Global GreenTag PHD™ UPDATE for WELL v2, Green Star ‘Buildings’ and LEED v4.1 Credits

The Certification Program for Global GreenTag CertTM  Building, Interiors & Infrastructure Rating Tool and Schemes has been updated to correct an issue that is relevant for certified products that have also been awarded with a Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration (PHD™).

An issue recently detected by GreenTag’s internal Quality Management System found a misnaming of PHDs assessed for alignment under the International WELL™ Building Institute Pilot Features program as being compliant with WELL v2 Feature credits and this is incorrect.

All records in our Rating Tool Compliance Document are now up to date to reinforce these recognitions and compliance distinctions between PHDs assessed during the WELL Pilot Program and those later for WELL v2 and up to date with credits for WELL v2, Green Star ‘Buildings’ and LEED v4.1.

Information on PHD certificates published on our websites also have been updated to correctly report their compliance and credits with WELL v2, GreenStar® ‘Buildings’ and LEED® v4.1

For further enquiries and clarification about your PHD product certificates, please contact Global GreenTag’s Product Assessment Team Leader – Dr Nana Bortsie-Ayree

Email –  Phone – 1300 263 586 | +61 7 3399 9686