ecoBiz Queensland awards Global GreenTag for reducing more of its impact on the environment

At Global GreenTag, we are proud to announce that the business has been again awarded the maximum 3-Star ecoBiz Partnership following a 58% reduction in the business’s energy intensity, and a 27% reduction in our water intensity, relative to the baseline period at the Global GreenTag headquarters in Brisbane.

Mary-Lou Kelly, co-founder and Managing Director of Global GreenTag International said this week:  “We continue to reduce our footprint in diverse ways and starting with how we use our utilities, I am proud to say that Global GreenTag staff have put in a very conscious effort.”

“Our Accountant Gourav Ahuja has been diligently tracking use of the company’s toll on water, energy and waste to report to ecoBiz Queensland.  He has been successfully leading the program within Global GreenTag for a few years now and it is fantastic to receive news that we have reduced our loads again in these two important areas.”

ecoBiz has also recognised Global GreenTag’s waste management efforts, verifying that:

“Global Green Tag demonstrates a strong commitment to effective waste management through a variety of initiatives.”

Waste management initiatives, include:

  • A sustainable procurement policy (for items including tea, coffee and other bulk foods);
  • Engagement with, and utilization of, various TerraCycle programs (Oral Care Recycling Program, Dish and Air Care Recycling, & Pens, Pencils and Markers Zero Waste Box);
  • Soft Plastic Recycling via REDcycle;
  • Recycling batteries through Battery World, and Corks via a Scouts Program;
  • Utilizing a compost bin in order to divert coffee grounds and other food scraps from landfill;
  • Using shredded paper as mulch/compost for an employee’s home garden;
  • Supplying filtered water to discourage the use of plastic water bottles; and
  • Utilizing clear signage to ensure staff members and visitors are disposing of different waste streams in the appropriate location.

Mary-Lou Kelly adds that: “We have been taking the time to ensure that whatever waste can be re-distributed as recyclable materials, we are onto it.  There are some marvellous initiatives in the community, including by manufacturers who are upcycling waste for new materials and products.  We are on the look-out constantly to see how Global GreenTag can improve its waste management.”