentag.com or by phone:  1300 263 586

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