Another WELL AP Qualification Inside Global GreenTag International – Congratulations Dr Judy Luo

Dr Judy Luo, who is a pivotal part of the Global GreenTag International product assessment team has recently upgraded to also become a WELL AP – a significant accreditation in the green building world. The credential denotes expertise in the WELL™ Building Standard and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities.

Judy, who also has a PhD in Sustainable Built Environment and Construction Management, achieved her WELL AP after spending 8 months in preparation before passing her exams in Sydney. She joins Daniel Huard, CEO of Global GreenTag Americas who is a WELL AP and a WELL Faculty Member of the International WELL™ Building Institute.

The WELL AP credential, says Judy, is an important body of knowledge and skills in analysis and problem solving, to have, and she is currently planning to generate educational materials for manufacturers who have products certified under the Global GreenTag International Standard to understand more about WELL building.

The Global GreenTag v4.0 certification and its Product Health DeclarationTM are recognized by many WELL v1.0 and v2.0 core features in relation to low VOC emissions, hazardous substance minimisation and material transparency.

Helping manufacturers understand more about how their products can fit into WELL projects is becoming more important, says Judy, and especially as the registrations of WELL projects continues to increase in Australia and globally.

“WELL focuses on the healthiness and wellbeing of occupants in buildings and demands that materials used in WELL projects are supported by scientific research and performance tests, which is what Global GreenTag Certification aspires to as well.”

“A healthier built environment is achieved through the implementation of strategies, policies and technologies, which encourage a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, as well as reduce the exposure of occupants in buildings to harmful chemicals and pollutants. The WELL Standard’s philosophy echoes people’s demand for a healthy life in modern society and Global GreenTag is right behind that thinking and helping to make it happen.”



Global GreenTag Certifications, Declarations and Verifications take deep scientific health and sustainability assessments and turn them into intuitive product ratings and reports to simplify the A&D and Construction sectors’ green product decisions.

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Americas (Canada, USA and Latin America). Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, EarthCheck®, Green Star®, LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).