Webinex Talks … Weathertex, Armstrong Flooring, Dulux Australia and Global GreenTag International Institute unpack the benefits of selecting ‘declared’ healthier products


Australia – August 27, 2020 – Everyone at the beginning of 2020 knew it was going to be a big year but nobody expected the impacts that came with COVID 19 to bring the topic of human health starkly into focus.

For the building industry, this emphasis on health has increased the imperative for greater transparency about the toxicology of ingredients in products that go into new and refurbished builds.  It is important that manufacturers and suppliers share solutions and trusted information that assures building professionals and building occupants that the products they select to go into their building projects are also healthy in-use.  As we know, there are many building materials on the market that still include toxic chemicals whose ingredients are not declared and may adversely affect human health.

We invite you to an educational webinar to learn more from a line-up of panelists, all with strong backgrounds in sustainability,  including representation from building brands who have also committed to deliver the assurance of PRODUCT HEALTH with their key product ranges by having them ‘Declared’ under the Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration (GreenTag PHD™) program.

Webinex Talks … the benefits of selecting ‘healthier’ products goes live on Thursday, August 27 at 12.30pm Australia EST.

Hosted by Australian, sustainable, cladding manufacturer Weathertex together with the Global GreenTag International Institute, attendees will learn more about the GreenTag PHD and how through better planning and informed choices – frequently at little or no additional cost – it is possible to select healthier building materials and products, which will achieve healthier outcomes, often by using better quality materials that will last longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

The panel includes representation from building brands – Dulux Australia, Armstrong Flooring and Weathertex who each have declared with 100 percent transparency the toxicological information of ingredients within the products they have submitted to the Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ (the GreenTag PHD™) program – a robust declaration report that establishes the health rating of their products under GreenTag’s HealthRATE™ system.

The GreenTag PHD serves as a healthy product building tool for building and interiors’ professionals, and provides clarity about which products to select on projects, compared with business as usual products. The tool is used already, recognised in Australia by Green Star® and worldwide by the WELL™ Building Standard Equivalencies for core product related Features, LEED® under Versions 4.0 and 4.1 and other leading building rating tools.

The Webinex Talks panel line-up includes:

  • Amy Costello – Calling in from the US where she is based,  Amy is the Sustainability Manager for Armstrong Flooring, a licensed Professional Engineer and a LEED® and WELL Accredited Professional.
  • Dr Rod Vockler – Technical Manager of Dulux Australia, who also specialises in sustainability topics of LCA, EPD and eco-accreditation and holds a Doctorate in Organic Synthetic Chemistry.
  • Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director of Weathertex who has been in the building industry for over 30 years and committed to delivering customers with product transparency and the most sustainable ‘healthier’ cladding materials possible and,
  • David Baggs of the Global GreenTag International Institute – CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International – who’s also a materials specialist, a Chartered Architect and Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

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Date: Thursday, August 27

Time: 12.30pm (Australia EST)