WATCH NOW: The Looming Reporting Realities of Modern Slavery Legislation – No One is Exempt

Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director David Baggs delivered a webinar for Australia Build Online on Friday, June 4 on the realities and demands of Modern Slavery reporting at a product level.  It is an excellent 20 minute presentation and now available to watch ON DEMAND

Removing the dark side of supply chains is the ultimate goal and David strongly advises forward planning by construction industry operators to prepare for accountability.

Companies earning over $100 million per year under legislation are now required to declare and report what is happening in their product supply lines, and it will only be a matter of time before these companies require downline companies to provide critical information.

  • Understand what Modern Slavery actually is – and where it is occurring and feeds into the construction industry.
  • Look at some typical Modern Slavery issues in product supply chains to compare where your company might be positioned, in relation to Modern Slavery impacts.
  • Explore some ways to analyse where your products are coming from and support systems that exist to help you stay clean.
  • Examine measures that some companies and industry groups are already implementing to help eradicate Modern Slavery practices.
  • Be clear about the Modern Slavery Acts (Federal and NSW).
  • Understand the tools that are available to assist compliance, including the Global GreenTag International Modern Slavery Declaration, the first in the world for products.