Keeping Your Information Private While Going Transparent

As a rigorous certification body, Global GreenTag is fully compliant with international standards of organisation to protect the information of manufacturers who make the decision to have their progressive product and manufacturing processes assessed, rated and certified.

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd and its related country licensed companies are committed to providing quality services to manufacturers and  maintaining strict systems to safeguarding all information provided, says Shloka Ashar, Lead Assessor with the Global GreenTag Certification Team, and this includes a Privacy Policy that is in place also to protect the personal information that Global GreenTag obtains via its website and newsletter subscription services but also as required by manufacturers and sales or consulting associates who are engaged within or around the Global GreenTag certification program.

Global GreenTag adopts National Privacy Principles, which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988. These principles govern the way in which all Global GreenTag staff, including the assessment team employ to collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of Personal Information.  The information is primarily used to provide services, updated information and relevant news that may be of interest.

“We run a very tight ship at GreenTag,” says Shloka. “We take our responsibility to both assess and rate products, to protect sensitive industrial information and also personal information very seriously.  As a certification body, we must uphold standards constantly.”

Global GreenTag Program Director and CEO David Baggs adds to this, “Manufacturers that submit confidential data for assessment and individuals providing contact details can be assured their IP and information is safe with Global GreenTag. We retain data storage off site in one of the most digitally secure IT environments on the planet. Data is fully ‘next level’ encrypted and secure from the moment of inception, during transfer and while stored, meaning data is most likely safer on our servers than on yours’,” he said.