LOHAS Research uncovers Global GreenTag as one of the Top 25 eco-labels in Australia

Reported in the latest Living LOHAS©6 (Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability) Consumer Trends Report Australia, Global GreenTag International was positioned in public awareness in 2018 amongst the top 25 ‘have seen’ eco-labels in the country, in the company of labels like Energy Rating Label, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Planet Ark, Landcare, Fairtrade and Australian Certified Organic.

The report, conducted by Mobium Group, highlights that consumer demand is getting stronger for even more environmentally conscious products to be available to customers in the future, reporting “high levels of expectation that the products and services they buy in five years’ time will be more ‘environmentally friendly’ than those they buy now.”

As an indicator of a growing trend in people seeking a LOHAS lifestyle, the market for LOHAS products has grown from $12 billion in 2007 to $30 billion in 2018 and is on track to triple from the 2007 figure by 2021.

Mobium Group has found that this growth has been “initiated by a long run change in the values and attitudes of key segments of the community” identified as Leaders, Leaning, Learners and Laggards; together representing a cross section of how Australian adults participate in the market.

Important to note, however, is that a significant percentage of Australian consumers sampled for the study were defined as being “pessimistic about the impact of environmental issues on their community over the next five years… with 79% stating that the impact will be greater than it is today.”

The Report found a level of ‘discontent’ amongst Australian respondents “with the current level of leadership shown by Government, and the majority of the business sector,” indicating that governments and industry are under scrutiny to produce solutions to reduce future risks.

Certification was also seen as having an important role to play to support LOHAS consumers and their communities. Since 2014, the Report says there has been a general continuation in the growth of public awareness of eco-labels, social trust marks and environmental organisation logos, which the study attributes to “increased levels of certification leading to application on more products (enhanced public visibility).”

According to Mobium’s Research Director Nick Bez, “trust remains one of the key barriers to consumer uptake of sustainable product options and there remains entrenched cynicism in the Australian community about many claims that brands are making. Eco-labels and trust-marks are one mechanism that can provide surety to customers through independent validation of product credentials.”

Mobium’s assessment is that “a combination of growing community expectations, technological change and innovation from business, will see the continued strong expansion of more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly products and services across the country, but that supportive Government policy action is required in order to accelerate the pace of change.”

The Report adds however, that eco-labels still need more support, because there are still limitations in recall for many eco logos and that ‘further promotional investment is required to increase awareness and usefulness for a broader audience.”

Living LOHAS©6 is the sixth in the Living LOHAS series, published by Mobium Group since 2007.  Over this period, Mobium Group has surveyed over 50,000 Australians on 250+ measures related to values, attitudes, behaviours and consumption patterns, and undertaken over 1,000 in-depth discussions with individuals in their homes, workplaces, leisure and educational environments.

The insights generated in the latest report, put together by a team of researchers, led by Nick Bez and Andy Baker, provide an unparalleled depth of understanding about the motivations of Australians to engage in healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Mobium Group’s Living LOHAS©6 report (all 80 pages) is a valuable resource for organisations to invest in to gain insight into the market and especially the drivers of the future, including the risk factors, how consumers are responding and what the future holds.  See more at www.mobium.com.au and www.lohas.com.au



Global GreenTag Certifications, Declarations and Verifications take deep scientific health and sustainability assessments and turn them into intuitive product ratings and reports to simplify both consumer and the A,D&C sectors’ green product decisions.

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 (Third Party) Ecolabelling, Product Certification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) program operator based in Australia, but with offices and representation also in  the Americas (Canada, North and Latin America), South Africa for Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.  Global GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International,  EarthCheck®,  Green Star®,  LOTUS® and the Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU program and are compliant with credit requirements in LEED® (PhDs and EPDs), and BREEAM® (EPDs).