Global GreenTag International Launches Collaborative Partnership with Eurofins Scientific in Mainland China

Global GreenTag International has joined forces with the state-of-the art product testing facility of Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of testing giant Eurofins Scientific, to build a number of joint initiatives to help drive Mainland China’s march towards greater sustainability  

 “The GreenTag team, represented by Ecosafene in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is very excited to be now working with Eurofins Testing Technology,” says David Baggs, Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director.

“As Industry Partners with Eurofins, we shall be building a greater presence in the region by way of both marketing and educational initiatives to help drive a higher level of product testing and certification to meet the region’s rapidly growing demands for more stringent quality, safety and health standards.”

Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) has one of the most sophisticated testing facilities in the world as a subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific, which has more than 400 laboratories in 44 countries. Globally, the testing giant offers a portfolio of over 150,000 analytical method services for evaluating the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin and purity of biological substances and products, including for advanced material sciences and for supporting speciality clinical diagnostic testing.

The Eurofins facility in Shenzhen is capable of conducting heavy metal residue testing, substance testing, textile fit for purpose testing and small chamber VOC testing in accordance with Global GreenTag’s Standard requirements. The Shenzhen facility soon will also have on stream a cutting edge facility for large chamber VOC testing as well.

Cici XU, Senior Sales Supervisor for Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen) says:

“Eurofins is grateful for this industry co-operation with Global GreenTag International. It means Global GreenTag’s recognition of Eurofins’ testing ability. We also believe that the Eurofin’s testing capability will help manufacturers to apply for Global GreenTag certification.”

Mary-Lou Kelly, Managing Director of Global GreenTag International adds that the partnership with Eurofins is a significant step for Global GreenTag.

“We are making strides in our mission to help support progressive, green focused manufacturers to achieve greater recognition for their products and it is exciting to be on the ground in Mainland China where some fantastic sustainability initiatives are being explored and implemented.”

Eurofins Testing Technology will be promoting Global GreenTag certification services at various expos, events and seminars throughout Mainland China, as well as arranging for manufacturers with GreenTag certified products, either based or producing in Mainland China or exporting into the region to be provided with Eurofin’s specialised services to ensure the testing requirements of their products are fully covered.

For more information about certifying products with Global GreenTag in Mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, please contact Cricket Liu

For more information about Eurofins in Mainland China, please contact Cici XU, Senior Sales Supervisor, Eurofins Testing Technology (Shenzhen).

To enquire further about accessing green building projects globally with GreenTag certification, please contact Dr Judy Luo