Building Green With Low Carbon Materials

David Baggs, CEO of Global Greentag International will help builders to take a closer look into the world of carbon rating of construction and interiors products in a new training webinar for Builders Declare Australia.

The webinar will help builders:

  • Understand what carbon is and why it is important to keep an eye on carbon impacts contained in building materials and interiors products.
  • Discover the meaning and power of LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) in relation to product assessments.
  • Learn to search for and evaluate material product options so you can specify for eco and healthy products in building projects.
  • Find out how to match product choices to comply with sustainability rating tools like Green Star and WELL for better building outcomes.

Participants will also learn about CarbonRATE, which is Global GreenTag’s Embodied Carbon Certification Program that scientifically identifies carbon impacts.

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