Dulux helping customers and consumers to win in the “green” space

Rod Vockler, Technical Manager – Sustainability, Packaging & Quality at Dulux Australia engages with Global GreenTag International for an Opening Up interview about the paint manufacturer’s commitment to the development of green products.

Location: Dulux Australia Innovation Centre – Clayton, Victoria, Australia

What inspires you about Dulux Australia as a green focused product manufacturer?

At Dulux Australia both sustainability leadership & accountability is reinforced by the integration of sustainability considerations into our policies and decision making. This is underpinned by a culture that rewards and celebrates delivering sustainable products for our customers and consumers.

For Dulux Australia is not only about being first to market with leading green products but also helping our customers and consumers to win in the “green” space. There is a recognition and understanding within Dulux Australia that is not just one department who “owns” sustainability but many working together to deliver for our customers and consumers.

Staying at the forefront of technology and investing in research & development is fundamental to building sustainable solutions.

Dulux Australia is committed to the ongoing research and development of innovative products that reduce the environmental impact of our products, without affecting their outstanding performance. This is evident in our proactive shift from solvent-based products to water-based alternatives, and the introduction of Australia’s first low VOC paint in the early 1990’s.

From initiating sustainable business partnerships, through to products and even the actual clean-up stage, we are continually developing new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products, without affecting their outstanding performance and the quality results that Australia’s professional and DIY painters have come to expect from Dulux.

How Important are having Global GreenTag product Certifications and Declarations for Dulux Australia – and Why?

Global GreenTag product certifications and declarations are very important for Dulux Australia. These provide an independently verified third party assessment of our product’s environmental or green credentials that we can use to communicate to our customers and consumers.

Our Dulux envirO2 range has obtained the highest level of certifications in GreenRate Level A and PHD HealthRate PlatinumHEALTH, which gives our customers and consumers the absolute confidence that they are choosing an environmentally responsible product that is better for their health and environment.

Further, the formal recognition of Global GreenTag by external green building schemes such as GreenStar, WELL and LEED assists us with our customers who are seeking products for compliance to these schemes.

Dulux Australia has had a long association with Global GreenTag going back to Eco-Specifier.

What would you like to see evolve or improve in the green building industry to ensure that green buildings or interior projects are met and exceeded?

Ideally, a wider uptake of green building standards and a continuation of development in this area. Evolution not necessarily revolution to get more people aligned to the benefits.

Practically all of the green building standards are highly technical and complex in nature. I would like to see better and clearer communications on the benefits of the application of these standards acknowledging the different audiences and their levels of understanding.

A lot of communications are geared towards people in the industry with pre-existing knowledge and not necessary the end users who occupy the building. Whilst it is an ongoing journey you know you have achieved a “win” when you hear more regular conversations in this space with occupants and visitors to green buildings.

From a product manufacturer’s perspective, it is critical to ensure transparency and absolute robustness around ensuring what green products are specified for the project are actually used in full without any substitutions or leakage. There are many stages and touch points between having the product specified and actually having it installed.

As a snapshot in this moment and time in 2021, what is it that you would like to share about what you are doing in your office space or home environment that you feel bears testimony that you are living and working sustainably?

Given we are working under COVID these unfortunate times has had the impact of bringing about a lower environmental impact in the office working space due to the increased prevalence of working from home. This of course puts more environmental pressures from the home perspective that need to be kept in check. Personally, recycling at home is big focus where I try to lead by example with family and friends as well as using any appropriate opportunity to bring up the sustainability in daily conversations.

As I have been involved in Sustainability for over 15 years in professional life I can definitely say that sustainability is both a sub-conscious and conscious part of my decision making process. The execution of every decision has some impact on the environment.

Rod Vockler – Dulux Australia, 2021

Thank you Rod !