The Nature Positive Roundtable – All Welcome!

Delwyn Jones, Founder and Director of Sustainability Assessment at The Evah Institute has made time and will be presiding over our first Global GreenTag International Open Roundtable this coming Wednesday, November 17.   The Roundtable follows Delwyn’s presentation recently on the subject of ‘Nature Positive’ and solutions through Life Cycle Benefits Analysis (LCBA).  We now invite people to join us to voice their ideas and dialogue with Delwyn and each other about reaching for gains beyond zero loss, as she suggests to help build cases for regenerative development and guide a stronger Nature Positive direction for their own companies.

The session will be facilitated by Brett Hazlett, Global GreenTag’s Business Development and Global Sales Strategist, who will be engaging YOU in this discussion and also be joined by other members of the Global GreenTag team, including Managing Director Mary-Lou Kelly, David Baggs CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag CertTM  and Lead Product Assessor, Business Development Africa and LCA specialist Dr Nana Bortsie-Ayree.

The Evah Institute is a close associate of Global GreenTag, working with us on moving the boundaries of product assessment with GreenTag’s advanced certification program, LCARate™.  Delwyn has presented papers with us at international forums like SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) to push beyond zero loss by introducing LCBA to see and measure gains for Nature Positive and Circular Economy processes. 

Delwyn creates globally adopted sustainability benchmarks, databases, guidelines, specifications and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). With Evah, she introduced the world’s first cradle to grave EPDs reporting damages and benefits using Evah2020 LCBA methods.

Her global firsts include quantifying whole-life net-positive-carbon building and piloting construction-sector, virtual-modelling LCA software for KPMG’s Head Office in Holland and for Stanford University in the US.

In an Australian first, Delwyn was the LCA Auditor to the Olympic Coordination Authority and NSW Supply for green procurement contracts. Other national firsts include LCA of products, public buildings, infrastructure, EPDs and the brief that achieved the first 5-star Greenhouse rated building in Australia. Delwyn was a BHP Research Scientist for 15 years and Principal Scientist for Queensland Public Works Built Environment Research for 16 years.


‘The Nature Positive Roundtable’

Wednesday, November 17 at 3pm – Brisbane  (4pm Daylight Savings Time)



The Evah Institute aims to visualise, communicate and achieve climate and wildlife secure futures by enabling hope, inspiration and capacity amongst people so they are able to quantify, model and support carbon drawdown and regenerative development.

To enable companies achieve these ends, Evah associates develop new eco-profiling methods, including novel carbon drawdown rules and methods and life cycle assessment to quantify gains beyond environmental damage.  READ MORE ABOUT THE EVAH INSTITUTE


Global GreenTag International provides Type 1 (third party) product certification, declaration and verification programs for manufacturers with exemplar green product lines in building materials, interiors, personal care and cleaning products.

Using Global GreenTag CertTM (one of the most scientifically advanced, product certification standards in the world) Global GreenTag simplifies the selection of environmentally sustainable, healthy and ethical products for industries like Architecture, Design and Construction. The system both assesses and ranks products through leading LCA and LCBA based product ecolabelling and rating schemes that also include a CarbonRATE™ scheme.

Global GreenTag also provides third party, assessed product declaration programs – an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a Product Health Declaration (PHD) and a Modern Slavery Declaration (MSD), which is the first product level declaration of its kind in the world to help manufacturers and procurement teams eliminate modern slavery occurring in global supply chains.

Helping professionals to make informed decisions about preferred green and ethical products to protect both the health of environment, workers and consumers, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products under certification in over 22 countries, used in buildings and offices throughout Australia and the world.