Another WELL™ Feature for Global GreenTag PhD™

Under the WELL v2 program, Global GreenTag certification appears to be the first and only,  Non-USA certification that is currently recognised for the WELL Building Standard™ ‘Equivalencies’ under the program’s recently added FEATURE X13: Enhanced Material Precaution.

WELL™ Feature X13 is another detailed human and environmental protection item for projects registered to pursue and achieve WELL Certification.  WELL is designating a maximum value of 2 points to buildings that fulfill the new Feature,  introduced to:  ‘Minimize the impact of hazardous building material ingredients on indoor air quality,  protect the environment and health of workers and help support the demand for safer chemical alternatives.’

The additional FEATURE will be a great plus for Global GreenTag products that are formally recognised already by WELL™ FEATURES 4, 11, 26 and 97 under the Global GreenTag PhD or *Product health Declaration certification tool, which recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100% transparency the toxicity information of their products.

Commenting,  David Baggs,  Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director says  ‘we welcome this new Feature from WELL.  It aligns firmly with our own certification system that is grounded in transparency and equally focuses upon cautionary concerns.”

“We strongly agree with WELL that ‘the vast quantity and variety of chemicals flowing through the global economy makes the task of tracing possible environmental and human health extremely difficult ’

“With FEATURE X13 we hope that more pressure in this area will be applied because it draws timely attention to a critical need to restrict the use of hazardous ingredients in building materials.  It also helps for tougher product certification measures to be more widely supported and for projects to pay attention to certification schemes like Global GreenTag that are effectively helping to differentiate for safer product alternatives.”

As WELL™ states in positioning the new Feature X13,  screening and certification schemes that: “restrict the use of hazardous ingredients in building materials—those that are environmental contaminants and/or pose human health hazards—can help improve indoor air quality and mitigate the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances.”

And, conversely,  those “that promote safe environmental and health attributes through the restriction of ingredients known to be environmental or health hazards help to increase the demand for safer alternatives, protect public health and enable market transformation.”

Global GreenTag agrees on both these points.

The GreenTag PhD™ is a first of its kind in the world product health certification tool that among other things, recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100% transparency the toxicity information of their products.


* Of added interest for manufacturers thinking about a GreenTag PhD: GreenTag is now also offering a sequence of HealthRATE™ TAGS that make visible a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum ‘Healthiness in Use’ rating under a unique new HealthRATE™ system – designed to enable consumers and all end users make quick, safe, reliable and healthy product choices. 

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